Friday is here! Friday happens to be a very anticipated day for many people for many reasons. End of the work week, a chance to break away from the mundane weekday routine, and, for me, Fondant Friday. I love Fondant Friday because it gives me an excuse to look at beautiful cakes and drool over the magnificent creations done by amazing bakeries.  Today, I am featuring Kriebel’s Custom Bakery in Eagleville, PA.

Colleen Yaeger Kriebel has loved baking for many years now. She completed the Culinary Arts program at Center for Technical Studies in Morristown, PA. She competed in a district level baking competition and won 1st place! She earned her associate degree in Baking and Pastry Arts and from there she worked in the field through catering, hotels, restaurants, and bakeries. She finally opened her own bakery and it has grown tremendously! She is now making beautiful custom cakes for all occasions!

Check out her website and Facebook Page!

the year-long journey

These awesome cakes would be perfect for a birthday celebration! Especially if the birthday guy or gal has specific interests or hobbies. Got a friend that is into music or photography?  Why not serve them a record player cake or an amazing 3D camera cake? Maybe your relative is super skilled at billiards and you want to surprise them with a pool table cake. So realistic and so delicious! Or maybe your son or daughter loves comic books and superheroes. The perfect cake could be one featuring the emblem of their favorite superhero!  The possibilities are endless when it comes to birthday celebrations.


If your special day is just around the corner, these cakes will give you major cake inspiration!  Want to celebrate your engagement with an incredible 3D Tiffany inspired ring? Or you want a beautiful cake for the event that will match your color scheme? These cakes can be customized to any preference you desire. The cake to the right is my favorite. It’s simple and elegant but it’s obvious a lot of work went into making it extra special for the big day. Plus, you can never go wrong with crystals and a big bow!



Want a cake to celebrate an extraordinary guy in your life? Whether it’s your brother, father, boyfriend, or husband, there’s a variety of cakes to satisfy their sweet tooth! Got a sport fanatic in your life? Why not personalize a cake with their favorite sports team? Bonus points if their favorite team is the Philadelphia Flyers! Possibly, you want to celebrate a 21st birthday. Then, a 3D pint glass would be perfect! Maybe, like my dad and brother, they were obsessed with Sons of Anarchy when it was on the air. If so, why not gift them their very own Samcro vest? They will go nuts over it! Another really great idea for a cake is a 3D deer cake, for the hunter in your life. You can even put witty sayings on it like “Oh Deer, is it your birthday already?” or “I love you, my Deer”.


These two cakes are probably the silliest I’ve seen. Wouldn’t it be so sweet if your child and their best friend had a joint birthday party and they had best friend Spongebob Squarepants cakes? What better way to celebrate friendship than with a cake showcasing one of TV’s most favorite dynamic duo!

These cakes are out-of-this-world awesome! Beautiful 3D and excellent traditional cakes that can be personalized and custom made for any person and any event. Check out Kriebels Custom Bakery on Facebook and at their website! Thanks for joining me for another Fondant Friday!

Happy baking!