It have been a busy week on CakeJournal with many new visitors to the site. You might noticed that the site have been very slow in the start of the week and at some points almost impossible to upload. I myself got a little shocked as well, especially when I found the reason to all this major traffic.

Cakejournal have been featured on Cake Wrecks If you dont know Cake Wrecks then I can tell that it is a site dedicated to…. cake wrecks! It is though a very fun and comical site and you will guaranteed NOT leave the site without a good laugh. But I would be very sorry if one of my cakes ended on that site or should I???

Because when I then entered Cake Wrecks I found the sweetest post about my cakes. So there was nothing for me to worry about except for all the trafic 🙂 So thank you Cake Wrecks for the very very sweet post.

On the baking side I have finally thrown myself into the arms of Italian Meringue Butter Cream or IMBC in short. Now I only wonder why I have not done it sooner because it is the most delicious butter cream. Sliky, smooth and feather light. I can get a little confused though, because there are Swiss meringue bc and Italian meringue bc. Are they the same thing? Or is it just the slightly different way they are made that gives them different names? No matter what, I will be making IMBC whenever my cupcakes or cakes calls for the best tasting frosting ever.

I made some with only vanilla flavour and the rest with raspberry pure. The best one was the raspberry it tasted almost like mousse filling but still with a nice butter taste. So good together with chocolate cupcakes yum! I will try and take some photos next time I make IMBC.

Happy Caking