Pink purse cake

This beautiful cake is made by one of my flickr friends Amanda from Littel Rock, AR, USA. Amanda has told me that the purse cake was based on a cake from one of cake designer Colette Peters books: Colette’s birthday cakes. As I have a thing with pink and brown put together on cakes this is one of my many favourite cakes made by Amanda and she completes this two tired cake with this nice little pink purse. To see the rest of Amandas cake creations then please visit Amandas cake gallery on flickr.

Colette’s birthday cakes UK
Colette’s birthday cakes US

Happy Caking



  1. You are so lucky. I wish one day that I could attend one of her classes. I only have two of her books at the moment. I hope that the “Colettes Christmas” would be printed again. It is so expensive and rare to buy on ebay:(

    Amanda who is the creator of this cake make many beautiful cakes like this one.

  2. This is a fabulous cake.I had an opportunity to participate in a workshop instructed by Colette Peters. She is a phenomenal talent. Thanks for sharing!


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