We are proud to announce with have teamed with Ziplist to offer you the ability to save your favorite recipes from Cakejournal.com along with other food blogs from around the web.

If you check out the navigation menu on our website, click on the tab titled “recipe box” and this is will you can setup a Free account to have all of your favorite recipes saved in one convenient location.

Ziplist recipe box

Upon clicking on the tab, you will be taking to a page where you will create an account so that you can start saving your recipes.

Ziplist Login

This is a great new feature that we are very excited about because this is something that you guys have been asking for and we are proud to bring this to you.

So make sure you sign-up for a free account by visiting https://cakejournal.ziplist.com/recipes/box

Happy caking and feel free to share your comments about this new feature.