Cupcakes with buttercream icing


Cupcakes with buttercream icing

Today I have been making cupcakes with buttercream. I used a vanilla pound cake and buttercream icing for the top.

For the decorations I used small flowers made out of sugar paste/fondant icing and some sugar roses made of royal icing.

sugar roses made of royal icing

Happy Caking



  1. Why is it everytime I place a white or coloured decoration on the top of my cupcake by the next day it has absorbed the colour of the icing and changed totally ? am I placing the decoration on to soon ?

  2. These are amazing cupcakes…I made my first batch for a birthday this weekend but they were dry and crusty but the decorating looked great, so I guess you could say I’m halfway there! The look of all your desserts look so impressive. I have read all of your recipes, but do ypu have a no fali wasy one that I can try…chocolate or vanilla?


  3. i always have problems with making the right icing for my cupcakes…
    i just want to do the simple coloured sugar icing…help me out plz..


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