CakeJournals birthday party


Ok, so I am a bit late but my Cath Kidston cake took all my attention. So to keep this short, another year have passed and its getting better and better I think. Beside having my first ebook out and thanks again for the support. I want to share that I am planing on making more great free tutorials, but there will also be exclusive single tutorials available overtime in the shop and who knows maybe another ebook?

I had my mind on baking some birthday cupcakes for the day but time ran out, therefor this old photo 😉


So lets get to the fun part 🙂 I am having a little give away and one of you could be the lucky winner of these gorgeous cupcake paper cases, some pink food color and a little sweet felt birthday cake magnet. All you have to do is leave a comment, telling me what you would like to see more of in the tutorial section.

The winner will be chosen Thursday night and the winner will be announced in this post.

Remember when you write a comment also to make sure that there is a way for me to contact you (email or blog link)

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Thursday, April 30th at 9.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp)

Congratulations to the winner Rossana.


Good luck!

Happy Caking



  1. I’d like to see more tutorials on making and cutting rolled fondant using templates. How exactly you cut and what to use as a template. Or a selection on most popular figure mouding with sugar/gum paste. Any tutorials on basic essentials needed and what the most favourite and essential tools and what you can do with them.

    Happy birthday too!

  2. Hi Louise! This is a touch question. You have taught us so much already … h-m-m, but I have never had much luck sculpting cake. Would you have any pointers? You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for all that you do. Actually, yes, there is one thing that I would like to see, but it may seem like a strange request. There are more and more of us who find themselves celebrating their 5th year of cancer “Survivorship”. But rather than using the typical pink ribbons … do you have any suggestions or ideas for both the flavors as well as the designs? Thank you so much. ~~Cindy

  3. My daughter and her best friend will be 16 next summer. We are planning a sweet 16 formal dinner and teen dance. Teen enjoy cupcakes rather than slices of cake. The theme is Hollywood.I need ideas for the dinner cake and for the tiers of cupcakes

  4. Happy Birthday! First of all, I LOVE your site – thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! Secondly, I would love a tutorial on how to cover cupcakes with fondant (obviously not poured as we’ve got that info thanks to you!). I would also love a tutorial on how to apply luster dust. Thanks again for all your help!!

  5. each time i use internet i have to take a look for what is new in your website , i love your tutorials and tips, i wish for you all the best , keep going and happy Birthday . can you tell me from where i can get theis gorgeous cupcake paper cases that you choose as a gift 🙂

  6. I love getting updates from your blog. All your tutorials have been so helpful. I would like to see more video tutorials =) and any extra tips you can suggest when working with fondant would be great too. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work!

  7. decadent cookie: First have you read the tutorials on poured fondant cupcakes? Lots of good tips there as well. But its all about the right consistency on the poured fondant. I dip them twice.

  8. Can’t wait to receive my give away =) thanks so much for sending it. It just gives me another excuse to bake more cookies and pink cakes 😉

  9. I would love to see more designs and how you come up with them. For instance a 3 layer cake with different designs or colours on each layer. I love how you come up with some of the colour combinations that you have, fantastic!!

  10. Happy Birthday Cake Journal! Wonderful blog, wonderful designs and ideas, love the tutorials. You are so creative Louise! Best of luck to you always.

  11. Great giveaway!
    I’d love to see some more tutorials on how to pipe effects/flowers/characters with different sizes and shapes of tips.

    Thanks 🙂

  12. I would like to see tutorials with how to cover cakes (that are not with usual shapes) with fondant.. like cakes that are shaped in number or shaped in a character and so on..
    I loved the flowers you’ve done recently on Cath Kidston cake if you could show is how you did it as well that would be great 😉

  13. Happy Birthday! I LOVE your site. It is filled with so much informative information – I am truly greatful to have stumbled onto I wouldn’t change a thing!

  14. I love your Cathy Kidston cake and can’t wait for more tutorials. I’d like tutorials on cupcakes e.g designing them, making little roses like on yours, and also making things out of fondant/sugarpaste like your turtles and the strawberries on your cake. I loved your turtle tutorial so more of that stuff would be great 🙂

  15. *Happy Birthday Cake Journal*

    Tutorials i’d love to see:
    – easy sugarpaste modelling, not using any specialist equipment, just equipment you can find at home eg: toothpicks, end of paint brush etc
    – how to sculpt a cake
    – sugarpaste flowers (or gumpaste, whatever is best for flowers) but again not using any specialist equipment (if that’s possible!)
    – how to fill a cupcake (with filling)
    – how to make a bag cake including sugarpaste makeup

  16. Hi! I love your website and everything that you make, it just looks amazing! I’d love to be able to cover a cake with a marzipan or fondant coating, so that it looks smooth and doesn’t get any wrinkles or cracks.

