I love sugar sprinkles, especially when you can “make” them in the exact color you want. So I wanted to share this great tip that I found on Martha Stewart.com.

Colored sugar sprinkles

How to Make Colored Sugar Sprinkles in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Take any kind of white sprinkles (it works with white sugar too) and place them in a zipper bag.
  2. Add very small amounts of food powder dust (luster dust is very pretty to use) and close the bag.
  3. Shake the bag well to evenly blend in the food powder and you’re done.
  4. Always start out with a little food powder as it can very easily get too dark.
  5. So easy and simple to make the most fantastic shades of sugar sprinkles.

Use the sugar sprinkles on your cupcakes, cookies, or ice cream to make an easy and colorful decoration.

Tip: you can put the sprinkles in a sweet little jar and tie a bow around and you will have the perfect little gift for a passionate home baker.

Happy Caking!