Furry cupcake monsters

I found these cute monster cupcakes on CakeCentral. They are made by Jennifer and she told me that she have used buttercream icing and Wilton tip #233 (grass/fur) to make the little furry cupcake monsters. The eyes is also buttercream icing and are made by using Wilton tip #12 (round) and the pupils with Wilton tip #2 (round).

I think they would be perfect for a space themed birthday party, or maybe just for fun?

Happy Caking!



  1. Ohhhh….this is perfect…THANK YOU. I’m doing cupcakes for a kid’s party this weekend. And the furry effect will be good for Elmo and Grover. πŸ™‚

  2. I think these cupcakes are a mock-up of the little critters from the video game Chuzzles. =) They’re sooooo cute and I just love cupcakes! I love your confections, they’re all so pretty. I wish I could cook like you, but I’ve just started learning, LOL. It makes me want to go to school to learn how to bake cakes and decorate them like this.


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