lemon merringue cupcakes

It is not that often that I find cupcake books here in copenhagen and especially not ones who have been translated into danish. So it was a surprise to find one yesterday when I was out shopping. The book I found was “Cupcakes” by Susannah Blake a sweet little book with simple delicious cupcake recipes in it.

I only had my eyes for the lemon meringue cupcakes and OMG how good they were. With a lemon curd filling and a sweet meringue swirl on top. This is one of the best lemon cupcakes I have ever tasted!

I did these together with one of my good friends and let me just say it was really hard NOT to eat more than one of these delicious treats. The small swirl of sweet meringue did not over power the moist lemon cupcake. So the flavour combination was just perfect…. well a bit more lemon zest would not spoil them but thats it!

lemon merringue cupcake

Happy Caking!