    Laura Niemi

  17. Congrats again on such a wonderful accomplishments. I would definitely love to see more tutorials on how you get your fondant soooo smooth on your cakes. I was blown away again by your beautiful CK cake as well as your race cake. Oh, could there also be one on how to make those lovely strawberries too. They looked so real, I wanted to put whip cream on them, lol. I just love your work and all the help that you extend to us without fail. THANK YOU SO MUCH. [email protected].

  18. Hi: I would just love to learn everything that you know. Your website is the “bomb”. I am really into gumpaste flowers and would love to see more of your way of making them. This is just about the greatest website out there. BTW “Happy, Happy Birthday.

  19. Re: Your tutorials–I love seasonal even if I just look at the pictures! Your easy directions and pictures make me think that I might even be able to make those beautiful creations. Thanks for all the energy you infuse into your blog.

  20. I love your site! It is so inspiring. Always wanted to know how to make a tiara out of royal icing or fondant for a princess cake.

  21. Happy Birthday CakeJournal!!!!! Louise, there are no words to express the gratitude for shareing all your know hows. I love the site and would like to see more tutorials on how to make the beautifull flowers and bears you mede for the cakes in your fotos.
    thank you

  22. I’d love to see more fondant tutorials! i,ve just started using it so i’m looking for all the help i can get!

    also i’d love to know how you made those cupcakes look so amazing and smooth!

  23. I think a tutorial on different frosting techniques and recipes on cookies, cupcakes, and cakes would be great!! And I’d really like to learn more while I’m baking with the things i’ll hopefully win!!

  24. I would love to see more how to people figurines and flower making. Thanks so much for your amazing website. I look at it everyday for inspiration!

  25. Wow!
    I’m new to your site but already LOVING it!!! I’d love to see more videos on your tutorials as well as how to make fondant flowers, please 🙂
    Your blog is WONDERFUL!

  26. Thank you so much for the awesome tutorials you post up here. They’re very well written & super helpful.
    I might need to make an edible tiara soon to top a cake, any suggestions? Fondant, gumpaste, etc?

  27. Louise,

    I’d love to see a tutorial on different piping methods using various tips. I know that one tip can produce many effects, but let’s just say that I need HELP!

  28. massive happy birthday, your site is an inspiration…..

    i would love a tutorial on covering cakes with buttercream and fondant and maybe a few of your favourite recipes……

  29. Happy birthday from me to. I just love your cakes – they are so adorable.

    You make greate tutorials – and I would just love one for making figurcakes – like your race-track cake. Every step from shaping the cake to covering it with sugarpaste and getting that tight nug look I´m still just dreaming about.

  30. you have the prettiest cakes! I guess I would like to see some more tutorials on how to make figures (people, animals etc) using fondant and/or gumpaste.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and techniques with us! All the best to you!

  31. Louise
    First, I want to thank you for your wonderful cake messages each week. I would love to see more figures done with fondant or gumpaste or marzipan. I simply love your work.

  32. I would like to see more tutorial on sculpting cakes and making figures. Even though I can picture the design or have a sample I just cannot sculpt a cake to make it look right or make figures out of gumpaste without detailed steps. I thank you so much for posting your current tutorial and the eBook was fabulous.

  33. I have hard time creating people, especially faces. I would love to take a class but there is no class near me. If I can get any help with that, that will be great. Luise, I love your tutorials and I learned so much already from visiting your site.

  34. Hi! I would love to see more tips in the tutorial section about decorating with fruit– both candied and fresh. As summer starts, I’m ready to start using lots of seasonal fruit in desserts!

  35. Happy birthday cakejournal !
    I love your cupcakes and cakes. I stumbled upon your blog when i was googling how to do a mouse cake topper. I tried doing it watching the picture but was not as good as you. I would like to have a tutorial for the mouse cake topper and also the cake and mousse filling you use.
    even if i dont get the freebies please provide a tutorial !!

