How to make Tylo glue

This glue is perfect for all kinds of sugarwork and it is very quick to make. Here you can see how to make Tylo glue:

This is what you will need:
1 tsp. of Tylo powder (CMC)
approx. 30 tsp. of boiled cooled water
1 plastic container with lid

Mix water and powder in the container. Close with the lid and shake well, it will look lumpy at first. Leave overnight so the Tylo will dissolve into a clear thick gel. It should be kept in the refrigerator and away from direct sunlight. Change your tylo glue every second week

Note: you can add more cooled boiled water if it gets to thick.

Happy Caking



  1. Hi Louise,
    I (am a male )live in India & i cannot get many things that you get there . Can the icing be used as the glue.

    • You can soften some of the icing/fondant with a few tsp of boiling water. Stir to soften/melt the icing and when it’s kinda liquid use it as glue.

    • No, sorry. If you need an alternative to tylo to make edible glue. You can mix a little fondant with a little boiled water. This will give you a thin sticky glue that works just as good.

  2. I have been running around, desperately trying to find Tylose and/or CMC. I have had no luck whatsoever. I bought Guar gum and Xanthan gum. Can I use these as a substitute for Tylose or CMC? I really hope so.

    • I think that you can use both. They should both help as a thicken agent in the food industry. Try with a little fondant and see how it goes. Feedback much appreciated. Thank you.

  3. I need to drape some fondant around a round cake (like draped folds) – do you think I should add tylo to the fondant and use tylo glue to secure it?? I’m worried that fondant on it’s own will crack?

    • I would use half gum paste and half fondant mixed to make the drapes. Too much tylo will cause cracks. Use tylo glue or piping gel to secure to the cake. Just remember to let the part where you’ve added the glue to get a little sticky before you place the drapes on top. Good luck 🙂

  4. I have just bought typo as I was told I could harden my creation made with sugar paste but there are no quantities on the pack can u assist please

    • I never really use any specific amounts. I just take the amount of fondant. And sprinkle a little bit on my work board. You can after 5 minutes of kneading feel the different. If it’s a very large piece of fondant I would still add it in small amounts over time as it will thicken and harden after some time.

    • Tylose is just a brand name of CMC (CarboxylMethyll Cellulose), so its really more expensive. You can just buy CMC FOOD GRADE at Chemical stores. If you don’t know one I can refer you to Alysons’ Chemical Enterprises, located at 1425 G. Araneta, SFDM, Q.C. Its near SM Savemore corner Del Monte and Araneta. You can by the CMC by 250 g.

  5. hi louise,
    i had a problem using xhantan gum to my gumpaste flower. its really hard to kned n roll,either to cut and make flower , the outcome also no nice as i use taraganth gum. i use 1 tsp to 200gm icing sugar. plz get me the right ratio to use this xhantan gum although the taragant gum too hard to get in my place..tq

  6. Hi Louise,
    what a wonderful, informative site! Thank you so much for taking the same to share all your knowledge & information with us all. I am already addicted & it’s in my ‘favorites’.

  7. Hi Louise,
    I would like to check with u is it possible for me to replace the Tylo powder (CMC) with tragacanth gum when i make the edible glue? Means, 1 tsp. of tragacanth gum + approx. 30 tsp. of boiled cooled water = edible glue.
    What is the different between tylo powder and tragacanth gum? thanks….

  8. Sue, noting the date of your comment, this reply is extremely late. Still, hope it helps. In China, you can browse taobao for cake ingredient suppliers and you will surely find what you’re looking for. Good luck.

  9. Robyn: I dont recall using M&M’s on a cake? I only use tylo glue when it come to making figurines if it is flowers and so that needs to be glued on a cake I would use royal icing.

  10. madelaine: It is to prevent it from getting “mouldy” thats why its good to use boiled water and to keep it in the fridge. But if you use it daily you can just use tap water, but you will then have to change it oftenly.

    Sue: The only way would be to order it from overseas. I did get a reply from one, who just used dental powder as it should contain some gum additive. But I have NOT tried it myself.

  11. hey louise,
    your website is AMAZING! im in love with all your ideas…just started experimenting with decorating and i’m wondering if you have any idea where i can pick up tylose powder in china or hongkong?im based in Shenzhen and im desperate to get some!

  12. Louise,
    I managed to get the stuff Finally! so happy =)
    I would like to ask, is there a difference between Tylo powder and Tylose powder? After kneading in the tylose powder, can i use the paste immediately to form flower etc or do i need to wait for it to dry?

  13. Thank you Louise for your tips. Very much appreciate your generosity in sharing. Absolutely love the gorgeous little snail on your homepage today – one day I will have to attempt it… 🙂

  14. Hello Louise,
    Your tutorial is simple so beautiful crafted and i’m so in loved with each and everyone of it…however sad to say, i am based in Singapore and most of the ingredient seems to be hard to locate…does those UK online shop shipped the item to Singapore? It will be perfect if they do…

  15. Sel: It depends on how long you let them dry and what type of flowers you are making. I also like the way: 500gm fondant, 1-2 tsp tylo, 1 tsp eggwhite (pasturized) and 1 tsp of shortening. This makes a great paste for flower making and so but it does takes a little bit longer for the flowers to dry crunchy dry though. You can always try adding 1/2 tsp extra to your 250gm of fondant. Im sure that you can feel the difference when you work with the paste.

