Valentine’s Day was a lot more fun in elementary school, I think we can all agree with that.  Everyone gets a V-Day card and candy along with it, and no one feels left out. Nowadays, things are a bit more complicated. In a world where material things often times cloud our sights of what’s truly important in life, it’s nice to take our mind off of things and bake away our troubles. So, why not bake some tasty Valentine’s Day themed treats? These are adorable candy heart-esque cake bites will wow your loved ones on Valentine’s Day! Super cute and super easy: this is perfect for all skill levels! Also, this recipe is great for last minute treats! Enjoy!

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Box of cake mix (any flavor of your choice, I suggest vanilla)

2/3 cup ready-made frosting (for a 9×13 cake)

Candy coating (I suggest purple, yellow and white to start)

Decorating gel icing (for the phrases)


1. Bake the cake according to the directions. Let it cool completely. Crumble the cake finely in a large bowl.
2. Add in the frosting and combine well.
3. Use a small ice cream scoop to scoop out a ball of cake. Roll the cake into a ball with your hand and flatten the cake ball a bit. To shape the heart, make one end of the flatten ball into a v shape and indent the other end of the cake ball with your pinkie to make the heart shape.
4. Refrigerate the cake hearts for at least 20 minutes.
5. Melt the candy coating in the microwave on low power for a minute, stirring every 20 seconds (Use a thinning agent if desired).
6. Using a fork, drop the cake heart in the candy coating and flip it over until it’s well coated. Then pick it up using the fork like a spatula and tap off the excess coating.
7. Let it harden.
8. Use gel icing to create cute and catchy phrases (like “Love Bug” “Kiss Me” and “Be Mine”) on your candy hearts.
9. Keep in fridge or in cool, dry container. Enjoy!

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Don’t let Valentine’s Day wear you down! Spend the day with the ones who matter most to you and share some desserts along the way. As Alicia Keys once said, “Some people want it all, but I don’t want nothing at all, if it ain’t you baby, if I ain’t got you baby” and by baby she meant these delicious cake bites. Okay, so that might not be factual, but does it really matter? These cake bites are as scrumptious as they come and they will leave your sweet tooth satisfied. A family-friendly recipe with endless variations and combinations, you won’t regret making these! Relive your grade school days with this take on a classic Valentine’s day treat! Happy Valentine’s Day and happy baking!