The purse cake


Purse cake with gum paste brooch
This is my finished purse cake and I am really satisfied with the final result. The gum paste brooch looks really gorgeous on the purse cake. It’s amazing how a simple round cake can be turned into something very chic!

I have been taking photos of the process, so now I only need to edit the photos and write a tutorial. I hope that you like my purse cake too?

Happy Caking!



  1. Hello Louise,
     Your work is amazing…its true inspiration. Please can we have some tutorial on “how to photoshoot our cake work” too, please.


    • I will see what I can do 🙂

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  2. Thank you for the Purse Cake.  We have a Guest House and also do functions for Weddings Conferences Childrens birthday parties. We are always lookin gor new ideas for Cakes and cake decorating.

  3. Great job and I love coming to your website. Now I need to know how do you get such great photos? clean, clear, and very awesome.

    • I use Photo Shop and play around with my camera. The best days for taking photos are on cloudy days. Direct sunlight can be too much sometimes and you would need to soften the light with white fabric.

  4. This is fantastic! I am wanting to make a make up bag for my sisters birthday cake. So I am looking forward to your tutorial which I can adapt!! Thank you for sharing 🙂 x

  5.  WOW, you did a fantastic job.  Now I need to try this one, can’t wait for the tutorial.  Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous!  Thanks for doing the tutorial.  I follow directions fairly well, but I definitely need direction!  🙂

  7. I absolutely love it.  It is so clean and precise.  Your work is always so  beautiful.  I can’t wait for the tutorial.  Actually with all your gorgeous tutorials, you need to write a book!

  8. I love the colors, and the brooch really sets it off!  I’ve made a purse cake before, but I’m looking forward to your tutorial. 

  9. Hi Louise, thank you ,I think your purse cake is great and now have an idea for my grandaughters cake . Thanyou for sharing with us

  10. Oohh!!  I really like this…came out stunning!!
    And the color that you used is simply amazing…
    Will have to try something like this soon!

  11. Lovely! Can wait for the tutorial!
    BTW, there’s another tutorial i’m dying for you to do… the Peony tutorial! Please Please Please 🙂

  12. This cake is super awesome! I love it. A tutorial sounds great as well. Thanks for all you do on this blog. You are a great inspiration!


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