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Cupcake cake It is with great excitement that I can share with you that I will be teaching a 2 day class in June at Fair Cake in London. I will be teaching my signature 3 tier Celebration cupcake cake. A cake that have been favoured by many through out the cake community since I made it back in 2008.

Cupcake cake detail I will be teaching you how to make this sweet cake and learn you how to make all the decorations, covering and stacking the tiers and last but not least show you how to make the cupcake with the cherry on top.

Cupcake cake top For complete information about my cake class, please visit Fair Cake – Celebration cupcake class.

Hope to see you in June πŸ™‚

Happy Caking!



  1. Hi Louise! Firstly, I love CakeJournal- it was the very first blog I ever read and was what inspired me to get into baking a couple of years ago! I was wondering what standard you have to be for this class? I have tried to bake as much as I can over the last couple of years. Over this time, I have have become very good at icing cookies with royal icing and adding design to them (thanks to your inspiration and guidance). It terms of cakes- I use buttercream and have become good at smoothing and levelling (although still room to improve) however really would like to learn to cover cakes with fondant. I also make simple flowers etc. Knowing this, Do you think this class would be suitable? Many Thanks X

  2. Hi Louise
    I am doing the 5 day masterclass πŸ™‚ The workshop does indeed look fantastic on the website. I cannot wait, I am so excited, but I think my legs will be trashed as I will have run the London Marathon on the previous Sunday. More cake for me… yay!! :))

  3. I live in NZ but will be in London (am doing a Fair Cake course whilst I am there) but sorry will miss you as I come home before your course.. Hope it goes really well, would have loved to have met you.

    • Ohh what a shame Joanne. What course will you be taking? You will have a great time. All the girls at Fair Cake are the sweetest and the Vanilla Workshop is such a nice place.

  4. Wish I was taking your class. Your cake design is beautiful. My friends would love to receive the cake for their next special occasion too.


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