How to decorate cookies with rolled fondant

Fondant cookies

Decorating with rolled fondant is the easiest way to get a beautiful cookie in no time. You use the same cookie cutter to cut out the rolled fondant and apply it to the cookie with a little bit of corn syrup.

I like to use small embossing sticks or veining tools to make pretty details in the rolled fondant. Royal icing and lustre dust is also great to use. There are no limits when it comes to decorating cookies. Just be creative!

Follow this tutorial on how to decorate cookies with rolled fondant.

This is what I use:

Sugar cookies in the shape of butterflies or dragonflies
Cookie cutters in the same shape
Non-stick board
Rolling pin
Corn syrup & brush
Soft brush for the lustre dust
Dresden & veining tool (I recomend the one from Jem)
Lustre dust (I have used: Aqua shimmer & Iced Pink from Edable Art)
Rolled fondant in your chosen colors + small amount of white rolled fondant
Paper towel


Step 1:

Roll out your rolled fondant thinly and cut out the wings with the cookie cutter.
We are only going to use the wing part. So you dont have to cut out the whole shape like I did. Just the wings.

Step 2:

Cut the wings in shape with a knife like shown on wing A.

Step 3:

Brush a thin coat of corn syrup on the wing part of the sugar cookie and gently place the wing pieces on top.

Step 4:

With your finger smooth out the edge of the wings.

Step 5:

Take your veining tool and mark the wings with fine lines.

Step 6:

Brush lustre dust on the wings with a soft brush. Use a piece of paper towel to protect your non-stick board!

Step 7:

Take a small piece of white rolled fondant and make the body and the head. Glue it on with a little corn syrup. Use the veining tool to make small marks down the body.


Step 1:

Take your chosen color for the large wing and roll out the rolled fondant thinly. Cut out the wings with the cookie cutter and cut wing A with a knife like shown on the photo.

Step 2 & 3:
Repeat step 3 & 4 from the dragonfly cookie.

Step 4:

Take your veining tool and make 3 lines on both large wings.

Step 5:

Roll out the second color of rolled fondant and cut out another pair of wings with the cookie cutter. Cut the small wings in the shape as shown on step 1/wing B. Brush a little corn syrup on the small wing parts.

Step 6:

Gently place the small wing pieces on the sugar cookie. With your finger smooth out the edges all around the small wings. Again use the veining tool to make 3 lines on the wings.

Step 7:

Brush lustre dust on the wings with a soft brush. Use a piece of paper towel to protect your non-stick board!

Step 8:
Repeat step 7 from the dragonfly.

Tip: Make the butterfly in all white rolled fondant, with pearl lustre dust. For the perfect wedding favor.

Please visit my tutorial section if you want to learn other cookie decoration techniques.

Happy Caking!



  1. You say you can store cookies for 3weeks in a air tight container? Are those fondant decorated cookies? Will the fondant still be good to eat? Is that at room temp or in fridge? Thanks

  2. Hi, love the cookies!
    Was just wondering if glucose syrup would be a suitable substitute for corn syrup in this instance?
    Thanks 😀

  3. say i made cookies and then decorated them with fondant. would they ship well if they were in an airtight containter, each cookie indivualy wrqapped with wax paper? :/

  4. My stencil cookies always spread so much in the oven, even when I let the dough rest in the fridge before use. I’ve tried using more flour in the dough but it made the cookies taste awful. Help?

  5. hi
    can you help
    i am making silhouette wedding cookies and am rolling sugar paste out and using bespoke cookie cutters to punch out the silhouettes in the sugar paste and attach to the cookies, how long does the sugar paste need to dry before i can bag them up? do i let the sugar paste dry before i attach it to the cokies? as when im putting the iced cookies in to the bags the paste is sticking to the cellophane bags, hope you can help
    Thank you

    • When I need to bag sugar paste/fondant cookies I let them “dry” for a couple of hours or over night covered with a clean kitchen towel. Attach to cookies and then dry. This way you can smooth the edges.

  6. Hi Louise 🙂 Firstly i think your cookies are beautiful and love reading through your tutorials. Thankyou for taking the time to show others!
    My question to you is… why is my fondant shape too big for my cookie even though i used the same size cutter? It’s like me cookie has shrank. Please help. Thankyou.

    • The only times I have had the problem that you describe is when I have used some left over cookie dough that was maybe 2-3 days old. Meaning always use freshly made and chilled cookie dough. Have you tried the recipe for Vanilla sugar cookies? You can find it on the blog. It have never failed me.

