Valentine’s cake with roses

With long anticipation, here is my very special Valentine’s cake with roses. Special, because today is Valentine’s Day but also because my lovely husband and I have been together for 10 years. So I can not find a better way than to celebrate it with a gorgeous, delicious and romantic cake filled with love. I got inspired by the colors I used for the paper cone and with the small gum paste roses that I showed you earlier it makes a perfect match.

Inside the cake is a nice chocolate cake and strawberry mousse. As I had forgot to buy more eggwhites for the Italian Meringue Buttercream that I just love to use for the crumb coat, I had to use a regular buttercream. Not the best choice, since it is so difficult for me to do a nice crumb coat with the regular buttercream. The IMBC is soo much better, but after a little struggle it did end up with a nice buttercream coat to seal the strawberry mousse well inside the cake.

As promised a photo of how the cake looked on the inside.

I wish you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

Happy Caking!



  1. This is lovely, how do you get your fondant soo smooth I’m jealous lol I’ve just started back to decorate cakes and i need a better fondant recipe can you help me please? I would really appreciate it.

  2. So lovely, I would have a hard time cutting into a cake that looks this pretty, I would spend a long time just looking at it…but then my tastebuds would go bananas and I would simple have to have a slice…it looks great inside too.


  3. No se bien como he llegado a tu pagina, pero que suerte he tenido!!!! Me ha encantado!!!!!!!!!!! Todo se ve tan amoroso y delicioso!!!!!! Felicitaciones y muchos cariños desde Argentina!!!

  4. Kris: I will soon make a post about it.

    Elny: I always store my cakes in the refrigerator when using mousse fillings. If not just “outside” away from sun and warm places

  5. Louise..

    it’s a gorgeous cake..

    Can you give some infos pls?

    where do u need to keep the cake which filled with mousse filling and has been decorated by fondant or buttercream? like yours one…

    thanks and blessing..

  6. Wendy: When ever I make a cake like this one, I assemble it 1 day before it will be eaten. It stays in the fridge just until 1 hour before serving. There is a risk that the cake will start sweating. But Im kinda used to make cakes this way, so a little sweating dont scare me.

    Depending on how large your cake is. You can minimize the sweating by storing the cake in a card board box and then in the fridge.

    Kassandra: I have used a gel paste color from Squires Kitchen called: Wisteria. I just love this color.

    Nadia: Pound cakes are too heavy for mousse in my opinion. Alot makes a dam out of stiff BC, I dont use a dam. You can see in this post how I assemble my cakes with mousse:

    If you are using ganache a good tip is to start with a more liquid ganache and just make a thin (not covering) layer. Then place it in the refrigerator to set and the next layer of ganache is more “thick”.

  7. Hi Louise,
    I love this cake, its perfect. I love the neat slices cut out of it. Can you give some tips on how to fill soft fillings like mousse in a cake? Last time i made a pound cake with mousse filling,and the filling was squishing out duw to weight of the cake? Whats the cause, heavy cake? should i put a dam?in that case its too many flavors, mousse, ganache and bc dam?
    I then covered it with ganache but it kept squishing out and getting mixed with ganache?any tips?

  8. I have a question about Fondant cakes. I will love to make a cake like this one, how long will a cake with the Italian butter cream and mousse stay out of the fridge? can i make the cake a day before the party and keep it out of the fridge all night? if i make my own fondant will it sweet a lot inside the fridge? and what will happen if the cake sweets in the fridge and how can i fix it?
    thanks!! i love your cake is the best i have seen, i have been searching the web a lot!! please help me!!!

  9. Sandy: Ohh im not the bc rose expert 😉 I think that you can find lots of great video’s on that subject on youtube.

    Pamela: You cant use cream under the fondant. It needs to have a bc coat first before the fondant. Its right that this fondant that I use sweat very little from being in the fridge. I dont have the recipe for it sorry!

    Kristen: Its BC

  10. Louise,

    this is so lovely and perfectly romantic to celebrate 10years with your hubby.

    I am a big fan of your work and it also inspired me to make my cakes. I will be looking forward for more of your wonderful creations and tutorials.

    More power

  11. Happy anniversary and a beatiful cake it is !!!
    I always wish I could use whipped fresh cream under fondant. Your fondant and roses didnt sweat in the fridge ?
    You mentioned about a new fondant (danish), wonder if you know the recipe ?
    Thank you very much for sharing and teaching.

  12. This cake is simple and stunning! It’s making me hungry! Do you think you’ll add Butter cream roses to your tutorials? I can decorate but I just can’t get my roses right!

  13. Thank you all for the wishes for me and hubs 🙂

    For those of you who have asked about the ribbon/bow, I can tell that I am working on a post on how to do it, so stay tuned. btw its real ribbon, not fondant.

