My inspiration for Scandinavian Cake Show 08

As promised here are a few photos of what I have used for inspiration for the Novelty Cake competition. I struggled last night with the fondant as it was not co-operating at all. I usually dont have problems with Bakels (Pettinice) but this time I had. Luckily I had some Renshaw Regalice that I decided to give it a last try as it was getting late. It worked perfectly:-)

So Today I only need to assemble the cakes, add the final decorations and make a box for the cake to be transported in and last but not least the most important of all to make a first aid cake kit in case something should happen which of course there wont (knock knock) 😉 I am quite pleased with the design of the cake, not something fancy and complicated but just fun and typical me:-) Are you curious now???

I will make sure to take some photos from the show!

Happy Caking