Fondant cupcake topper with Easter motif

Fondant cupcake topper
A new tutorial for more Easter cake decoration. This time I have made something for the cupcakes. Pretty fondant discs with a little yellow chick motif on top. I have seen lots of premade Easter sugar decorations in the cake decorating shops and came up with these super cute fondant cupcake toppers.

Fondant cupcake topper
This is what I use:
Rolled fondant icing: yellow and blue (you can of course change the “disc” color if you like)
Rolling pin
Tylo glue
Cornstarch duster
Tylo powder
Round scallop cookie cutter 2 1/4″
Black food writing pen
Small amount of orange and leaf green royal icing in disposal piping bags. (1 tbsp of each color is more than enough for 12 cupcake toppers)
Round piping tip no.2
Small thin brush
Plastic tray

Step 1:
Take some rolled fondant icing in the color that you will be using for the discs. Add a little Tylo powder about 1/2 tsp and knead in the Tylo powder. This will help the fondant disc to dry faster. It will also delay it going soft when placing it in the frosting. Roll out the fondant to a 2-3mm thickness and cut out the discs.
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 2:
Take the round piping tip and “cut out” a small hole in each of the scallops. Dust a tray with cornstarch and place the fondant discs on top. Set aside and start making the chicks.
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 3:
Roll out three small balls. Roll the wing into a tiny teardrop shape and flatten it with your finger. Next flatten the head and body slightly.
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 4:
Use a little tylo glue and glue on the head and body. Add the small wing next.
Fondant cupcake topper
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 5:
Take the orange royal icing and pipe a small beak and feet.
Fondant cupcake topper
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 6:
Use the black food writing pen and make a tiny eye on the chick.
Fondant cupcake topper
Step 7:
Finish off by piping a little bit of grass with the green royal icing. Let the fondant cupcake toppers dry well before using them.
Fondant cupcake topper

Happy Caking!



  1. Hello Louise, I Love your Work… It is so Wonderful… I am just starting out, Well kinda I have some school training from High School and always did well. I want to start my own Cupcake shoppe here in Central California, USA and I have been told that what I have done is Pretty darn good. So by looking at how Beautiful your pastries come out it makes me want to do my best. Thank you for all the Beautiful Ideas
    Can’t wait to Bake.. Your friend from the USA Gina Sanchez

    P.S. Happy Easter to you and your Family

  2. Hi Louise
    These are too gorgeous for words. ย Going to attempt them as baby shower cupcakes. ย I live in the UK and wanted to know the rolled fondant icing you use is that Regalice or Sugar Florist Paste?
    Many thanks

  3. Do you mean when not using it? Wrap it well in plastic wrap and then a plastic bag and store it in a airtight container.

  4. Amazing job! I’m so tempted to run out and get the stuff to try this. Is it very pricey to get the starting supplies/equipment.

    • It depends on what you think that you will need the most. Some utensil, glasses ect. that you already have in your kitchen can be used at a start.

  5. Jenny, that’s ok ๐Ÿ™‚ I am happy that you have found my site very useful. I just love to share my little secrets.

  6. Hey Louise, they look really adorable!
    Thank God you included a “Recipe” for Tylo Glue! Wasn’t easy for me here in Germany to find CMC! But after 15 minutes of googling I had it! Thanks for this idea! Will definetely try it!

  7. Hi Louise,
    As usual, another beautiful and succinctly guided tutorial for your fans. Thank you. I am grateful that you always try and include a photo reference of the necessary equipment.

    By the way, it’s a little off topic but I have just bought a beautiful book by Jose Marechel, called The Secrets of Macarons.

    It’s a beautiful book and wonderfully photographed. Perhaps you might want to look into this title. It’s one of my favourite beginner Macaron books.

  8. Awwww, this is soooooo tweet!!! I LOVE them!!!! My goodness you are soooo inspiring!! I love love looooooove you blog, especially your step by step tutorials!!! Newbie bakers like me loooooove these kind of tutorials!!! Thank You!!!!Yaneri

  9. Hi, Louise! Those are absolutely darling! — As always! : )

    Thank you for sharing! And “Happy Easter” to you and yours!

  10. Very, very cute and you make it look easy. I was wondering if you let the finished topper dry completely won’t it sit kind of funny on the cupcake? It won’t conform to the curve of the cupcake. How did that come out??

    • For these toppers I would place them on top of a “flat” swirl or push it into a “high” swirl. Makes sense? I hope that I can make a post showing how to use them next week.


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