  7. Hi
    I need your advise, im planning to use roll fondant on my medium size cookie, and need to know if i need to fully dry it before adding another fondant deco on top of it. Do i need my fondant deco to be dried first before sticking it to my roll fondant cookie or can i add the fondant deco immediately after cutting with cutter? I hope it make sense.thanks!

  8. Your cookies are beautiful. I have made cookies with rolled fondant before (Satin Ice) and let them set for a day then put in a tied cellophane bag. The fondant became very dry and hard to eat. I used corn syrup to adhere the fondant to the cookie. Any suggestions to keeping the fondant soft?

    • Have you tried to store them in air tight boxes and only just pack them in cellophane bags just until use? Fondant will dry and set eventually. I don’t think that there can be done much about it? I would not store fondant covered cookies for too long. It’s not a problem with royal iced cookies though.

  9. Well done Louise these are lovely!

    Does using fondant soften the cookies in
    any way?

    And if you store the covered cookies in an airtight container, does the fondant go sticky (like I found with covered cupcakes)?

    • When decorating cookies with either royal icing or fondant they will get a little soft. I always let fondant cookies dry for a whole day + night before packing them in 1 layer. Otherwise the fondant will easily take on small marks and so. I have not experienced the fondant going sticky..

  10. Thank you so much.
    I had bought some fondant to try to decorate cookies for our wedding. I tried with royal icing but wanted to give fondant a try too.

  11. Hi? i love this tutorial. Thanks a lot! Such a beautiful thing and quite easy. I’ve got one question. You probably will not believe it, but in small city in Russia ( like the one i live in) it’s absolutely impossible to find a corn syrup. What it can be substituted with? Maybe I can take a hot apricot jam (as in the cupcakes’ tutorial)?

    • You can use any kind of sugar syrup, like the ones you can use in coffee. I have not tried hot apricot jam but I guess that it would work too. The only problem with the jam is that it sets quick so you will have to reheat it very often.

  12. Hi Louis,
    Thank you very much for your tutorial. It’s wonderful, clear and easy to follow the instructions. I plan to make some for my kid’s birthday party in 2 weeks. Just a quick question, are we suppose to leave the fonant to dry and harden before putting them into cello bags?
    Thank you,

    • I would only leave them on a tray with a tea towel over overnight and then pack them in cello bags. The fondant should not hard as in very dry. But due to the thin fondant layer it will harden a little bit. But still nice to eat. Alternative you could pack them in layers (parchment paper in between) in a airtight box until they need to be packed. So it’s up to you how much time you have up to the party. Happy Birthday with your boy in advance 🙂

  13. how can I store fondant covered cookies for gift giving. I made them today and will give them away on Thanksgiving.  Should I freeze them? Will the fondant mold or the cookie for that matter?  I used sugar cookies and satin ice fondant.  Thanks

    • I would store them in a box, layered with parchment paper in between. Just make sure that the fondant are firm/dry on the surface. As it can get small marks when you pack the cookies. They will not start to mold or go bad. Lots of cookie businesses makes cookies up to 1 month in advance.
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  14. I think I’ve read other questions like this and read your answers, but just want to check that I can cook and decorate these cookies about two weeks in advance and keep them in an airtight container? Do you have any other tips for keep them fresh? I have 40 to make for a Sunday party straight after a 3 tiered cake on the Saturday! I’d love to have them done in advance!

  15. I tried these and it looked sooooo goood! Almost as good as yours but not quite 🙂 They were gone before I had the chance to take a photo for you…
    I think I prefer fondant icing much more than royal icing. For starters it is not as messy or time consuming and has no wait time to set and dry. Also, a few kids in my sons class are allergic to eggs, fondant has no eggs! Yippieeee!Thanks so much for all your tutorials 🙂


  17. this is great. My husband and i are thinking about starting our own business and these tips are great to follow. Thanks

  18. The fondant on the cookies will go hard by then. I don’t think that storing them in a airtight container will keep the fondant soft. You can bake and freeze the cookies in advance. Decorate with fondant 2 weeks before is ok to do. I have not had any problems with the colors changing unless it is purple.

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll take your advice very carefully!!! I was thinking to use lilac fondant for the cookies. Maybe I’ll change the color. Thank u!!

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll take your advice very carefully!!! I was thinking to use lilac fondant for the cookies. Maybe I’ll change the color. Thank u!!

