When you think of Vegas, cupcakes aren’t what probably comes to mind first. The likes of casinos and shows will more than likely come to the fore. However, Las Vegas has shown it can turn its hand to anything, and providing excellent cupcakes is another string to its already impressive bow.

  1. Retro Bakery

The Retro Bakery dedicates a lot of its shop space to cupcakes. Arguably because of how popular the diminutive sweet treats are. What this outlet does really well is delivering some serious flavour combinations. And, while the shop has retro in the title, we don’t think the iconic chocolate chip cupcake that comes loaded with vanilla buttercream and a chocolate chip cookie falls into the bracket. The Retro Bakery is also renowned for its icing topknots, which are very much its USP and the reason why many will flock to the store.

2. Sprinkles

If you wanted a sign of how popular and loved cupcakes are in Vegas, then look no further than Sprinkles. It’s an excellent store to check out to pick up some sweet treats, but like many others, it’s got opening and closing times. However, what about this? There is a cupcake ATM that works twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So people who need their sugar fix throughout the night, can quickly make their way to Sprinkles and get their hands on some of the shop’s favourite cupcake delicacies, including red velvet and dark chocolate.

3. Nothing Bundt Cakes

If online ratings are anything to go by, Nothing Bundt Cakes is right up there with the very best of them, especially on platforms such as Yelp. As US residents will be aware, there are multiple Nothing Bundt Cakes bakeries scattered around the country, but it’s the stores in Las Vegas that stand out from the crowd. There are five of them currently operating in the area, and they’re each renowned for their delicious cupcakes. And, as it seems is the way in the modern world, it’s also possible to order cupcakes online, which can be a great time saver and incredibly convenient.

4. The Cupcakery

There are some excellent bakeries spread around Las Vegas. And many of them have a fantastic range of cupcakes available to check out. However, one of the best places that makes our list of the most amazing cupcakes in Vegas is The Cupcakery, a specialist venue. The Cupcakery was Sin City’s first shop dedicated to the sweet treat. And, those in Vegas for the casinos can continue their gaming thanks to online Vegas games while they pick up a couple of cupcakes to give them that all-important sugar rush.

5. Pastry Palace

Another venue that ticks all the right boxes on the cupcake front is Pastry Palace, which you will expect in part when you consider the name of the store. Again, like the other bakeries on this list, Pastry Palace is highly rated by verified customers, and that’s the way to know that what they serve up meets even the highest of expectations. Cupcakes are one of many products sold at Pastry Palace, and they’re certainly one of the most popular offerings, often proving incredibly popular with locals and visitors to the area alike, of which there are usually plenty of the latter.

6. CupKates

For some people, bakeries are the perfect place for cupcakes, but others want a bakery that specialises in them. And, for the latter, CupKates happens to be the ideal solution. In short, CupKates is a bakery that produces the finest handmade and hand-decorated cupcakes. But, you could say that CupKates is slightly more than that, as it’s owned by brother and sister duo Will and Kate, who were both born in Las Vegas. There’s just something extra special when a bakery has a meaning behind it, which comes through when taking a bite of the splendid cupcakes available at CupKates.

7. Cake World

You will kind of expect a place called Cake World to have all manner of cakes available to buy. So, it makes sense that you can drop into Cake World and buy some great cupcakes to enjoy. Like CupKates, Cake World is locally owned, which automatically makes it a big hit with people living in the Las Vegas area. Cake World is a fresh bakery, too, so all the cupcakes they serve are handmade on-site daily. There is often a great range of on-trend cupcakes, which feature special toppings in line with events such as Christmas.

8. Freed’s Bakery

Out of all the places you can buy cupcakes on our list of the best venues for dessert time in Sin City, Freed’s Bakery has undoubtedly been around the longest. In terms of years, Freed has been serving customers for around sixty years. But rather than specialising in cupcakes, this is a bakery that serves all manner of sweet treats. However, it doesn’t mean that they don’t produce some excellent cupcakes. In fact, you’re going to find some flavour combinations there that you’re not going to see elsewhere, which is a feat in itself.

9. Caked Las Vegas

Caked Las Vegas is another renowned cupcake bakery in Sin City. They’re doing things traditionally in terms of people dropping in and buying their cupcakes and allowing for orders online too. What makes Caked Las Vegas stand out from the crowd is they have their regular cupcakes available, favourites, if you will. And then there is their daily cupcake menu, which usually features new flavours, extra special decorations and on-trend offerings. They even have a fantastic range of sugar-free and gluten-free cupcakes, so there are cupcakes for everyone to enjoy.

It should be abundantly clear at this point just how super popular cupcakes are in Las Vegas. For many, they’re a must-buy when in the area, with some outlets dedicated to producing them, with a near enough infinite amount of flavour combinations, designs and textures. They’re the perfect treat for both residents and visitors to Sin City with a sweet tooth and an insatiable appetite for the best small cakes ever!