Video: How to make monster cupcake toppers

monster cupcake toppers
Every Halloween, I make cakes and cupcakes for my family and friends. This year, I will be making lots of cool stuff, including these one eyed and three eyed monster cupcakes.

You can make them in different colors, give them different expressions, make them cuter or even scarier. I am sure both, kids and adults, would love them!

To make these monster toppers, you will need the following supplies:

Rolling pin
Scalloped cutter
Small circle cutter
Small heart cutter
Edible markers
Paintbrush and some water
Blue, red and green fondant (You can use other colors if you like)

Let’s make the one-eyed monster first…

Step 1: Start off by rolling out some blue fondant and use your scalloped cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 2: Roll out some red fondant or any other color you like and use a small circle cutter to cut out a few circles.
Step 3: Use a black edible marker to draw out eyeballs.
Step 4: Brush some water on top of your scalloped piece and stick the little circle here.
Step 5: Use a black edible marker to draw out eyelashes and also use it to draw a mouth.
Step 6: Use a red marker to draw out little dots all over the face.
Step 7: We will give this little monster a little bow now. To do that, roll out some green fondant and use a small heart cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 8: Cut it in half using a knife.
Step 9: Then, cut off the rounded ends.
Step 10: Align these 2 triangular pieces and stick a small ball of fondant in the center.
Step 11: Brush some water on your monster’s head and stick the bow into place.

And you are done!

Let’s make a three- eyed monster now…

Step 1: Roll out some red fondant and use a scalloped cutter to cut out a piece.
Step 2: Make eyes the same way as before.
Step 3: Brush some water on the red piece and stick three eyes here.
Step 4: Use a black marker to draw out a mouth and tongue.
Step 5: Let’s give this monster a bow tie. Make a bow the same way as before.
Step 6: Brush some water near the base and stick the bow here.
Step 7: Use a green marker to draw out little dots all over the face.

And you are done!

monster cupcake topper

Let these pieces dry overnight and then use them on top of your iced cupcakes.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Happy caking everyone!

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