Easter egg cake pops coated with chocolate and sugar sprinkles

Which holiday is your favourite? Mine is definitely Easter. For that reason I have decided to start out early with the Easter treats this year. I think I like Easter so much because it’s in the spring where the days gets longer, the weather gets warmer and everything starts to bloom.

With Easter and spring on my mind, I got the idea of making some Easter egg shaped cake pops, coated with chocolate and decorated with sugar sprinkles. All in nice light colors to get the feeling of springtime. The cake pops are made from the same “dough” as I use for my cake bites. For coating, I used Merckens candy melts, but you could use any type of chocolate, made for coating.

Using chocolate for cake decorating, is not something I do very often. Adding to this, the candy melts is a bit more tricky to melt than regular chocolate. This made it quite a challenge to get the covering of the cake pops just right. After some hair pulling and swearing, I finally got the hang of it. Here is a few of the things that worked well for me.

After making the cake pops and putting them on the sticks, you put them in the refrigerator for about half an hour, so that they could get chilled before coating them. Doing this makes the chocolate harden faster when it is applied to the cake and makes it less likely to run. While the cake pops are in the fridge you can start to get the chocolate melted.

Put the candy melts in a large bowl, so that they can be spread out as much as possible, and heat them in the microwave oven for 30 seconds on approx. 500W. Then take the bowl out and give the candy melts a good stirring. Keep repeating this until all the candy melts are melted and the mass has temperature of approx. 45 C (133 F). Let it cool off a bit so it’s around 40 C (104 F) when you start to coat the cake pops.

Sugar sprinkles in nice light spring colors

I coated the cake pops twice to get a solid white color. If you do 6-8 cake pops at the time, the rotation fits so that you can start coating the second time, right after you are done with the first round. If you wish to use sprinkles like I did, you should not wait more than 1-1,5 minute after coating the second time, before applying them. Otherwise parts of the chocolate will already be hard and the sprinkles will not be able to stick.

I think the chocolate coating gives the Easter egg cake pops a real sense of an egg shell and it tastes great too. I am sure that I will be using chocolate for coating more often in the future, than I have done before. Who knows, I might even make a tutorial on how to coat a cake pop with chocolate.

Happy Caking!