How to Make Pinwheel Cupcake Toppers

pinwheel cupcakes

Pinwheels are so much fun to play with and kids love them. So, I decided to do a tutorial for edible dual shaded pinwheels.

I made a purple and yellow pinwheel but you can use whatever colors you like. I think a red white and blue version would be perfect for 4th of July, which is only a few days away :)

Once your pinwheels are dry, you can even stick a lollipop stick behind them with some melted chocolate and use those as cupcake toppers. I didn’t do that since I liked them this way better.

Anyways, to make these, you will need the following supplies:

Purple 50/50 or gumpaste
Yellow 50/50 or gumpaste
Rolling pin
Pink confetti sprinkles
Square cutter

These are the steps:

Step 1:
Roll out yellow 50/50 and roll out purple 50/50.

pinwheel cupcakes 24

Step 2:
Place the purple piece over the yellow piece and roll it with a rolling pin until they both stick together.

pinwheel cupcakes 23

Step 3:
Use a square cutter to cut out several pieces.

pinwheel cupcakes 22

Step 4:
Make a dot in the center of the square piece with the tip of your knife.
Then, make diagonal cuts, as shown in this picture. You will end up with triangular sections.
Don’t cut all the way through the center!

pinwheel cupcakes 21

Step 5:
Brush some water at the center of this square piece.

pinwheel cupcakes 19

Step 6:
Fold one end of the triangular section until you reach the center.
Then, press gently at the center until that end sticks into place.

pinwheel cupcakes 18

Step 7:
Fold one end of another triangular section until you reach the center.
Then, press gently at the center until that end sticks into place.

pinwheel cupcakes 17

Step 8:
Continue to do this for the other triangular section…

pinwheel cupcakes 16

Step 9:
And do it again for the last triangular section…

pinwheel cupcakes 15

Step 10:
Finally, stick a round pink confetti sprinkle in the center with some water or corn syrup.

pinwheel cupcakes 14

Allow these pinwheels to dry overnight or until they harden.

Then, top them on your cupcakes and you are done!

pinwheel cupcake toppers

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Happy caking everyone!

Farwa & Abeer
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