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cookie fingers
The last day of October is slowly running out together with ghosts and ghouls. So CakeJournals October Halloween favourites is comming your way. No doubt treats for Halloween have been in focus on CakeJournal this month. Just like the Dead finger cookie tutorial. I think that a lot of you will be enjoying these creepy cookies tonight?

Halloween cookies I have bought a new set of Halloween cookie cutters I only used two of them this time. The bat cutter may be used for a birthday party next year. That is, if my son still wants to throw a LEGO Batman party when we getting closer to April. Today we enjoyed the left overs from our Halloween party: Bloody eyes, bats, coffins and the last of the dead finger cookies.
Assorted Halloween cookies
When October is over, I cannot wait until I start the preperations for Christmas treats. I have been looking at some decoration books, that I would like to have at home. First one are Julia M. Ushers Ultimate Cookies. Bookstore UK and Bookstore US which have really caught my eyes.
Cookie book
And the Bake Me I’m Yours, Christmas. Bookstore UK and Bookstore US.
Christmas baking book
Simply because I really love their collection of sweet cake decoration books and to see if I can find something sweet to make for our Christmas market in December

I wish you all a Happy Halloween!

Happy Caking!


  1. I really like the spooky fingers!  My friend actually did something similar to this but poked them in the center of some pumpkin cupcakes.  They were definitely some of the best
    cupcakes ever.  I recommend this.  

  2. Thanks so much for the kind remarks about my book. I hope you and your readers enjoy it! Happy Halloween!
    Julia M. Usher
    Ultimate Cookies

  3. I wanted to thank you so much for posting the Dead Finger Cookie Tutorial I came across yesterday! I will be able to use it year round for anything that needs that “aged” look! It is Marvelous!!


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