Embossed cookies

This is some of the embossed cookies that I have made recently. The cookies are basic sugar cookies and they are iced with MMF.

I have used Patchwork Cutters: Quilting embosser for the heart cookie in the teacup and the Butterflies-Ladybirds & Bees cutter/embosser for the small round cookie.

For the pink and green heart cookies I have just used my favourite Dresden/Veining tool from JEM. Decorated them with edible pearls and quick mini roses. They all have borders piped with royal icing.

I have a few more photos added in the cookie gallery.

Happy Caking



  1. I’m going to try to duplicate these for my Mom’s birthday. What size cookie cutter did you use? What size sugar pearls did you use (e.g., 6mm)? My cookie cutters don’t have that big, nice scalloped edge yours do. What brand was yours and/or where did you get it? I’ll look forward to hearing from you with anticipation!

  2. Hello,
    Beautiful cookies!
    Do you make the embossing pattern before puting the fondant on the cookie? or do you make it after attaching the fondant on the cookie?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. omg! those cookies r sooo perfect x how did u do the icing so neat ? x your obviously really talented, how did u find out how 2 do all this? x

  4. Anita: You brush the cookies with a little sugar syrup to attach mmf. For a fool proof sugar cookies recipe I use http://www.cakejourna.wpengine.com/archives/vanilla-sugar-cookies Note that the recipe is in grams so you will need to convert (find a link in the comments) Also in that post I am reffering to another cookie recipe that I know many americans is using called “No fail sugar cookies” there are a link to that recipe aswell.

    Enjoy your decorating classes.

  5. Hi Louise!
    I just first want to say, your blog is my new bible! I love it and how you give tutorials with pictures! I mean you’re a blessing!
    I start my cake decorating class & Gum paste and Fondant flower class this week… my question is this (and please forgive me in advance for asking such a silly question) How do you get the MMF to stick to the cookie? Do you use the glue that you mention in other posts or icing?
    Also do you have or know of a fool proof sugar cookie recipe? I want to keep things simple as possible but with a great taste 🙂
    Thanks in advance (cause I’m sure you will see me around a lot!)

  6. ShriNagesh & Tammy: Thank you both of you.


    I use the recipe from Peggy Porchen. Try and see this blog: http://bellnad.blogspot.com/2007/03/secret-of-sea-sugar-cookie.html

    I have not tried kakburken as I buy most of my stuff from the UK. It is a lot cheaper. These online shops are some that gives great service:

    http://www.squires-shop.com/landingsd.php (even if they recomend to shop at Tårtdecor, you can order from the UK site)

    Happy shopping 🙂

  7. Hi Louise, i just love your site! And really admire your work.

    i was wondering a couple of things;

    What recepie do you use for your cookies?
    Have you ever ordered anything from kakburken.se?
    And what does it cost to get things shipped from UK?? I live in sweden an just turned 18 so now i can finally order stuff from stores abroad since there isn’t any really good stores for cake supplies here in sweden

    XOXO Nathalie

  8. THese are beautiful! I can’t wait to start dabbling into the cookie decorating world. You are so talented and your photography skills are amazing. Thanks for all your inspiration!

  9. Absolutely wonderful!! I’ve always avoided decorating cookies because it would take too long to dry…..I think I will try my hand at these!! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing!!

  10. Sorry for the delay of posting all your fantastic comments. But my pc is very slow and I really need to get a new one.
    Anyway thank you all so much for the lovely comments about the cookies. You are welcome to use the idea 🙂 Some of you wrote questions and here comes the answers:

    Jackie: You can get the PW cutters from here http://www.globalsugarart.com/cat.php?cid=640

    Janet Kiesler: I have used a cutter 1 size smaller than the one I used for the cookies.

    nenu: I will do it. I know I have promised long agoe.

    Joan E: I emboss before I cut it with the cookie cutters.

    Nessie: I use gel colours. And add it very sparingly.

    The cake Maker: This time I just pushed the balls into the MMF. Normally I would have placed a tiny drop of sugar glue/water.

  11. Oh these are stunning, i want to start making cookies as well, i hope you dont mind if i use some of your ideas ? there beautiful.

    Kind regards Kerry Rowe

  12. ” I just luv your work. I recently started baking & decorating cookies and even though I enjoy it lots, they sure are not pretty like yours. You are awesome!!”

  13. oh mah GAWD. LOL. They look so amazing! I just love how everything on your site is so polished and clean; all the pictures and site layout and everything. Helps keep my ocd in check. Just beautiful website design (not to mention the food :P).

  14. You are a cookie artist! I tried making some engagement ring cookies for a friend using melted white chocolate and everyone thought they looked like lifeguard floaty rings..doh! 🙁 Must practice more! Question: How do you get the pretty pastel colours for your icing? do you use powder or gel colouring? 🙂

  15. Exquisite – so pretty and delicate. Do you emboss the MMF before or after you put it on the cookie? I have trouble doing this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

  16. hi, Louise, as always your work is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I wonder if you could post a tutorial on how to make sugar cookies. I’ve tried different recipes but mine don’t come out as cute as yours. Congratulations and hope to hear from you soon! Bye.

  17. very classy I am going to use them for the next party of my daughter. Last year we had a party were all the little girls could come as their moms. We had so much fun.

  18. Hello Louise, the cookies are beautiful!!! do you know where can i get this quilting embosser through internet, in US…?? the site you posted is in europe


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