DIY: How to make a ribbon bow

ribbon bow

As a follow up to the questions about the ribbon bow that was on my Valentine’s cake. Have I made a tutorial on how to make a ribbon bow for your cake. Remember to prepair your cake for the ribbon, by getting a nice and straight crumb coat -before the fondant cover. A side scraber is a great tool to use for that.

This is what I use:
Measuring tape
Piping gel
Small brush
Double sided tape
And of course a cake.
Step 1:
Measure around the cake and add 1/2″ extra, so that the ribbon can overlap. Cut the lenght of ribbon that you will be needing.

Step 2:
Brush a thin coat of piping gel around the base of the cake. Let the piping gel dry until just slightly tacky.

Step 3:
Add the ribbon around the cake and make sure that it is all smooth. Brush a little piping gel on one of the ribbon ends and “close” by overlapping.
Note: I prefere to have the overlap at the “back” of the cake.

Step 4:
Find out how big you want the bow loops to be and cut a piece of ribbon in the desired lenght. Place a small piece of double sided tape in the center and fold in the ribbons.

Step 5:
Add another piece of double sided tape in the center of the bow. Cut a small piece of ribbon just long enough to go around the middle of the bow. Fold in the ends nicely.

Step 6:
Fasten the ribbon bow at the front of the cake with a small piece of double sided tape and you’re done.

Step 7:
If you want to make a double bow. Just cut an extra piece of ribbon at step 4 Make sure that it is a little longer than the first piece of ribbon.

Happy Caking!



  1. Lottie says

    Great Tutorial!
    This will come in very handy when I’m making & decorating my wedding cake 🙂 xx

  2. Ingrid S. says

    Thanks for the great tut! You have a good blog that I enjoy! Please keep up the good work. BC, Canada

  3. says

    Joelma: Well that really depend on what I need to make. Most of the time I use a ready made rolled fondant, simply because it is a time saver. But now and then I also make MMF and gum paste.

  4. joelma says

    Dear Louise, congratulations for your fantastic work! Thank you for sharing it with us. My question for you is: do you use homemade rolled fondant or redy made, if yes, wich branch? thank you once more, warm regards from Dubai, Joelma

  5. says

    Deepika: I only use clear piping gel. I brush a thin coat and let it dry until slightly sticky.

    Rossanal: A crumb coat tutorial is added to my list.

    Cat: I dont think so. Then it would have to be a fondant bow?

    Tammy: Like I wrote Cat, I dont think that you can do this with bc. But you can use this tutorial and make the bow only using fondant instead.

    tamara nankivel: Ohh sorry, no this is a fondant cake, not bc. I the tutorial I just wrote about how important it is that the crumb coat is very smooth and straight, before covering the cake with fondant and then the ribbon bow.

    Heidi: Piping gel is a clear sticky gel that you can pipe with onto cakes, or use it to make rain drops, water ect. it can be colored with food colors and oposit real water this will not soften the fondant like water would do.

  6. Kristine says

    Hi I just want to say that your blog is my favorite baking/cake decorating blog! I am learning so much from you. You have great content and your cakes are beautiful. Thank you for this tutorial. I love your work!

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