Chocolate Mint Cupcakes

chocolate mint cupcakes

When you can’t quite decide on one single flavor, this recipe is for you. What started as an accident, turned out to be a fantastic flavor combination for the perfect cupcake!

A subtle chocolate and mint cupcake, paired so well with a vanilla buttercream icing, offers up such a unique pairing you can enjoy anytime!



chocolate, mint, and vanilla cupcakes

Molly Allen

Molly Allen

I have never been able to stray from the comforting feeling I get from sharing food with others. Throughout high school, I was the girl who brought cupcakes and cookies on a platter to school. In college, I brought treats to work and to group project meetings.
Molly Allen
Molly Allen
Molly Allen

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  1. Kate says

    These sound delicious! I have been looking for a good mint choc recipe. Do you think this could be made as a single cake as is or would the recipe require tweaking?
    Thanks :)

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