#FondantFriday – Autumn Romantic Wedding Cake

romantic wedding cake
Since we are in the fall season. We decided to showcase an elegant and romantic wedding cake that can also be used for a girl’s birthday party.

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Cake Artist: Xuân-Minh
Website: http://minhcakes.ch/
Featured Cake: Autumn Romantic Wedding Cake
About the Cake: This display cake this October, in honor of all the women and girls battling cancer, and in remembrance of my mother. It’s suitable for a very romantic wedding, but could also be the centerpiece of a girl party, complete with favors, cake pops, macarons and pink champagne!


  1. I’m about to start a cake business. So, only once I am able to perfect this one, would I consider myself complete as a baker. Cute, intelligent and oh-so-lovely. THAT is going on my target board on the wall. : )

  2. Hi everyone, just realized that my cake was shared on here, thank you so much for the lovely comments! <3

    Not quite sure why it was called "Autumn cake" on here. The original name of the cake is "Pink ribbon rose cake". I made it in October, in honor of breast cancer month.

    Cheers and love, Minh

  3. This is an absolutely beautiful cake but how anyone gets “autumn” out of this cake I can’t figure out. It’s extremely romantic and can be a cake for many romantic ocassions and also extremely feminine which has many uses. However, if I had to choose an autumn cake for any event, including a wedding, this isn’t anywhere close to what I would choose.


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