Mermaid Cupcake TopperHi everyone!

For my first ever Cake Journal post, I thought of showing you how to make a mermaid cupcake topper. You see, it’s almost summer here in the Philippines so what better way to welcome the season than making some mermaid toppers (well… aside from going to the beach, that is).

Here’s the tutorial, hope you would find it helpful, everyone!

This is what I use:
Fondant/Marshmallow Fondant (an alternative is to use gum paste) in flesh-tone, brown, yellow, pink, teal and turqouise
Ball tools (in two smallest sizes)
Half moon tool
Shell modelling tool
Fondant round cutter (about an inch in diameter)
Pearl dragees
Small heart cutter or plunger
Small round piping tip (#7)
Rolling pin
Brown gel paste
Small white sprinkles
Luster dust in emerald (optional)
Tylo glue (here’s how to make it)
Fondant smoother
Cocktail sticks
Brushes (one fine for the face details and one for attaching fondant together)
02 Step 1:
Shape teal fondant into a cone. Set it down and press it flat using a fondant smoother. With the knife, make two indents and bend the narrow end towards the right. This will be the mermaid’s tail.
3 Step 2:
Make five indents near the waist part to make bend it easily then make the mermaid’s tail sit up. Roll the ball tool on top to create a dent. Press half moons on the mermaid’s tail using the #7 round piping tip to create the fins. Roll flesh-tone fondant into a cylinder (think big marshmallows). Attach it on top of the tail.
4 Step 3:
Roll some pink fondant and attach it onto the waist of the mermaid. Cut out two small hearts and press the knife gently through it to resemble sea shells. Set aside the two small hearts aside.
5 Step 4:
To create the hands and shoulders, shape the flesh-tone fondant into a long sausage. Press one end (leaving just a small part) back and forth to create a dent all around. Flatten the rounded end part and cut a “v” at one side. Rub the “hands” to soften cut edges. Press knife into the the fondant to create the fingers. Do the same to the other hand. Attach it to the top of the pink fondant then glue the two hearts to make the mermaid’s top.
6 Step 5:
To create the fins, cut a circle from the teal fondant and divide it into two. Pinch one end of a half circle together then press the knife gently through it to resemble fins. Do the same for the other half circle.
8 Step 6:
Add a pearl dragee on the center of the mermaid’s top and attach the fins to the end of the mermaid’s tail.
9 Step 7:
Roll the teal fondant into a long rope and attach it to where the mermaid’s tail meets the waist. Press the shell modelling tool into the rope to create a design.
10 Step 8:
To make face, roll the flesh-tone fondant into an oval. For the nose, roll a small amount of flesh-tone fondant in a ball and paste it into the center of the oval. Make the mermaid smile using the half moon tool. Create eye sockets using a small ball tool and add the eyes using the brown fondant. To add details, paste a white sprinkle to each eye then add eye brows and eye lashes using a fine brush and brown food color. This is a simple fondant face we made. If you want to make an intermediate version of a fondant face, here’s how.
7 Step 9:
Using a cocktail stick attach the face to the mermaid’s body.
11 Step 10:
To make the hair, roll some yellow fondant (or any hair color you want) into a circle and attach it to the mermaid’s head.
12 Step 11:
Add some bangs and run the knife through the hair to add some details. Brush the tail with some emerald luster dust to give it a little sparkle.
13This cute mermaid topper can also be used as a cake topper for an Under the Sea themed party.

Hope you like my first tutorial here on Cake Journal! More to come!

Happy Caking!