Christmas market

Here are some photos from our Christmas market last weekend. We used the old garage (charming – but would have looked great in one of these log cabins, too!) and it looked really pretty with all the snow. I made two small gingerbread houses and some gingerbread cookie hearts.

There were lots of home made goodies, like jams, Danish traditional Christmas cookies and lots of soft knitted socks and much more. All this made by my mother in law and some of her knitting friends. One of them was the one who got the knitting basket cake that I made three years agoe.

We also had a small cafe where we sold Danish Aepleskiver with powdered sugar and strawberry jam.

Happy Caking!



  1. The Gingerbread house looks awesome!!! Your tutorials are great and am really happy I stumbled across you blog……….but please when will you be putting up the Gingerbread house tutorial………….cant wait!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Please have a wonderful christmas and a happy new year.It is so nice to share happy times with you.We dont have white christmas here in Australia and its certainly hot when a lot of families have a traditional english christmas dinner.Looking forward to new year sharing from your website.
    Bye for now sandra

  3. It all looks so cozy and full of holiday spirit. I would love to sit there, have a cup of tea and treat myself to some of the sweets. Thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  4. You did a wonderfiul job on the setup! The room looks beautiful, so Christmasy and warm and cosy.
    I hope the market was a success 🙂


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