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So, ever since the movie “Frozen” hit the scene, people of every age are crazy for all things sparkly and snowy. Well, that’s why these cupcakes will be a great addition to any cake maker’s repertoire. They’re perfect for Winter get together, Christmas parties and, of course, for every Frozen themed party from now on. These sparkly little gems are very easy to make and a fondant snowflake punch cutter takes all the pressure off of making these detailed decorations. Use store bought cupcakes and icing to ease the stress around the holidays or top your favorite cupcake recipe for a more homemade affair.


Cupcakes Baked in Foil Liners with Vanilla Icing

White Fondant

Snowflake Plunger Cutter

Piping Gel

Blue Disco Dust

Rock Sugar Crystals or Course Sugar Crystals


On a surface covered lightly with powdered sugar, roll out your fondant about 1/8″ thick. Press the cutter into the fondant to cut out the snowflake and then gently press the plunger down to make a stamped impression.


Then, lift the plunger and push out the snowflake gently into your hand.


Let the snowflakes dry on a parchment covered tray until they are dry enough to stand up on a cupcake; one or two days


Once the snowflakes are dry, squeeze piping gel where you would like the glitter to adhere and shake disco dust over the surface of the snowflake.



Lift up the snowflakes and shake off any excess disco dust onto the parchment paper and then fold the paper in half and funnel the disco dust back into the jar to save the excess.



Place the snowflakes in the iced cupcakes and then sprinkle additional rock candy sugar around them to add extra sparkle and texture.


SnowCupcakes copy


happy caking!