I get a lot of questions on how to flood cookies with royal icing. I like the method where you first outline the cookie and when the outlining is dry you flood the cookie with runny icing. It gives the cookie a smooth look and when it’s dry, you can pipe details on the cookie. Flooding cookies is easy and so much fun to do.

How to Make Royal Icing for Flooding Cookies

Flooding Cookies with Royal Icing

I use a piping bag with soft royal icing and a tip 3 for my outlining most of the time. I make my royal icing soft with a few drops of water, but not softer than it keeps its shape when I pipe. Stiff icing will make the icing curl, which can be hard work for your hands. Try and pipe a few strings on your worktop, to see if it’s a good consistency.

I hold my bag about 1/2 inch above the cookie. That way, I can navigate the icing without breaking it. It takes a little practice. For the second outline on the cookie, I use a piping bag and a tip 2 with soft icing. If you are not happy with the outlining, use a small spatula to scrape off the icing and start over.

For flooding, I always use a squeeze nozzle bottle for my runny icing. That way, I can change the tip and not have to worry about icing running out of the piping bag when not used. I can also store leftover icing as the squeeze bottle comes with a screw cap.

I always let my flooded cookies dry overnight before I continue decorating. It’s good to make sure they are hard enough so won’t make a mess.

What You Need to Flood Cookies

Essentials for Flooding Cookies
  • Cookies;
  • Royal icing (find info on how to make runny icing);
  • Food gel colors;
  • Squeeze nozzle bottle;
  • Piping bag with coupler;
  • 2 x tips no. 3;
  • Small spatula;
  • Small pin (to perforate air bubbles);
  • Small thin damp brush (I use this if the outlining need to be repaired).

How to Flood Cookies with Royal Icing: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Flooding Cookies with Royal Icing: Step 1

Pipe the outline of the cookie. Let it dry a few minutes before you flood it with the runny icing.

Pipe the outline of the cookie

Flooding Cookies with Royal Icing: Step 2

Take the squeeze bottle filled with runny royal icing. Start piping from the outside and work your way into the middle. Be careful not to overflood the cookie. If any air bubbles appear, use a pin to perforate them.

Let the cookies dry overnight. Use tip no.2 to pipe second and other details.

Tip 1: If you want to decorate with glitter or sanding sugar? Then shake it over the wet cookie. Let it dry completely before you shake off any excess glitter.

Tip 2: You can make dots on a flooded cookie. Take another squeeze nozzle bottle and a tip 2, fill it with runny icing in another color, and pipe dots into the wet icing.

flooding cookies

I always let my flooded cookies dry overnight before I continue decorating.

how to flood cookies with royal icing

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Now you know how to flood cookies with royal icing and if you want to bake different kinds of cookies, you can read about how to make Ballet Cookies, Valentine Letter Cookies, Daisy Cookies, and many more on our website.

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