How to make a Christmas cookie ornament

Christmas cookie ornament

Christmas is very close now and here are the third Christmas special tutorial. A beautiful glittering Christmas cookie ornament to decorate your tree. It is so easy and quick to make because you only use three things for decoration: rolled fondant icing, royal icing and edible glitter. You can of course make it in any color and the piping decoration could also be simple snowflakes, dots or whatever you like. If you don’t have edible glitter and only have lustre dust then wait until the royal icing is dry before you carefully brush it with a soft brush. Edible lustre spray would also be great for this project.

This is what I use:
Round cookies (make the hole when they are still warm)
White rolled fondant icing
White royal icing with a tip 2 (remember to make a soft consistensy or the icing will “curl” when you pipe)
White edible glitter (I used white disco hologram from Edable Art)
Round cookie cutter (the same size for the cookies)
Small round cutter
Corn syrup & a brush
Rolling pin
Corn starch for dusting
A piece of parchment paper

Step 1:
Brush the cookie with corn syrup and set a side. Roll out the fondant and cut with the round cutter. Place the fondant circle on the cookie and smooth the edges with your fingers. Remember to careful mark where the hole is so that you know where to place the small cutter. Cut out with the small cutter for the ribbon.
Christmas cookie ornament

Step 2:
Pipe with the royal icing on the cookie. While the royal icing is still wet. Place the cookie on the parchment paper and pour the glitter over the cookie. Take the cookie and shake all the excess glitter off. Set aside to dry. Take the parchment paper and pour back the excess glitter in the pot. Set aside to dry. Tie the ribbon and hang the cookie ornament on your tree.
Christmas cookie ornament

Happy Caking



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  1. Thank you all so much. I hope that you all have had a lovely Christmas with your families and good friends around you.

    Thank you for all the sweet support you have given me 🙂

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year


  2. Hello Louise,

    Thank you so much for your awesome website and for all the wonderful ideas. You are an inspiration. Blessings this Christmas and a New Year filled with prosperity, peace, and love.

    Thanks again,

  3. thank you very much louis for your beautiful christmas decorations…….
    a very happy christmas for you and your family and all the best for the new year 2009…..

  4. Thankyou once again for a beautiful idea and easy to follow instructions. Hope your Christmas is Merry and full of satisfied bellies.
    (And i personally hope that 2009 brings a book by Louise!!!!!)
    Thanks again

  5. They look wonderful Louise, I must get around to baking my cookies and shortbread I’m so behind!

    You have brought everyone so many good ideas this year.

    Congratulations on a fantastic blog, we all look forward to many more posts next year.

    Happy Christmas to you and your family


  6. Seasons Greetings to you and your family.

    Love the Cookie decoration, so pretty. Thanks for the idea.

    We have lovely WARM weather here in Andalucia! Off to Barcelona and then the Pyranees….




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