Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes

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Once again I have been amazed by the skills of Jessica Harris in her most recent class, Clean & Simple Birthday Cakes. I have to tell you – this class might be the most detail-oriented class I’ve taken with Craftsy so far!

First up, let me give you the Craftsy description of the class…

Join cake designer Jessica Harris to learn inventive, transferable techniques as you make three imaginative birthday cakes. Discover how Jessica uses rice cereal treats to easily sculpt impressive cake structures. Create the Big Top Circus Cake, complete with stripes, curtains, train cars carrying adorable animals, flagpoles and bunting. Take a spin through Jessica’s Carousel Cake: add a border with the waxed-paper transfer method, and bring the carousel to life with cute horses. Construct the Hot Air Balloon cake featuring a beautiful ombré wave pattern and finishing details like sailboats, clouds and airplanes. Plus, find out how to use cutters, molds and approachable hand-painting techniques to create fabulous custom lettering. Decorate birthday cakes that are the talk of the party — and among the parents!

In the first lesson of this class, Jessica covers several different basic skills that every decorator can benefit from. She showed us how to cover a cake board, several options for lettering on cakes (a few that had never occurred to me) and some great tips for working with edible images!

Rice Cereal Treats

Lesson 2 was all about rice cereal treats. At least one element on all three of the cakes featured in this class was made with rice cereal treats covered in ganache and then decorated.

Jessica shows you several simple ways to smooth the cereal and get flawless results when working with cereal. The ability to successfully use rice cereal treats will really give you so many more options when doing cake!

Big Top Circus Cake

Lessons 3 and 4 are all about the Big Top Circus Cake. There are too many wonderful points to discuss, but if you’re going to be making a cake like this, I cannot stress enough how helpful this class would be. Jessica covers so many details and gives so many tips – the class is worth every penny you pay for it! get this class now!

Carousel Cake

Next up in the class are two lessons about finishing the Carousel Cake. When I first glanced at this cake, I honestly thought to myself that I would never attempt such a cake.

But having watched these classes, I think anyone with more than a beginner’s skill level could accomplish this cake. It is details and it would take patience, but I’m a lot more confident I could pull it off having watched this class!

Hot Air Balloon Cake

And last but not least, there are lessons to give you all the knowledge you’ll need to do this amazing hot air balloon cake. I would never have figured out how to do a 3-dimensional hot air balloon cake topper without this class.

In addition to all of the amazing instructions for this cake, Jessica also provides templates for every element on the cake along with a separate lesson that teaches you how to customize and scale the templates to fit your specific cake sizes.

Honestly, the only thing I can say to summarize is that this class will take your cake decorating skills to a new level. There are so many things to learn that you can not only apply to doing these specific cakes, but cakes of all varieties!

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Does this sound like a class you would like to take? If so, I’d encourage you to go sign up now! If you’re not sure, why not just sign up with Craftsy (it’s free!) and try one of the free mini courses first? You have nothing to lose!

Happy Caking!