How to make Tylo glue

This glue is perfect for all kinds of sugarwork and it is very quick to make. Here you can see how to make Tylo glue:This is what you will need:1 tsp. of Tylo powder (CMC)approx. 30 tsp. of boiled cooled water1 plastic container with lid Mix water … [read more...]

Pink purse cake

This beautiful cake is made by one of my flickr friends Amanda from Littel Rock, AR, USA. Amanda has told me that the purse cake was based on a cake from one of cake designer Colette Peters books: Colette's birthday cakes. As I have a thing with pink … [read more...]

New mini heart cake pan set

The Silverwood bakeware line have made a new multi mini 2" heart cake pan. Perfekt for making individual cakes for weddings, engagement and other celebrations. You can now bake 16 mini hearts in one go. I have a few different Silverwood cake pans … [read more...]