  36. I love love love your site soooOOOOOOO mutch! I would like to see how to make fondant strawberry and the leaves like the ones on your amazing cake. You are such an inspiration too me and I´m learning a lot from you. THANK YOU.

  37. dear louise….i would like to see more detail tutorial on pour icing, yours are really nicely done…your blog is a wonderful gift to us….happy birthday cakejournal

  38. Hi! I love LOVE your tutorial section. I’m so fortunate as to stumbled upon this blog where you freely teaches us readers different gum paste techniques. I would like to learn how to make gum paste flowers, specifically roses and lilies.

  39. hi there! love your blog! i think id like to see a couple of tuts on how to use stencils to decorate cakes like the damask cake on martha stewart a while ago! ooh or maybe some cool game cakes,you know,like mario/zelda etc =)

  40. Hi Louise,
    I’d really appreciate a tutorial on whatever is your absolute favourite thing to make/do. Partly because It’d also be interesting to see what is your ultimate favourite? Making figures? Baking a certain flavoured cake? or piping decorations?
    Thanks for your tutorials I love them!
    Danielle xo

  41. Honestly, your tutorial is the main attraction of your blog, love it as it’s easy to understand, basic but essential to master, come along with detailed steps and pictures, oh, hooked up with your blog the moment I read it til today…

    I wish to see more about the preparation of fondant icing, a good fondant recipe which stands heat and doesn’t get oily and more of cake decoration using fondant and gump paste.

    Thank you and wish your many more birthday to come!

    Hope I’ll be lucky enough to be the winner! ^.^

  42. OMG!! I love this site soo much. I really look forward to getting your e mails.
    I would like to know how you seem to get your cakes the perfect height! Seems a strange question but your cakes always look so well proportioned. The roses on you CK cake are beautiful, I know you said you did them petal by petal. But what size cutter did you use and how do you use the easy rose petal cutter??
    Whimsical cakes and how to cake a cake with ondant icing and not get cracks in the corners of a square cake would also be fab.
    Please Please Please keep up the good work. I would love it if you come to England and maybe run a class here. I would definatly be there.
    Kelly x

  43. Happy Birthday Cake Journal!!!!

    I love all the tutorials you have done, but what I would like to see more of are tutorials to do with CAKE!!!!!

    I love cake! 🙂 So anything to do with it, would be AWESOME!

  44. Hi Louise

    Thanks for all your tutorials,I’ve learnt alot from you. would love to see more tutorial on decorating cookies and fondant figure modelling. your website really inspired me 🙂 ….thanks

  45. I would like to see tutotials on decorating with frosting. The fondant is really pretty, but im not a big fan of the taste. =( im stuck with regular ol’ frosting in this house.

  46. OMGoodness!! You sure have your work cut out for you on this one. We all want to win of course. I think I would like tutorials on decorating ideas where we don’t need a lot of fancy tools. I know I will never come even close to doing the pristine job you do but would love to be able to put out a decorated cake/cupcakes that people would want a picture of. Your attention to detail and color is totally amazing. No, breathtaking is more like it. Thank you for loving what you do and sharing it with us.
    Happy Birthday!!!!
    Shaaron in Mexico

  47. Happy birthday! I would like more recipes of moist and yummy cakes with different flavors. Plus more of your simple decorating tips.

  48. luv your site… i am happy to come across it, luv to see your new post, and i am learning alot from your site so thank u so much for sharing with us!!!!
    keep up the great and awesom work

  49. Hello Louise!
    I would like to know how you get that nice “dome” on your cupcakes. Mine always spread out and overflow the sides instead of rising up. Your cupcakes always look so uniform in size and shape. You are very talented and offer lots of inspiration.

  50. I also love your site and look forward to checking everyday for a new post. I would like to see more flowers and a if you can share how to make a fairy that would be great.

  51. I love all your tutorials, so it’s hard to think of something…
    Hmm.. Maybe some more tutorials on icing? I love trying new icing recipes!

    -Jena <3

  52. I loce your website and all of your photos…..I would love to see stencils i see alot of the black and white cakes and they say they use royal icing but mayve a different way. My daughter is turning 18n and graduating the same day and her surprise party is black and white what she loves like old hollywood…. I need to fio a practice cake and I do cakes as a hobby and love it,,, but I really need to see a hands on approach to make her a beautiful cake….Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. I love your site and get excited when your emails come into my mailbox. I would love to see more suagar paste flowers.

