How to use candy molds properly

snow flake cupcakes

I  think knowing how to use candy molds properly is very important since it’s a fast way to decorate your cakes and cupcakes and great for those last minute surprise orders!

However, just like everything else out there, even using candy molds requires some practice to achieve “finesse.”

Here are some tips to keep in mind:

– Don’t overheat your chocolate. If it burns, you will end up with lumps and that’s useless for using in candy molds.

– Don’t over-fill your mold cavities or you will end up with awful blobs. I will discuss this later…

– Don’t rush and remove the chocolate pieces before they have completely hardened or else they will break/ melt.

– You can make these chocolate decorations months in advance. So, if you get a last minute cake or cupcake order, you will always have something on hand. Store them in a sealed container at room temperature. Make sure to place each chocolate piece on a small sheet of wax paper so that the pieces don’t stick together.

– There are many brands of chocolate molds/candy molds out there. I personally love the CK molds. Their quality is excellent. Their prices are reasonable. They are easy to wash and they have a huge variety of designs!

– Don’t grease your candy molds with oil sprays or shortening. It creates a peculiar greasy shine on your chocolate pieces and the details of the mold don’t transfer onto the chocolate properly either.

– Once your chocolate pieces have hardened, don’t use spoons and spatulas to lift the chocolate pieces out of the cavities. That will just damage them. Keep reading to see how the pieces should be properly removed…

snowflake cupcakes 1

To use candy molds, you will need the following supplies:

Candy mold (I am using a snowflake candy mold but you can use whatever design of mold you like)
Melted chocolate or candy melts
Squeeze bottle (Or you can use a piping bags with a very fine round tip)
Wax paper

And here are the steps: 

Step 1:

Put a bunch of candy melts in a squeeze bottle. Heat in the microwave at 15-second increments until candies are fully melted.

Shake your bottle a little to make sure there are no lumps.

snowflake cupcakes 4

Step 2:

Squeeze melted chocolate into the cavity of your candy mold. Make sure to only squeeze out chocolate in the center.

Don’t start moving your bottle around!

snowflake cupcakes 5

Step 3:

Stop squeezing your bottle when the cavity id about 3/4 full. Don’t try to fill into the corners!

snowflake cupcakes 6

Step 4:

Now, hold the edge of your candy mold and gently start tapping it up and down on your table. The chocolate will spread into those empty corners.

The tapping also gets rid of air bubbles. So, you won’t end up with little “dots” on your chocolate pieces.
Once all the cavities are filled with chocolate, place your mold in the freezer for about 10 minutes or until the chocolate hardens.

snowflake cupcakes 7

Step 5:

Place a sheet of wax paper on your table and gently flip your candy mold.Give your mold a slight tap on the top and the chocolate pieces should just start popping out.

snowflake cupcakes 10

And that’s it. You are done!
Use them on your cakes and cupcakes 🙂

snowflake cupcakes 2

Now that we are done with the tutorial,  let me explain why I kept telling you NOT to overfill your cavities…

Here is a cavity that I overfilled with melted chocolate.

See how it looks like a big puddle…

Wanna see what that blob looked like after the chocolate hardened?

snowflake cupcakes 8

Here you go…

The snowflake on the left is from the overfilled cavity.

The snowflake on the right is from the cavity that was only filled 3/4 of the way and then spread around with tapping.

Which would you want to have on your cupcakes? 😉

candy molds 9

Well, that’s about it for today.

I hope you found this tutorial and all those tips helpful 🙂

Happy caking everyone!


    • If you do this make sure to remove the chocolate from the mold before putting it in the freezer or the candies won’t pop out! The chocolate will become discolored if you freeze it for too long. Personally, I wouldn’t freeze them after they’re made because they should hold fine in room temperature if you wrap them tight.

  1. I cant find the answer to my question anywhere – I want to make milk chocolate lollipops – what chocolate would be best? I read that bakers chocolate isn’t what I should use, which makes sense because of the sweetness – but would a normal hersheys bar do the trick? Thanks!!

  2. This is fantastic and the easiest tutorial I’ve found so far on how to use a candy mold properly.
    I can’t wait to get home and start practicing!

  3. Love that u posted this. & all your recipes on here. I love learning to things. I knew this about the cake molds. Hope others did also. If not they will now.
    I am so glad u post all kinds of different things on internet.

    Thanks so much,
    Jackie 65


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