  19. Could I possibly use royal icing to adhere the fondant? I am using the cookies to sweep down the sides of a 4-tiered wedding cake. I do not want the fondant slipping or peeling off the cookie. Has anyone tried royal icing to make sure this wouldn’t happen or does the corn syrup really attached the two solidly together (even in humid weather) ? Thanks!

  20. Hello Louise- you do a wonderful job on this site! As a cake decorator myself, this is so very helpful. On that note, I have a question that may have been answered previously. I am making cut out sugar cookies for a bridal shower next week that will be covered in cut-out fondant. I’m hoping to freeze these after decorating- however- after covering the cookie with fondant, I want to use a buttercream icing and pipe some decorations on each cookie. Will this buttercream stick to the fondant, and will the colored buttercream freeze well? (I know sometimes colored buttercream can look discolored and turn different shades after freezing). Thank you! 🙂

  21. Rébk: Sugar paste & rolled fondant is the same thing but is called differently depending on where you are. Gum paste is a paste that you can use to make flowers and other sort of decorations of. Because of the “gum” in the paste it dry hard and hold its shape when drying.

    You can find recipes online for both rolled fondant and gum paste. so that you can make it at home. When it comes to gum paste you will need some special ingredients, these can be bought from online shops in europe. Please email me if you need more info on online cake decorating supply shops.

  22. Hello, my name is Rébecca, I’m french, so excuse me because my english is not very good. I love american cakes and I would like make it, but in france a lot of ingredients are difficult to find. We don’t know sugar paste, gum paste, and rolled fondant, I would like if you can explain me differences between them, perhaps i could find frencs equivalent products…
    thanks for your help

  23. Glad that I just found out about your website. A very interesting, useful and inspiring tutorials. Can’t resist to open this website everyday at least 10 mins. eventhough I was busy sometimes. I love baking so much and so as I love cake journal…

  24. Louise, I’m thrilled to find your blog! Your tutorial is so detailed and informative. I’ve managed to find the lustre powder on Which colors did you use? I notice that there are plain and simple, silk etc etc.

  25. Louise ~ your work is amazing! I look forward to new things on your site. I haven’t worked with fondant as of yet because I’m so use to working with butter cream. But whenever I see your work, it makes me want to work with it. I did, however, bought a small packet of rolled fondant to tackle and think this is the week-end that I’ll be ready to try something new, before Easter comes creeping up behind us.

  26. Hi Louise. Love your blog. I am planning to make som cooking next week and have a question. The corn syrup is that “lys sirup” in danish. I have tried to google it, but cannot find it.

  27. can you freeze fondant sugar cookies on a stick and if so… how long . I need to make a lot coming up and it would be easier if i could freeze them. thank you

  28. Elisa: I always let my fondant cookies “dry” under a clean tea towel over night. Before either packing them in boxes or bags. If you are planing on giving them within a week there is no need to worrie that the fondant will get dry/hard after 1-2 of drying under a towel. Its so that the fondant wont get marks ect so easily and it will then not sweat. I have tasted cookies that have been laying uncovered in my cupboard for 5 days and they tasted nice.

  29. Congratulations! Very nice blog! And tutorial! I would like to know how to pack these cookies. As the fondant don`t get too hard I’m afraid that after packaged cookie get too wet. thank you very much! and sorry for my english!!

  30. hi louise!! splendid tutorial as usual!! thank you for sharing… can’t wait to try! i thought i had given up on sugar cookies because of the time it takes to pipe and flood and frost with royal icing… but i never though about using fondant!!

    thanks again!

  31. sarah.a: I know that Global sugar Art online have many shimmers and lustre dusts.
    The Wilton one, well yes I guess you could. Only I would not use water. Just brush it on.

  32. Rea: The best way to keep a cookie crisp is not to decorate it at all. Decorated with icing or fondant, it will get a little less crips. When brushing with syrup it will get a little dense but mine is still ok crunchy. I keep my decorated cookies icing or fondant for 1 month. maybe the fondant ones only 3 weeks as it will harden a bit.

  33. Hi Louise, thank for sharing this wonderful tips of fondant cookies.

    I would like to know how to maintain the crisp texture of the cookies while we’re working on the fondant. Would the corn syrup soak the cookies? How long is the storage time?

    Thank you 🙂

  34. Reem: No I dont think so. Well you can use white/pearl lustre dusts if you cant find them colored. Have you tried looking for it in cake decorating supply stores?