    Please visit our blog and see what me and my friends have been up to… maybe we can link our sites together??

    Bonnie Merchant

  54. Just wanted to tell you i LOVE your site. Whilst i haven’t tried any of your tutorials yet because i’m new to this, it would be great if your tutorials were in PDF format, that way i could print them out & have on the bench to refer to time & time again. Making flowers, buds & birds of any kind would have to be tops. Thank you so much.

  55. Hello, Louise!
    I have just recently found your website and I have to tell you that it has helped me grow as a cake decorator. The way that I look at it is that when you no longer find things that help you learn more(even if it’s just one thing) then there’s something wrong or you have to look for something else of interest because all life is is a whole world of learning and teaching and should go on for a long time because no one knows everything, but everything can be learned by everyone.

  56. oooh yes and i agree with Kim and Tracy – id love to know how to get my buttercream finish smooth and flawless 🙂

  57. Hey Louise – i need need need to see a picture tutorial on how to cover a cake in fondant (including how you prepare it ie. jam or sugar syrup or buttercream underneath) Mine always have little air bubbles that i can feel and sometimes edges are a bit iffy….
    THANK YOU so so so much for being such a kind, giving inspiration to novices like me 🙂


  58. I love your site and all of your creations and I would love to see a video tutorial of any kind especially for Christmas cookies like the Peggy Porchen ones you showed!!

  59. Hi there, can I just say this website has me so inspired! I would personally love to see a tutorial on how to colour and make your ‘buttercream’ type icing and also how you could get different flavours in fondant-without changing the colour! Thanks so so much!

  60. You are an inspiration to me,every time I see your cakes it makes me want to learn more. I just love your cakes and cupcakes,I would love to see more tutorials on marzapan and fondant. And how to make those beautiful fairies and dolls and the roses wow,just gorgeous.

  61. I love this website! Happy Birthday! What I would love to see in the tutorial section is how to dress up box cake mixes. Instead of having what is in the box some ideas on how to add things to them to make them different and even better. Thanks!

  62. Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday to You, Happy Birthday Dear Cake Journal, Happy Birthday to You and Many Many More!

  63. I just wanted to say I love you website and I am very happy that I came across it. I would love to get information on topsy turvy cakes and unique buttercream recipes. Keep up the good job and congrats on your book.

  64. Thank you very much for all of the information you share. You are very inspiring and I always look forward to getting your emails! BTW I loved your Cath Kidston cake! I am a Cath Kidston addict, or so my husband says. I am a self-taught cake maker and like Tracy above I would love to know your secret or any advice you could give to get buttercream frosting perfectly smooth. If you could take any class as a beginner, which would you choose and why? Was thinking beginning flowers however, would love to master the perfectly smooth frosting or fondant first! Thanks again for your generosity and look forward to more emails.
    X Kim J

  65. I love all your tutorials and grateful for any tips and hints on anything! However i’d love to see some simple dog and cat modelling paste figures.
    Many thanks

  66. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your generosity in sharing your knowledge with an amateur cake maker! I, too, would love more tutorials with photos and/or video and although I am sure a little boring for some, going back to basics, explaining the differences between the different type of icings, when to use which, how to colour icing, how to make starbursts, etc, etc.

    But more importantly, how do any of us thank you for kindness and generosity, especially in these difficult times ……..

    God bless you.

  67. I love your website! I’d love to see more on cake-decorating – smoothly icing the cake, piping frosting, creating flowers, etc.

  68. I’m new to your site, and I just LOVE it! I am completely self-taught when it comes to cakes, so I need all the help I can get. 😉 Specifically though, I’d like to know how to perfectly frost a cake with buttercream frosting. Mine always seem impossible to get completely smooth – so any tips are appreciated!! 🙂

  69. Happy birthday!! and many, many more!!! Louise, I would love to see some tutorials on modeling sugarpaste, I would like to make some cute figurines with sugarpaste. Thank you, and I hope I win, I love that cake magnet!!!!!!!

  70. Thanks for all of the tips and advice. Your tutorials are great. I would love to see more recipes for cakes and fillings. I’ve got the icings under my belt, but I want to make a better cake! Thanks!

  71. I would love to get a recipe for those smoothly iced cupcakes that you have for this post….is is a poured fondant? Beautiful work…thanks for sharing all the step by steps!

