Mermaid cake

Mermaid cake

Today I have made this mermaid cake. The cakes is covered in sugar paste. I have sponge painted the “rock” with gel colors and clear alcohol. The mermaids tail is modelled in sugar paste with CMC/Tylo powder and the body is modelled in marcipan mixed with a little sugar paste and some CMC/Tylo powder to keep it stabel.

I have used a Sugarcraft gun to make the mermaids hair. It is a brilliant tool that have 16 different pattern discs which makes you able to create fx. hair and strings.
To complete the cake have I used a silicone bead maker to make the pearlboarder. I gave the pearls some luster dust as a finishing touch.

Happy Caking!



    • I used a sugar craft gun, alternative you could use a garlic presser?

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  1. Elma: No, you cant taste the alcohol afterwards. Thats why you use clear “tasteles” alcohol to paint with. Many in the cake decorating world use it. I mostly use regular vodka when I need to paint on my cakes.

    Remember that we are talking about only a few drops of vodka when mixing together colors and dusts 😉

  2. hi just a follow up, do you mean that i use vodka in painting cakes? what do you use as clear alcohol on your cakes? won’t it taste on the cake? sory i just need to ask.

  3. elma: Clear alcohol= vodka is used when painting on cakes ect. by mixing colors and powders with alcohol will the alcohol evaporate quickly so that the fondant dont get wet and soggy like if it was water you painted with.

  4. what do you mean by clear alcohol? can you explain more about it…i’ve been reading blogs stating they use clear alcohol on their cake figurines… and if not too much what’s a marzipan? sorry, i’m just a newbiee…btw, i love your site…very educational…hope more tutorials in the future!

  5. Caroline: Yes I used a pinkish lustre dust for the tail. For the rock I covered the “stone = cake” with light brown fondant and then I mixed some soft gel colours on a plate with drops of clear alcohol. I then used a sponge to apply the colours with.

  6. Hi,

    Did you Lustre dust the tail?

    Also what colours did you use for the rock? Did you layer the colour and then let it dry?



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