Cupcake Flower Pot
With Mothers day approaching I thought I would show you how to make a flower pot cupcake.

This is what I used:

Silicone flower pot cases (these ones were purchased in Lakeland)


Glass of water

Paint brush

Rolling pin

Some coloured fondant, I have used, red, yellow and lilac

Green food colouring gel and a toothpick for adding colour

Medium rose petal cutter

Medium and small blossom flower cutter

Bow (optional)

Edible rice paper butterfly (optional)

Step 1:
Using your cupcake recipe, make up the batter and fill the pots half to three-quarters full and bake in the oven. Remove and leave to cool

Step 2:

Colour the buttercream green, by dipping a cocktail stick in the food gel colour and adding to the buttercream and mix well.

Step 3:
Using a spatula, thickly cover the top with green buttercream. (You could pipe a swirl if you prefer). Once finished it should look like this:

Step 4:
Roll out some red fondant and cut out rose flower petals with the rose cutter. Make a cone shape for the centre of the rose, (this should be approximately half the size of the cut out rose).

Step 5:
Add a little water to the centre of your rose cut out with your paint brush and stick the cone in the middle.

Step 6:
Then add a little water to one of the petals and carefully, (so as not to tear it) lift it up and drape it around the cone and pinch gently to secure. Next add a little water to one of the petals opposite as seen below and again lift it up and drape it around the cone and pinch gently so that only the tip of the cone can be seen.

Step 7:
Lastly, add a little water to the left side of one of the three remaining petals and glue just the side to the bud, but keeping half unattached. Glue the left side (only) on the next petal (making sure to work on the petal to the right of the one just stuck) arranging them so they overlap one another but stay open, and then the same on the third and final petal.

Step 8:
Make 5 red and 4 yellow roses (or choose colours of your own).

Step 9:
Arrange the roses into the pots by adding one red rose in the middle and then alternating colours around the edge, pushing them gently into the buttercream.

Step 10:
Roll out some lilac fondant and using some small blossom cutters, cut out some blossoms.

Step 11:
Attach blossoms to the pot, filling the gaps around and between the roses and the pots.

Step 12:
Lastly roll out some green fondant and cut out some leaf shapes. Attach them to the tops of your pots between the roses, pushing them gently into the buttercream to hide the gaps.

Step 13
Finally I added little bows and a rice paper butterfly topper to my pots with a dab of royal icing.

Happy Caking!