How to make a corn starch dusting bag


corn starch dusting bag

In this tutorial I will show you how to make a corn starch dusting bag.

This is what you need to create it:
1. A foam washcloth
2. A rubberband
3. Corn starch

1. Put a pile of corn starch on the washcloth.

corn starch

2. Take the four corners and put them together. Then tighten them together with the rubberband.

3. Now you have a handy dusting bag which is useful when you roll out your sugar paste (fondant icing).

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  1. Hi there,

    I was just wondering which is the best to use when rolling out sugar paste?

    I thought you had to use icing sugar?

    Sorry, I am new to cake decorating, LOL. I just wonder which is the best to use ie: icing sugar, or corn starch?


  2. We use new white or ecru Knee Hi nylons. Just add the cornstarch or half cornstarch, half powdered sugar mixture and tie a knot in it and you are ready to go.


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