  35. hii Louise, i fall in love of ur blog more and more everyday 🙂
    i just wanted to ask if i couldnt find Luster dust can anything replace it ?? to give that shiny thing??

  36. Karin: Regalice is the same as rolled fondant, yes.

    nikki: Great idea, I myself have had bad luck making my own modelling chocolate though 🙁 maybe I should try again.

  37. i just wanted to say your cookies are gorgeous but for those of you who dont like fondant .you can do the same thing with modeling chocolate melt 7 oz of chocolate add 2 teaspoond corn syrup and stir util the consistancy of playdough then let set in fridge over night in clear wrap the roll and decorate
    way easy to make and its chocolate who wouldnt love it !i get tons of compliments on my cookies done with it happy decorating everyone

  38. Thanks for the tutorial! I loved it, your cookies look gorgeous.
    I was just wondering though…is ready to roll Regal icing the same as rolled fondant?
    x Karin


  40. Beautiful! Can you make the fondant ahead of time and then stick on the biscuit when done. I need to make alot of these so trying to organise my time. Otherwise I have heard you can freeze the cooked biscuits…. is this true! thankyou!

  41. Gina: It may have happend when you transfered the unbaked cookie to the cookie sheet? or if the dough was not used on the same day but days after its been made. Both have happend to me.

  42. Wow Louise your cookies are stunning i can’t wait to try it out.
    You said that you make your own cookie cutters,how do you do that?

  43. when i tried to do these the cookies got a little smaller when i baked them and then the fondant piece was to big. What did i do wrong?

  44. Lex: all that I know would eat a fondant covered cookie. Yes it is so much faster to cover because you dont have to wait for the RI to dry. The only thing is that I never make them to long in advance because the fondant do harden a little every day.

  45. I was wondering if people like eating the fondant covered cookies? I am making cookies for a friend and thought fondant might be easier than royal icing considering the amount. Have you received a positive response when serving the fondant covered cookies?

    I love your site by the way. I have been following you for a long time.

    Thanks for putting so much time into the site!

  46. claudia perez: As long as you let the fondant cookies dry over night before you carefully pack them in airthight boxes. They can be made up to 2 weeks before maybe longer. The fondant will get slightly harder but not much.

  47. OH!
    Your cookies very very very nice !
    But.. I don’t like dragonfiles…
    But ! I like Butterflies so much
    You are a God Cook!!

  48. Nilanthi: thank you

    Zahra: I buy most of my cutters from different online cookie shops and then I make some of them myself.

    dpotter: yep it’s like golden syrup but use a clear one if you can get it.

  49. no conocia su sitio web y me ha parecido excelente, como sus explicaciones de los trabajos que realiza, son realmente hermosas las galletas felicitaciones

  50. Lady Di: I have only tried the one from Colette Peters books and the one from Debbie Brown. Im not into homemade fondant unless its MMF.

    I like shortbread cookies for sugar cookies as I dont like the ones that contains baking powder.

    The info on painting a cookie sounds good. I will remember that.

  51. Please tell me best tested fondant receipes you have tried and tested. And the best sugar cookie receipe. More info on how to paint a cookie

  52. Vicky: I did these ones with reg. rolled fondant. But MMF works just as good.

    You can use Petal base. I dont know of Lard sorry. But if its for making mmf you can use a neutral oil instead.

  53. Hi Louise I love your site and am going to try out the cookies very soon! did you make them with mmf? the other thing: is there another name for crisco? I live in south africa and have never heard of it, is it like lard or petal base? what can i use as an alternative?

  54. Oh WOW. The cookies are lovely and your instructions are so clear! Thanks so much for this, oh please on’t delete this page in future. Might need it for reference. Once again Thanks (:

  55. hello, Your cookies are beautiful, I just have one question: Do you just brush on the luster dust or do you put some kind of glue on the fondant? Sorry, i’m new on this and i hope you can help me

  56. HI, Love the cookies and would like to purchase these shapes, could you tell me the size of these cookies cutters – as you know you can get so many different sizes and these look as if they are a good size Thanks Kelly

  57. tara: I know that some use to freeze their home made fondant so why not try and freeze the pearls. I would go after the expiry date on the fondant or if home made 3 month. But why do you want to freeze them anyway? I store all my fondant decor in air thight boxes.