  72. Hello I love this website it gives me so many ideas but I would love to see more on your website tutorial section about making fondant people. I wanna learn how to make people to sit on top of the cakes. But all in all i LOVE this site!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. I am new to your website, and I am so glad I have found it. I am a self taught cake maker and I am having a blast going back looking at old posts. I would love to see how-to on decorating with out having to buy every little tool or gadget out there. Thanks for the insperation.

  74. Cool Louise. I would love to see more of your wonderful tutorials. First tutorial I would like to see will be the Roses that you posted 2 days back. And also more and more sugar paste flower tutorials :).I am crazy about sugarpaste flowers but don’t know how to make it life like :(.

  75. Hello dear Louise, i am addicted to your pink world…
    every details are awesome in there but if you want to hear some new things, i can say that I would like to see more tutorials on seasonal part, about wedding or babyshower creations:)
    thank you for coloring my life in pink…

  76. Thanks so much Louise for all your great tutorials and for sharing with all of us your secrets on this marvelous world of sweets. I just started to do cookies and cake decorating. I would love to see video tutorials on how to make sugar paste flowers like the beautiful roses you did 😉 , how to to get a very smooth surface when covering with rolled fondant and having buttercream under, how to do a Topsy cake, anything that would continue helping us make outstanding cakes. Thanks again!

  77. Happy Birthday to you…and many more!!! You’ll have to live to be at least 100 to fulfill all these requests.
    I, too, look forward to your emails and open them even before I delete all the “junk”.
    I would love to learn some new ideas and designs for cupcakes and cookies and creative ways to give display them.
    Thank you for sharing your vast talents and knowledge.

  78. Love your website. Happy Blogerversary!

    I would love to see some cake baking tips and tricks – I like to have yummy quality cake under the icing.

  79. Love everything—just started reviewing the site and can’t tell you how much it has helped.
    Would love more info on cookie decorating, making royal and fondant flowers, different buttercreams, fillings, specialty cakes, ——–just about all and everything MORE!!!!!!


  80. Hi,

    I would like to see how to make animals/people with fondant to decorate a cake. I have seen pretty teddy bears, babies etc on cakes.

  81. I, too, love your site. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to try fondant yet, but I want to this summer, after my quilt show is over. Your latest cake is divine. Too good to eat! I am in awe of your talent and generosity.

    Can you tell me what the difference is between American and European fondant? I am told that American fondant doesn’t taste as good. Is that true? I love your tutorials ad a dictionary of terms and recipes that i could click on a link.

    By the way, I thought your marshmallow bunnies were devine.

  82. Hi Louise!!!
    Thank you so much for all your great tips, and info, pictures and most of all inspiration!!! I don’t take nearly enough time to practice or be creative and experiment, but every time I get an email of a new post from you, I just sit and oooh and aahh! 🙂 And from someone who’s not only worked in the pastry industry, but also went through school I REALLY appreciate your willingness to teach, and share… It’s a shame how many talented people and pastry chefs are so stingy and unwilling to give any info..
    As far as tutorials, yours are awesome!!! I agree with those that have suggested more figure models and fondant.. Also I’m curious HOW to get fondant to stay fresh (at least look fresh, not dry and crack) before finishing a cake… I’ve found with past projects the more time consuming they have been the more of a challenge it is to keep the fondant looking nice… (of course I live in the desert so its very very dry here)
    Again, ANY fondant tips are always great!!!
    Thank you again!!!!!!

  83. Happy Birthday, Louise!! I LOVE all your tutorials, and whatever you choose would be helpful I’m sure.
    I love your pictures -the lighting, backdrop patterns, close-ups, etc. It would be more than helpful to me to share how you take such beautiful pictures. Do you take them in front of a window? with a flash? with a macro setting? in a homemade “photo box”? etc. I make some cute sweets, but they never look nearly as good in a picture as in person to show customers -help!
    Thanks in advance,

  84. I love your site! I’d love to see some tutorials on how to get really smooth icing without using fondant, and some more recipes for cakes and especially cake fillings!!! My cakes are so boring! LOL! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  85. I love the tutorials! I would love to see more gumpaste figures. animals and people. Also, Any flowers that are exquisite and are fairly quick to make would be great. Thank you for your great support for sugar artists everywhere! You Rock!

