Snowflake cookie cutters
It’s time for another round of CakeJournals favourites. This month it’s about snowflakes and smart storage.

Snowflake cookie cutters:
My newest buy are these two snowflake cookie cutter sets. You can make the most beautiful laced snowflake cookies with the cutters. It’s just like a puzzle. Mix the cutters, with star cookie cutters and you will get beautiful laced snowflakes.

The large set comes with 5 snowflake cutters and 3 small insert cutters and the small tin box set, comes with 3 snowflake cutters and 2 insert cutters.

snowflake gingerbread cookies
The photo above are just some test samples, since I was both trying out the new cutters and a gingerbread recipe for this years gingerbread house. I can’t wait to give them some white royal icing and some glitter.

You can get the cutters from here UK and US

With my new love for snowflake cookie cutters. I was thrilled, when I saw some gorgeous snowflake cookie cutters from Peggy Porschen.

The snowflake cutters are made in stainless steel and they are 20cm by 20cm (8″x8″) So they are HUGE! Make sure, that you also see Peggy’s selection of pretty Christmas bauble cookie cutters.

Large snowflake cookie cutter 1
Christmas star gingerbread cutter

Large snowflake cookie cutter 2
Christmas snowflake gingerbread cookie cutter

Smart storage:
I have for some time now, used a pencil case for my cake decoration modeling tools. There’s no need to look through my tool boxes anymore, whenever I need a certain modeling tool, they are all in one place now. The pencil case is from GreenGate Copenhagen

GreenGate Copenhagen pencil case

Happy Caking!