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To keep track with new cake book releases in 2009. You can now find a “new releases 2009” section in both my book stores.

US Book Store
UK Book Store

If you know of other new cake books that are missing, then please write a comment and I will add the titles to the new section. Thank you!

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  1. nutmeg: I have been in contact with the publisher but she did not know when it would be out in America. I tried to send a email to her for updates but she was away on holiday. When ever I know more I will leave a note.

  2. Has anyone heard about the American release date of Peggy’s new book? It was supposed to be July 17, 2009 but Amazon says it’s still out of print with limited availability.

  3. i have peggy’s two other books: pretty party cakes and romantic cakes– the photography is sooo nice and the designs are really inspiring! totally worth buying i think!! πŸ™‚

  4. Ok! I have contacted the publisher of Cake chic and the release date should be in July. Like anonymous wrote.

    For the two books by Mich Turner (thank you for the notice that it is infact the same two books) My thoughts is that maybe it is two “different” covers for the Uk and the US ?? That often happen like with Romantic Cakes by Peggy Porschen as it has another cover than the UK one.

    Pamela Kear: How lucky you were to meet Peggy Porschen. I still hope that I will be able to attend one of her master classes in London.

  5. Louise, I was lucky enough to meet Peggy Porschen a few weeks ago when she was visiting New Zealand. We had a nice chat and Peggy mentioned her new book. Both U.K. and U.S. Amazon sites show it as not yet available, and I seem to recall she said was due to be released mid-year, i.e. not for a few months yet.
    Best wishes.

  6. ButterYum: I am aware of that and I have asked Peggy Porschens PA when it will be released in the states. I will write a comment when I hear more.

    Limpy: Thank you, I have updatet the missing book titles πŸ™‚

  7. Two books that are not listed, but are not new are:
    Buttercream flavours & arrangements by Roland A winbeckler
    Wedding Cakes by Mich Turner
    If anyone has these books & could write a review for the U.S. bookstore, it would be greatly appreciated.
    Oh! Almost fogot. My favourite book is “Wedding cakes you can make” by Dede Wilson. Love it,love it,love it.
    Thanks for one of the best websites. Your site has taught me so much.


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