Colored sugar sprinkles

Colored sugar sprinkles

I love sugar sprinkles, especially when you can “make” them in the exact color you want. So I wanted to share this great tip that I found on Martha Take any kind of white sprinkles (it works with white sugar too) and place it in a zipper bag. Ad very small amounts of food powder dusts (lustre dusts is very pretty to use) and close the bag. Shake the bag well to evenly blend in the food powder and your done. Always start out with a little food powder as it can very easy get too dark. So easy and simple to make the most fantastic shades of sugar sprinkles.

Use the sugar sprinkles on your cupcakes, cookies or ice cream to make an easy and colorful decoration.

Tip: you can put the sprinkles in a sweet little jar and tie a bow around and you will have the perfect little gift for a passionate home baker.

Happy Caking!



  1. What a great idea!!! To use white sprinkles…..duh!!! hahaaha! all this time i was making royal icing and making long strips and chopping!! Perfect!! Thanks for sharing!!! Love the idea has a gift!!!

  2. This is an awesome sight. I just started cake decorating for family and friends. I came across your site and wow. I took courses but these tutorials are great . Thanks Louise

  3. When I color my own sugar it bleeds on the frosting when left for a while, where as store bought colored sugars do not; Do you know why this is?

    • I recently attended a wedding expo. I saw a cake that was done in pink sugar that sparkled. Does anyone know how to get the colored sugar on the sides without a big mess?

      • My guess is that they have placed each tier on a turning table that can be tilted. This make it more easier to add/pipe details to the side of the cake. I would use a thin coat of piping gel that is almost dry (tacky) to the surface, so that the sugar wont dissolve.

    • It’s just a guess, but when you use colour dust on gumpaste, you steam it to set the colour and prevent bleeding. I imagine that because the sugar hasn’t been set, the dust is bleeding. Store bought sprinkles are typically made of coloured sugars, so the colour is all throughout and part of the pieces, not just a dusting on the outside. That would minimize bleeding.

  4. Yea…good Idea to use Colored sugar sprinkles. My aunt use it most of the time. With Colored sugar sprinkles cake looks very nice.

  5. Hi Louise
    Where do you buy the sparkles from. Have looked everywhere for the small round ones in your picture. wihtout luck.
    Thanks for a great and inspiring blog.
    KR Helle

  6. You can also make colored sugar in the same way. Just regular granulated white sugar, and 1 drop of liquid food coloring. Put them both in a glass or plastic container with lid. Put the lid on and shake until you get the color you want. For darker colors, just add one drop at a time. I thought it would just clump and melt the sugar, but it works great. I use it all the time on top of cupcakes and King Cakes for Mardi Gras. It also works great with the large grain sugar, like the wilton sparkling sprinkling sugar. You can also use gel coloring,you just have to mix it with a fork or spoon to get the gel to mix well.

  7. marina: I am sorry but I dont think that I have ever seen a recipe on how to make sugar sprinkles (non-parelis) from scratch.

  8. hi i just found your page and really like it but i will like to know how to make the sprinkles of your picture from scratch not buying the white ones and colored them it would be nice if you have the answer

  9. Hmm strange, because I dont have any problems seeing it?.
    But if you go to and search for: colored sprinkles you should find it:)


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