    Rossana: A tutorial on how to cover cakes with the IMBC is on my agenda.

    Kelly C: This mousse is a quick mix. But I do plan to jump in and make it from scratch very soon. The roses was made on cocktailsticks but I removed those when placing htem on the cake.

    Andrea Kopp: The color is squires kitchen: wisteria. This mousse need to be refrigerated until serving, since its made with fresh whipped cream. I will make a post about the mousse soon.

    Jenn: This crumb coat is acctually on the “thick” end of the scale. I normally go with less bc. But due to the ribbon it is so important that the side of the cake is very straight. If not the ribbon will not look good on the cake.

    Anja: I will see if I can post it.

    Chicca: I mostly use buttercream under fondant also in the summer. But that is because I use fillings that needs to be refrigerated. If not using BC I would use a chocolate ganache, but that can also melt in the heat.

    Dayanara: I will post the mousse eventually.

    Ana: I do keep my cakes in the refrigerator. This is a new fondant (danish) that I use and it dont sweat as much as the old brand I always used to use.

  14. Louise,
    Happy aniversary!!! and congratulation for another beautifullllllll cake!!!! as always your cakes look perfect! one quick question: do you keep the cake in the refrigerator? doesn’t the fondant swet? how do you get that great fondant colours?
    thank you again for inspiriring all of us!

  15. I love your work, its so inspiring! Congrats to you and your husband!!! What recipe do you use for the filling? It looks delicious!

  16. Louise,
    You are such an inspiration. Your valentine cake is beautiful. Congratulations on your 10th!
    Thanks for sharing, loved that you shared a piece after you had cut it, awesome.

  17. Beautiful cake! Compliment, i love your site! You’re a teacher for me, I’m very grateful for your valuable advice thanks a lot! Even in summer you always use butter cream? and if you do not use it instead uses what? I use only the apricot jelly wrong? many thanks Louise

  18. Hi Louise,

    Beautuful cake :o) I simply love your design and the colours.
    I have a question – what chocolate cake recipe do you use, it looks so good! Is it possible to get a copy of the cake recipe?
    :o) Anja

  19. Wow! Your cake is simple, but this makes it really stand out! It’s really cute! I also like the shot of the cake slice–I’ve always wondered how much of a crumb coat I should use, and this gives me a better idea. I love it!

  20. OK, I posted before you put up the picture showing the cut cake. WOW…that’s the kind of cake I LOVE…the icing and filling are as thick as the layers of cake! MMMMM…

  21. I love the blue colour
    Louise, can you give us the recipe of your strawberry mousse ?
    I assume it is safe to leave the cake out of the fridge using this kind of filling, right ?

  22. Anniversaries are always something to be very proud of in this day and age when marriage seems to be so disposable. Congratulations on your committment to such a beautiful thing and learning to become “one”!

  23. Hi Louise,
    Your cake is wonderful as always::)) So beautiful. I was wondering, did you make your roses on wires or could you use cocktail sticks?
    In the uk we do not really use mouse fillings, i would love to try your strawberry one, do you have a receipe and do you cover the cake with that before the fondant icing too…
    Sorry for so many questions but i just love your work;)

  24. Dear Roses Are Pink,
    The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… I think it’s working for you.
    He Takes THe Cake IN NE

  25. I knew, as soon as the email arrived, that the cake was going to be beautiful.
    It is with out a doubt, one of the prettiest cakes I’ve seen in a long time.

  26. Ohhhh it’s really beautiful!! Congratulations for you and your husband!!! Ten years!!!
    In my country, catalan’s people celebrate the day of love on 23th April. That day men give a red rose like sign of his love, and women give him a book.. So your cale is a beatiful present with those roses!!
    Lots of kisses from Girona!!

  27. Absolutely gorgeous like all your cakes. Congrats to you and your husband. How did you make such a perfect bow for the front of the cake?

  28. Louise you should go on the cake challenge show. You would surely win the $10,000 prize. You do such beautiful works of art.
    I just made your rolled roses for some Valentine cookies I am baking today. They were so easy to do and turned out really cute. Thank you for your website as it inspires me so much.

  29. This is cake so delicate and cute! I love the colours. I was wondering if you could post a tutorial video or tips in how to cover the cake with Italian buttercream to achieve a smooth and perfect finish. Thanks so much! Happy Valentines for you and all!!!

  30. Such pretty color combo and Congrats! Smart choice getting married on a Holiday….he can’t forget!
    Happy Anniversary to you both.

  31. Happy 10th Anniversary! I’ve been anxiously waiting for this beautifully, elegantly clean cake that you posted! Happy Valentine’s Day and I wish you both many beautiful years to come!


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