Fondant imprint mat

Wilton imprints mats

One of Wiltons lately new invensions that I really love, are their fantastic Fondant Imprint Mats. Flexible 20×20″ (50x50cm) mats that makes gorgeous imprints on your rolled fondant in four designs: Graceful Vines, Floral Fantasy, Happy Birthday and Star Power.

Wilton imprints mat star

They are so easy to use:

1. Roll out the fondant on a lightly cornstarch dusted surface about 1/8″ thick (3mm). Try not to dust the top of the fondant, as the mat release itself quite easy without tearing.

2. Place your fondant imprint mat on top.

3. Take a large rolling pin and start with a firm preassure to roll the pin over the mat and fondant.

4. If you want to cover a cake, transfer both mat and fondant and carefully peel off the mat. Remember to gently smooth the fondant on the cake with your hands, so that you dont ruin the imprint.

5. If you want to decorate cookies or cupcakes? Peel off the mat carefully and now cut out the desired shapes with your cutters.

6. You can of course also make bows and ribbons using the fondant imprints mats.

Wilton imprints mat HB

If you like, you can paint the imprints with food colors or lustre dust to make more effects on your cakes, cookies and cupcakes.

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  1. These are wonderful and just what I am looking for! Please let me know costs and also where you are based? I live in South Africa, but may be able to get a friend to buy these for me. Please let me know.

    Fun Baker

  2. I feel like making one myself…if I can work out how.
    But if I could find one with a rose pattern…I couldn’t resist!

    Hey, then you could paint into the embossed patterns!

  3. Roses R Red: I think so but then I would dust a little powdered sugar on top just to be sure that it will release.

    My Diwa: Well on Wiltons site they show cakes fully covered. But I dont think that you can smooth a cake the same way you can normally. It had to be done very carefully.

    Veronica: 1/8″

    Grace: No I dont think so. You can get a butterfly embosser from Patchwork Cutters.

  4. these are so cool can you get them with butterflies on because i saw a cake with them on it, somewhere on cake journal before and wanted to know more about them?!!!

  5. Louise, this are pretty cool. I’ve seen them in the store, but have always wondered what the fondant looks like after being imprinted. Also, what is the beat thickness to roll out fondant to cover a cake? I’ve seen 1/4 ” and 1/8″. Thank you for your blog. You are very talented.

  6. Louise, if you use these to cover a cake, wont the imprint get smudged and distorted as you pull on it and use the smoothers?

  7. I am a Wilton Instructor and I use them in my Fondant & Gum Paste class and they just love them. Great idea and easy to use

  8. I have yet to use those impression mats. They seem to scare me but your description made it seem really easy to use. I’ll now have to go buy one. 🙂


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