  86. I LOVE your site. I have my own cake blog, but I am still learning my skills! 🙂 Trial and error.
    I would LOVE to win!
    mjf926 at gmail dot com

  87. I would love to a tutorial on how to place stripes on cakes, diamond cut-outs around cakes, etc. I’ve been wanting to try a cake with fondant stripes and diamond cut-outs but I’m afraid to try it. For Example: How do you know how many stripes to put around cake and the width of the stripes?

  88. I love your website! I have learned so much from your tutorials. I would really like to see you show us how to make one of your favorite items that you have ever made. Happy Birthday!

  89. I always get excited when I see an e-mail from you because I know that there is going to be something worth reading about. I would love to see more tutorials about anything gumpaste, but specifically flowers. I am pretty much self-taught in that category and tutorials are a huge help!

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!


  90. happy happy birthday!!
    I love your tutorials and would love to see more figures, either animals or people. I get inspired every time I read your posts! thanks so much.

  91. I’d love to see more of how you mold/shape sugarpaste and fondant into flowers, teddy bears, berries, etc. You do some of the best work I’ve ever seen.

  92. Hello Louise, all the cakes you have made are simply fabulous! For once, I’d like to have a tutorial of a “fast” cake: often I do not have as much time as needed to prepare something looking like your fabolous creations, but I like to prepare something beatiful and “surprising”…
    Surprise us with a great fast cake tutorial! I am a huge fan of yours, I’m sure you’ve gorgeous ideas!!!

  93. Hi Louise, I have to agree with Sara … I open your e-mails way before the rest.
    I would love to know how you cover a square cake with fondant. I always end up doing it side “for” side, it saves fondant, but it’s sooo time consuming and I always want to cover the seams …

  94. Hi Louise, I always find very interesting your tutorials and all the step by step photos show us the details of the artwork you are done. Could you please teach us about modeling comics cartoon cakes and how do you get those amazing and brilliant colors in your fondant, are you using too much color or combine them? I have a little trouble doing this, especially whe Iwant to do a kids cake like Bratz doll for girl or cars for boys. Thanks a lot,
    Hugs from Venezuela,South America

  95. hi! happy happy burfday!!!!
    i am a big fan of your work! and i am glad that aalmost all your posts here have been helpful for me

    i actually think that anything you post in the tutorials are really friendly and so easy to understand. so anything goes for me!

  96. THANK YOU!!! I love your tutorials could you do one on how you do a competition cake from start to finish. Like how long you keep things in the cold room, how long it takes things to dry. Just the logistics of getting the cake there and making it look so perfect. Love Love your work anything you do will be greatly appreciated. As always you Fan.

  97. Happy Birthday Cake Journal! I love this blog!

    I would like to see more tutorials on sugarpaste figurines (like the turtle one). Also a tutorial on the huge roses you just made would be great!

    Thank you for sharing your talent!


  98. I really LOVE your tutorial section! I think I would like to see more basics on cookie decoration….
    Thanks so much for the time you put on this.

  99. Louise, I am always so inspired when I come to your site. You are awesome!! I would like to see tutorials on making fondant or gumpaste figures. I really love trying to do this and would enjoy your thoughts and how you do things. Thanks for letting me be apart of your site.

  100. Oh my! Anything you do is wonderful and informative! Maybe more gumpaste/fondant flowers and objects (like your turtle!). How about one of those topsy-turvy cakes? Or cupcake cake ideas? Anything!!!!

    Thanks for all you do! You have helped tremendously!!!!!

    Mama Owl

  101. I would love to see a tutorial on fondant figures (people). I have done them a bunch of times and still I feel like there has to be a better way!

    Love the site!

  102. Hi Louise, I absolutely love your site and read it over and over, the work is clean, beautiful and your willingness to share is much appreciated. I would love to see more tutorials on gumpaste flowers and gumpaste/fondant figures.

    Best Wishes and Happy Birthday!


  103. I couldn’t seem to find information on how to make gum paste or where to get it to make all your lovely decorations. Despite following your tutorial on MMF, mine never turned out =( Maybe gum paste is easier if you have any tips on how to make or where to get it. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and we don’t have a lot of the stores that you mention. Thanks so much!

  104. First of all, i would like to see more tutorials – because everything you do is awesome! Also, I would love to know what you did to those cupcakes to get the frosting to look like that!