    Whenever I make flowers I always let them dry for days before use. So if you are in short time use a little more tylo this helps. Good luck 🙂

  16. Hello Louise
    I just started making fondant flowers and used sugar paste mixed with tylose. Just wondering if the proportion you gave of 1-tsp tylose to every 250gm fondant, will that make my flowers dry into crunchy hard flowers? I currently use 1/2 tsp to every 250gm (as recommended by another website) and my flowers don’t dry hard, rather they dry but are still slightly chewy still when I bite into them.

  17. Angela: If your cake is covered with bc frosting there should be no need to use anything to attache the stars. Unless its a crusting bc then I would use a little dab of bc to make them sit on the cake.

  18. Hi Louise
    I will be making a super mario cake for my son’s boirth I will attempt to make it of a picture I saw on line. My question is I will be making mashmallow fondant to make some starts to attach to the cake . I f I am ussing regular frosting on the cake will the stick easylly or do I neee any of the glue named above . I am In ny where will I get the powder to make it.

  19. Grace: For side decorations I would go with royal icing as that is much faster drying than glue. But it also depend on what kind of decor you are placing flat things is ok with glue but for flowers like my hydrangeas I would not use glue as it cant hold it well.

    Gaye Sommerville: You should be able to locate it in the mentioned places. If you are going to cake decorating shops (not sure if you would find it in Michaels though)CK products also makes Tylo powder. Maybe they can help you where to get it from?

  20. Hi Louise,first time on ur site, just want to say thanks for all the info on tylo powder, I’ve been trying to get this stuff but its real hard to locate, I just started learning how to use tylo and i cant get it anywhere In Jamaica.I know it is from the Uk but do u know if it is anwhere in Florida or New York? because i do go to these places some times. If there is please let me know i am realy desperate for this stuff, thanks.

  21. Thank you so much for sharing all of your beautiful tips! In preparation for a birthday cake I’m making, I prepared the glue, as well as a batch of the sugar flowers (also from your site!). I plan to attach the flowers to the fondant along the sides of the cake, which leads me to two questions: 1) how long will the glue take to dry, and 2) how far in advance should I apply the flowers?

    Thank you!

  22. louise: I use the cornstarch duster whenever I roll out fondant and is making flowers, figures ect. It helps to prevent the fondant from sticking to your hands, work board, rollingpin. I cant work without it.

  23. Farihah: I think that you use the same amount lie Tylo. Im not sure so you would have to try out and see how it works.

    I dont have the contact info for Amelia, sorry but I guess that you can find denture fix powder in drugstores/farmacy’s ect.

    Greta: If you cant get Tylo and cant buy it online then like Farihah asked you can use dental fix powder. It contains a natural gum agent cmc and works aparently just as good as Tylo.

  24. Hi Louise 🙂 . First to say that I really like your website. I am new at this stuff and your tutorals are really helpful. So, I want to ask you with what can I replace the Tylo powder in the Tylo glue , because I leave in Bulgaria and here I couldn’t find this powder.

  25. Hi Louise!

    Question about the dental powder: is it the same proportions as the Tylo when mixing? and also the same shelf life? Thanks!

  26. Donna: The trick is to use a modelling paste or simply just knead in some Tylo powder to your fondant/sugar paste.

    1 tsp Tylo to 250 gms of fondant/sugar paste. Knead well. The tylo will thicken your paste and it will also help the paste to dry faster and not collapse like it can do when nothing added to the paste.

      • Weeks, months….They would not be suitable for eating though as they would be very hard. Just remember to store them out of sunlight or colors will fade.

  27. Here it is: Hi, I have been relishing in your beautiful designs for some time now and love to experiment with baking. I finally decided that I would make some fondant and wanted to get hold of some tylo powder, I nipped into the most beautiful cake shop nearby and asked for is what she told me:- instead of using tylo powder buy some denture fix powder!! Half the price for twice as much!!!!! Yipee it works, thought I would just share this info with you to see what you think. Thank you for your delicious recipes and ideas, you’re simply fab. Best wishes Amelia

  28. Didith: If you dont want to buy it from overseas. Then I have heard that dental powder should work just as good. I just try to find the comment again..

  29. Kate: Thank you Kate. I hope you will have fun browsing aroung CJ.

    Harish: Tylo powder (CMC) is carboxy methyl cellulose. Its synthetic so it is cheaper than Gum Tragacanth but both brand works the same. I use Tylo in many ways when making cakes and decorations/modelling because it harden better then store bought modelling paste and it makes a great strong glue. You can also make your own gum paste by kneading in 1 tbsp of Tylo powder to 1lb of fondant.

  30. Hallo Louise,this is very usefull information for us. Can you tell us what exactly is tylo powder and how to get its food suitability info./certificates


  31. Hello Louise, I just found your website and lately i’ve been addicted!!! Thanks so much for this site. You’re very talented.


  32. Thanks so much for the tutorial… I’ve just started working with gumpaste and am learning how to do everything myself. I think it’s better to experiment on my own. This info was so helpful and all your ideas are amazing… thanks so much.


  33. hi,

    i just wondering is xanthan gum can be used in making gum paste/sugar paste? If yes do you have the recipe?

    thank you

    – ina –

  34. Is this edigle or will it harden like gumpaste? And, how / when is this used? Could it be used to glue my gumpaste or fondant Gerbera Daisies to buttercream or fondant icing?

    Thank you so much and I look forward to coming back to this site.



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