The great cupcake pan

The great cupcake pan WS

I was just browsing through Williams-Sonoma online and spotted this really sweet and cute cupcake cake pan. It is similar to the one from Wilton only I love this “swirl part” much better. It is made exclusive for Williams-Sonoma by Nordic Ware.

I would so love to have this pan maybe they ship international??

Happy Caking



  1. Hala: As far as I know WS dont ship out of state at the moment. But I know that you can get the Wilton cupcake pan from the UK.

    becky: thanks!!!

  2. Louise!
    I am out of town until Saturday, but as soon as I return, I will head right over to Williams Sonoma for you and check on the cake pan!

  3. Destini: Well its good to know that. Only sad that there are problems baking them both at the same time.

    becky: So sweet of you. I have checked their FAQ and they dont ship outside US. So if you would ship it to me I would be grateful. Pls drop me an email 🙂

    jitterbugh: Your welcome:-)

  4. I have a giant cupcake pan that I haven’t used yet, and I was sooooo convinced it was Nordic brand but since I got it at Target I guess it must be Wilton LOL. The funny part was when I saw your post about this pan I thought “hmm, did they come out with a newer version or did they change it up a big for WS in order to call it exclusive because it looks slightly different than I remember?”LOL. I haven’t been well or I’d get up and check it to be sure, which is also the reason I haven’t used it yet. Some people at Amazon who reveiwed the Wilton one said that they had difficulty with both sections getting evenly baked at the same time. I may have to get the WS one, it does appear to be slightly cuter than the other. Not just in the swirl, but also in the more curved scalloped base (look at Amazon to see the difference, there are also photos of decoration ideas there). Thanks for the heads up :).

  5. I love this one!!! I have the Wilton pan and I had the over baking problem too. The trick is to bake the two sides seperately. In the Wilton pan the base of the cupcake take about an hour and the swirl only take 25-30 minutes.

  6. Cherie: Have you tried greasing the pan with melted butter and some flour so you get a paste? Use a brush so you get an even coat. Then give the pan a light dust of flour and its ready to use. I use this when I bake in dificult cake pans and it works all the time.
    I read about the ice cream way and that sounds so yummy.

    Pia sweety do you need to remind me about your NY trip??? I am NOT jealous at all…. he he. I have 20$ want to buy me a little something from NY??

  7. I have it and although it’s very cute I can’t seem to get a properly baked cake from it! It seems that it overcooks no matter what I try. 🙁 Williams Sonoma had a recipe that suggested using ice cream in the top part and cake only in the bottom and I think I’ll try that next time.


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