  105. I love your blog and reading pretty much whatever you post!! I too would love to see how you made those giant roses on the CK cake! Also, I would like to know any of your “do it yourself” tips for tools or things you use for your decorating…like making the cupcake tower etc.

    Thanks for what you do and your amazing generousity!

  106. I would like to see more video tutorials, but while you do the video do it a little slower than your other one and tell us what to do. I especially like to see more fondant figures, animals and things like that. I love your site!!!! You are a great inspiration.

  107. I will like more tutorials on advanced techniques in sugarpaste and basic steps in modelling.
    You have done a great job in your tutorials and the links you introduce us to from time to time.The books and your blog itself is an encouragement.
    Thanks for your beautiful effort in giving us quality stuffs. You are really appreciated . Thanks. Be blessed.

  108. Louise, I’d like to see a tutorial on COLOR. That’s right, color!! How do you get these gorgeous pastels you are using in your work? Mine never seem to come out right. How to color fondant, royal icing, etc. What kind of coloring is best, crystal colors, gel, airbrush colors, etc. That sort of thing. How to get a lovely pale blue or pastel pink? So my vote is for a tutorial on COLOR.

  109. Happy Belated birthday CakeJournal! Your cupcakes above are adorable–as is the rest of your stuff!! I love the tutorial section. One thing I’d like is more recipes for cake batters. I would love to keep receiving so much great information from such a wonderful cupcaker!! Thanks again.

  110. hallo louise,
    many happy returns on your cakejournal’s birthday…..
    i’m happy with everything you will show us…
    it all looks wonderful
    gr paula

  111. Lo que me gusta más de algunos tutoriales que tienes es que tienes fotos del paso a paso. Lo que yo quisiera es que continuaras así ya que te puedes dar una idea mejor de como realizarlo.

    Saludos desde México.

  112. Hello,
    I love you tutorials!! although I have not seen all of them.
    I would love to see how you actually make that rolled out icing that you put on top of your beautiful cakes!! It would be nice to have more “youtube” style tutorials as well, as they are much easy-er to follow.
    I’m new to making cakes like these, so I am trying to get as much info as possible.

  113. I often have to make cakes bigger than a recipe calls for and never quite know how I should change the recipe to suit the bigger pan. Can you do a tutorial on how to adjust a recipe from using a small pan to a big pan – ie. doubling a recipe. So, if I had a recipe for a cake in an 8 inch pan, what can I do to make the same recipe to bake in a 12 inch pan for example. As a lot of people use a cake mix, this could also be included as you can’t just double all the cake mix ingredients to bake in a bigger pan. I am sure a lot of people would appreciate knowing how to change the amount of fats, liquids and baking times to do this. You would be providing a great service to the cake makers of this world!

  114. Hi Louise,

    I’d like to see more construction of cakes – from stacking to covering in fondant. Your cakes are PERFECT every time, and I’d like to see some tips and tricks that you use to get them so lovely!

  115. I LOVE this little pin…pick me, pick me…LOL I would love to see some more on molding for cupcakes…I have a safari theme for my godson and have no idea how to mold animals

  116. I would like to see more how to’s on the very basics. Like how to cut shapes out of fondant. How to make animal shapes from the modeling paste. Etc.

    Thanks , and great website!

  117. I haven’t been through everything in the tutorial, but I would like to see more on adding ingredients to boring old cake mixes. I would like to be able to use a cake mix as a base, but use some other ingredients to dress it up & make it special.

  118. I stumbled upon your blog a couple of months ago and I absolutely love it. You are so creative and talented. Thanks for all of the ideas and tutorials. Thanks for sharing your talent!!!!

    Baker Babe

  119. Thank you, thank you , thank you for asking Louise! I would love to see more of how to shape petals and flowers with which tools etc (you do that so beautifully) and definitely a tutorial on how to shape strawberries from the cutters you have published. LOVE CakeJournal. Thank you thank you thank you. xxx

  120. i absolutly love you!!!ur such an inspiration… ur tutorials and i was hoping u can give one on buttercream transfers?and one on tiered cakes from covering with fondant to stacking and decorating them?
    i know its a bit too much but would love to see this on ur site:)
    thankyou again for awonderful learning experience!