  58. Lisa: Decorated cookies does have problems staying crunchy after they have been decorated thats even with rolled fondant or royal icing. But I personally dont have a problem with that.

    You can do both: bake, decorate & freeze the cookies or bake, freeze & decorate. You should do what suites you and your time best.

    You can bake your cookies up to 1 week before you are going to decorate them asloong as you keep them in airthight containers.

    If you are going to freeze the decorated cookies then do it this way to avoid any marks on in the fondant. Place the cookies in one layer on a tray that fits into your freezer. Semi freeze for 1-2 hours and then pack them in plastic containers with lids. Place then in layers with parchment paper in between.

    The day before you are going to use them take them out and place them on a wire rack to thaw completely before packing them.

    Good luck!

  59. I wanted to make fondant cookies as wedding favors, can you give me a couple of tips as to how long these stay fresh or if you can freeze them?
    Do you make your fondant or buy it? Should I make the cookies ahead of time and only decorate them shortly before??
    Thank you for any help.

  60. I applied this technique to a star cookie cutout I made with the No fail sugar cookie recipe. After baking though the cookie kept the basic shape it doubled in size ( spread) and the fondant cutout was way too small to cover it so I had to estimate and cut a fondant piece free hand.

    Can you please suggest a way to combat this problem 🙁

    I would be very grateful

  61. Felicia: If you let the cookies “dry” overnight on trays covered with a clean dish cloth they should be fine to pack and send. The fondant need to dry a little or you will get marks and the fondant might stick to the bag. If you a member of you can find a great tutorial on how to box and pack cookies safely.

  62. I haven’t made this yet, but am very interested in doing so. I would like to send these through the mail, but am not sure of what will happen to the fondant after putting the cookies in a bag (clear) and then boxing them up. Do you have any suggestions?

  63. Hello, Do you sell these. I would be interested in buying 16 of these in pink and 16 in orange. Please email me to let me know. Thanks!

  64. I love your website. Where can I buy a veining tool from? I cannot seem to find any after searching the internet

  65. What is your cookie recipe?

    You sure have good taste! I love your colors, love all your creations… cookies and cakes!

  66. Louise, fantastic blog, great tutorials. I love your blog! After dreaming about doing this for a while, I went out, bought cookie cutters and tried this last night. Oh how fun!! Of course, mine didn’t look as half nice as yours – my pearl dust turned out a little dingy, as well! I’m blaming tiny gold speckles in it.:), but still it was tons of fun. Thanks for the great inspiration!

  67. Thank you for all the fantastic comments!!

    Greetings Morgana, I am glad that you like it. I too love Bakerella’s blog she makes the sweetest treats.

  68. Hi! I’m morgana, from Spain. I’ve just seen this site for the first time (I come from Bakerella’s blog) and let me say that it’s as lovely as useful. Thank you very much for sharing and happy Valentine’s day from Spain!

  69. Hi!
    I just found your blogg and I´m totally amazed!! So beautiful!
    Where do you buy all the nice things you have? On the Internet or do you have any great shop in Copenhagen? I live just outside Gotheburg in Sweden…
    I´ll check in with you often from now on!!
    Thanks för charing!

  70. Hellow, congratulations for your website. It is very useful for people like me because I like to prepare beutiful cakes, cookies an other desserts. I´m from Venezuela and I understand very clear all your explanations and apreciated a lot your beutiful pictures. Marielba

  71. As usual, a great tutorial. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve linked to you for this post 5 things about yourself. Thanks again for a great read.

  72. hi there..i wanted to make this kind of deco for as long as i remember but have not done it, i am quite surprise how pretty this turn out to be. i am taking a break after knowing that i am carrying a baby inside me..btw you are in my blogroll..keep up the good work, your blog is very interesting!!

  73. Your cookies are beautiful! I’ve done similar with modeling chocolate as I don’t like the taste of fondant.
    ps I love your blog!

  74. Thank you so much for the fabulous tutorial!! Your cookies are so beautiful. I always get excited when I see a new post in your blog! 🙂

  75. Hi,I am from Israel & i read & enjoy youre articals very much. I was sorry so much when u remove the one about making the Wimsical cake…

  76. I am so glad that you like this tutorial.

    mayieve: when I make MMF I add 2 tbsp of Crisco to the mixture when its liquid. I will put a recipe on the site very soon.

  77. it is very beautiful!

    I’ve tried many times to do MMF but never’s always too thick and too hard..Do you have a recipe? Or any advices?


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