I was in the mood for making a nice treat for the family today and here is the result: Lamingtons. Let me tell you this, do not get fooled by the simple look of Australias traditional cake. They can also be found in a pink version in New Zealand. They are SO good!. Perfect together with a nice cup of coffee, tea or a cold glass of milk Mmmmm.

I made my Lamingtons with a nice butter cake (baked and cooled the day before) and the traditional chocolate icing.

Toss them in desiccated coconut to cover.

Let the icing set. You can either serve Lamingtons plain or sandwich them with whipped cream and raspberry jam. Enjoy!

Australian Lamingtons
Classic kiwi pink Lamingtons

Happy Caking



  1. It makes it easy to coat the lamingtons in the coconut,if after dipping them in the chocolate or red jelly (jello) if you put the coconut in a plastic bag ,such as a bread bag or freezer bag and place the coated squares into the bag and gently shake the squares untill coated.That way you dont get into a mess.

  2. yuummers this is some good lamington! i made this for my grandma, can you believe it! she has no teeth and she still managed to eat it, it turned out like a rock but yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmers

  3. Couldn’t resist seeing your version of the Lamington – I’ve never made them – but eaten heaps! (I live in Australia, and you can buy them at any bakery or supermarket) Should I mention that sometimes they are cut in half and spread with raspberry or strawberry jam before coating in icing and coconut. Even better! Normally they’re made with sponge cake – very light, so you can eat more I suppose! The red ones are good too!

  4. Here in southern Minnesota, we frost white cake pieces with soft white icing and roll the pieces in chopped peanuts! They are called Mocca cakes, or by a Norwegian name I can’t spell.

  5. That sure does looks really good. I’m thinking about trying to make it! Your site is so breath taking on the skills that you have. I would have never known about it if my brother hasn’t showed me this neat link. Just awesome!

  6. At the bakery I work at, we make something silimar to this. We make a variety of flavored cake, cube them and toss them in powder sugar. We sell them with about 50 pieces in each container with whipped cream for dipping and we call it “Cake Nachos”!! They are out top seller!! πŸ™‚

  7. Hi, just to let you know the pink lamingtons made with the jelly (jello) coating are also very popular in Australia too!

    P.S. Love the new site – yummy!

  8. I tried Lamingtons yesterday evening… I’ve covered the cake cubes with your chocolate ganache recipe (which is great)and they were irresistible!


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