  121. Louise, I admire you for your high decorating skills and knowledge. That you can freely offer advice and knowledge is a valuable resource indeed. Perhaps if you could help out by giving more tutorials on how to make sugar paste flowers (like peonies, roses, lilies and the like) and how to do sugar paste models. Also, how to make handbag cakes and sculpted cakes! Yay! Thanks and carry on with your fantastic work here!

  122. Hi, I love your blog and would like to know how to put the sugerpaste on the cake so flawless as you do it. Tell me the secret way to do it, please!

    Take care, Karin

  123. I would love advice on making the beautiful roses from your Kidston cake. Oh, I just thought they were marvelous!

    And recipes. I always adore people who share. 🙂 I love your blog!

  124. Dear Louise,
    I really love your cakes, they are inspirational ! I would love to see more of how to make cute caketoppers in the tutorial section.
    Greetings from Belgium and keep doing what you do !!!

  125. A day does not go by that I learn something after reading the site. The layout is user friendly, pictures are great & feedback from others, so important.
    What I would like to see more of in the tutorial section is how to use cake decorating tools. I have the Tappits letters for fondant/gumpaste & even after following instructions, I still cannot get them to work. Maybe once a month, a video of how to use a certain tool? Keep up the great work & remember “a muffin is just an ugly cupcake”.

  126. Hi Louise
    I love this site and when I see a message from you in my inbox it always gets opened before any other of my e-mails!
    I find your tutorials so well photographed and explained, my favourites being cookies and cupcakes. I would really love to see more tutorials showing how to use certain pieces of equipment, or tips involving the colouring of icing.
    Best wishes

  127. Louise! O how I love this site! Your info is so easy to follow and Im not sure what you could possibly put more of that I already love!!
    I guess I’d say just MORE MORE MORE! I cant get enuff! Please share more “how-to’s” with us so I can become even more knowledgable of all things CAKE! Thanks for all you ALL-READY do Louise!

  128. Congratulations Louise, my lovely inspiration. Yeah!!! I would love to win, oh please integer generator, pick meeeeee!!!

  129. am i the first comment… oh boy, the pressure is on.. happy happy birthday to you and many many more.. i just love getting your emails. i know there will be something to brighten my day.. tutorials.. i would like to see more flowers.. you can NEVER have enough!!

  130. Well I love your tutorials and I’d love to see one for making wedding cakes with pilars inbetween as I’ve been asked to make one for a friend in October and while I made every attempt to encourage her to use a 2 tired stand she’s adamant about the pilars and I can just see it falling under the weight 🙂

  131. Hi! I guess I would like to see more on how to cover a cake with fondant and have it come out smooth. It always looks bunched up on me. Also your secret on smoot icing with buttercream.


  132. First, this is my first comment! I just LOVE your site. You’re work is always so pretty and flawless. I’d love a tutorial on the race cars you put on your son’s birthday cake. I have 2 boys myself and they went BONKERS over that cake!

    Happy caking!
    Meri Anne

  133. Louise,

    Any information you share will be enjoyed, as the love you put into your work shines through.

    Thnak you for sharing!!!

  134. PICK ME, PICK ME, PICK ME!!! I really would love to see how to get those wrinkles out of the side of my fondant covered cakes. I would love for you to have an open gallery for all of us that would like to show you our work also (not that you have a million hours to spend on it!!!) I know all of us are so very proud of you! I do love your site and cake/cupcake ideas!!!
    talk to you soon, dawn
    [email protected] -email – my website

  135. I truly enjoy your website and blog. I am interested in flavoring cakes with flavored simple syrups and would like to see a tutorial on this topic, especially in the cuban style (They use rum). Thanks, Gail

  136. Hello Louise,

    What I like to see more of is how your can create beautiful cakes/toppers without using expensive tools. Eg. is your TURTLE. I made them recently for my grand daughter’s birthday in Singapore and it was such a hit. Its simple yet so cute.

    I hope to be able to see such SIMPLE, ELEGANT yet INEXPENSIVE methods of creating FUN cakes & toppers.


  137. Dear Louise,

    I would very much like to see you make your sweet teddybears, babies and other nice figures in sugarpaste. That I learn how get the right shape, how to put the parts together et c.

    Regards from Sweden

  138. Oh how exciting! I’d love more tutorials!! I love the how to’s like…how to make fondant strawberry leaves like the ones on your amazing CK cake!
    I love the prize, I’ll cross my fingers! 🙂


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