How to make embossed teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

teddy bear cucake toppers
I loved making the fondant cupcake toppers for Easter so much. So I came up with these sweet teddy bear cupcake toppers. I have made them in pink and blue and they are just perfect for a baby shower.

teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers
This is what I use:
Rolled fondant icing
Tylo powder
Rolling pin
Tylo glue
Small brush
Gel paste colors
Small blossom cutter with ejector (PME)
Teddy bear embosser from the Cradle 3D set (PatchWork Cutters)
Round cookie cutter (40mm)
Round scallop cookie cutter 2 1/4″ (58mm)
Round Piping tip no 2
Round piping tip with a 10mm opening
A little cornstarch for dusting and a small knife (not showing) if you want to make the tiny leaves on the girl cupcake toppers

Start adding some tylo powder to your white base. This will help the cupcake toppers to hold the shape better when they are placed in the frosting.

Step 1:
Roll out the white fondant to a 3 mm thickness and cut out circles with the scallop cookie cutter. Place them on a lightly cornstarch dusted tray as you go.
Teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 2:
Take the round piping tip and “cut out” a small hole in each of the scallops.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 3:
Use another color of rolled fondant for the center of the cupcake toppers and roll out the fondant to a 2mm thickness. Cut out circles with the 40mm cookie cutter.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 4:
Use the large teddy bear embosser from the Patchwork cutter Cradle set and emboss the “center circle”.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 5:
Next brush a little tylo glue on the back of the embossed circle and place it in the middle of the white base.

Step 6:
If you like, you can glue on a couple of small blossoms and tiny leaves for the girl cupcake toppers.

TIP! I make the leaves out of tiny pieces of rolled fondant. Roll them into a small tear drop shape and make a little vein with a small knife.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 7:
For the boys, I have made a small ball. Roll out your fondant thinly. Use the round piping tip with the 10mm opening and cut out some dots. Use the end of the no 2 piping tip and emboss the middle of the ball.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Step 8:
Attache the small ball with a little brush of tylo glue.
teddy bear fondant cupcake toppers

Let the cupcake toppers dry thoroughly before use.

Happy Caking!



  1. i love these toppers but cannot find the teddybear embosser anywhere online, im from the uk. do you have any links to a uk site that stock them please.

  2. These look fab can you tell me where to get the teddy bear cutters have looked online but no joy,
    Thanks for a great tutorial, have learned loads.

    • They are part of a crib cutter set from Patchwork Cutters. Let me know where you are from and I will see if I have a link to a online shop near you.

  3. Hi Louise,
    Congrats on your blog;very beautiful treats!
    Where can I find this baby bear and butterfly embosser online?I am in Miami.

  4. Louise I love these teddy toppers,I purchased the cradle cutter set as I have purchased some of the baby moulds also for my daughter and granddaughter.I thought I must ask you this I pass your website on to my facebook friends ,and put up the things you make ,so they will join your newsletter themselves .Is this ok for me to do.They have young children coming on and the things you make are so lovely I want to share them with my friends.Please let me know if this is ok.If it isnt I will stop doing it .

  5. hi!!! Love your tutorial!!!
    How many days in advance can I make a fondant cupcake topper and how do I must store them??

    • These are sooo cute, Louise! Love them. I’ve been another long time fan and I always think your work is very inspirational 🙂 Thank you for teaching and sharing xx  

  6. Please see the “This is what I use” in the tutorial. There you can find more details about the embosser.

    • Tusind tak Annette. Ja, lige med farver, er jeg måske lidt fastlåst 😉 Men jeg dur bare ikke til skrappe farver haha!

  7. They are very effective and now you have show us they would not take long to make, please can you tell me what colour you used to get that lovely green? 

  8. Simple but effective – very pretty. Hope you are well and look forward to future posts. Have been a fan for ages.

    • I am very well thank you. We have just had problems with our online connection for two weeks. But now it all works and I can’t wait to post new exciting posts.


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