Cakes for Romantic Occasions book review

Cakes for Romantic Occasions

I have been lucky to receive a free copy of a new cake decorating book Cakes for Romantic Occasions by May Clee-Cadman, from the publishers: David & Charles. May is the owner of Maisie Fantaisie Wedding Cakes in the UK and it is her second cake decorating book. Her first book: Sweet and Simple Party Cakes have sold over 37,000 copies worldwide. I already have a copy of her first book, so I was very excited to see what this new book would be about and to see if it is just as simple and easy to follow like Sweet and Simple Party Cakes is.

The new book Cakes for Romantic occasions is all about special celebrations, love & romance. I was happy to see that it have the same “easy to follow instructions” and lots of beautiful inspiring photos. The book will guide you through Techniques including: Equipments, recipes, preparing and icing cakes, assembling (stacking) and finishing touches. The three chapters: Sweet Nothings, Look of Love and Young Love shows four different cake designs and styles, with each design followed by “Simply Irresistble” treats like cookies, cupcakes or mini cakes that all can be used together with the cakes or just on there own. Even a brownie treat and a delicious “naked” cake have found the way to the book.

Another great thing that I like about the book, is that she uses cutters and tools which is common and easy to get for yourself, like 5-petal flowers, mini blossoms, daisy flowers and rose petal cutters just to name a few. You can use the designs as they are or pick out the parts that you like the best to make new fantastic creations. It is a great book for beginners and intermediate, but advanced could also find inspiration and enjoy reading it aswell.

Cakes for Romantic Occasions


So would you like a chance to win this book? The publishers have been so kind to donate two copies of the book, but I am throwing in my free copy aswell, so there will be three lucky readers, who will have a chance of winning this book. All you have to do is leave me a comment, telling me what kind of girl you are:


A: Cake girl, B: Mini cake girl, C: Cupcake girl or D: Cookie girl.

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky numbers and the deadline will be Sunday, November 22nd 2009 at 9.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp) The three lucky winners will be announced in this post.


Congratulations to the three lucky winners πŸ™‚

74. Lynn
November 20th, 2009 3:31 pm | Edit
I am a cake girl

409. Peishi
November 21st, 2009 1:28 pm
hi Louise,
I love to bake and still a beginner.. I am (B) Mini cake girl who loves to eat baking stuffs esp tiramisu.

314. Mel
November 20th, 2009 11:59 pm
I love cakes, so A.
I love your site too!


Happy Caking!



  1. Grace says

    How can you possibly give an objective review when you receive the book for free?Β  And how can you call what you’ve written a review?Β  It reads like a competition blurb to me. Disappointed.

    • Anonymous says

      Hi Grace,

      When I do book reviews I always write my opinion on the book. For that reason my reviews cannot be objective since it my subjective opinion.



  3. says

    definetily a mexican cake girl.
    Pse receive a mexican seasons greetings to all the people who work and to all the people to read these faboulose blog,

  4. says

    Definetily a maxican cake girl.
    Recive our mexican seasons greetings to all of you working in your blog and to all the people who read these faboluse blog.

  5. says

    I’m definitely a mini cake girl. I think mini cakes are just way too adorable. And this book looks divine. I would love to at a hold of it and try some of the decorations out.

  6. Virginia Malcolm says

    I’m definitely a cupcake girl! I’m known for making them for all of my friend’s birthdays. I also love the cookie pops you featured on you website a while back, they are so cute! So I will have to try those sometime as well πŸ™‚

  7. Kimberly says

    I’m A Confectioner’s Diva!!! Get it?? A, C, and D! But I love the romance of eating cake with a fork )or fingers) so I have to choose A – Cake gurl! BTW: I don’t bake that often but I did use a couple of vendors from your banners for my most recent party!

  8. Nanna says

    Puh, that is a tough one, I would normally say a Cake girl, but lately I have been experimented a lot with Mini cakes – love those too! But I say A – A cake girl. Thank you for a very inspiring blog,
    From Nanna (DK)

  9. Abbi Chowns says

    Hi Louise,
    I love your blog!
    I have to say that i am a CAKE GIRL!
    I think it must be because you can do so much more with a cake. I cook 1 every week, and i even made my own wedding cake(july 09)!

  10. Jennifer says

    I’m all of the above. Celebrations-Cake, mini cake and cupcake Girl. I love coming up with something for everyone to oooh and awwe at. Holidays-Cookie Girl comes out in full force. Christmas is coming. My whole family has come to expect gingerbread, spritz and sugar cookies for this time of year.

  11. says

    hai!, been reading and following your blog silently.hope I am not too late, would love to have that book. I think i am a bit of this and that, but I’d go for cupcake girl.ciao!

  12. says

    I’m definitely a cake girl. I love doing cokies, mini cakes and cupcakes, even chocolates and al other pastry desserts, but nothing gives me as much creatve energy and options as a big cake… It’s just a big blank canvas to work with! πŸ˜€

  13. says

    for a chance to win a great book, I will put my two cents in. I am a cake girl as I love the wholeness, beauty and symmetry of how a great cake can look. Thanks for the great tips on your website!

  14. Joanna Gomes says

    Dear Mrs Dueholm,
    I love baking them all!I guess the A)CAKE brings out a lot of creativety in terms of recipe variations and styling.I am so happy i recently came across your beautiful website in my quest to hone my skills in fondant!I am 22 and a self taught chocolatier and baker and am constantly learning.I am extremely passionate about baking treats for everyone.I have this inner craving to know how every creation is made and presented.I am in awe of your beautiful creations.Thank you.God Bless.

  15. Gabrielle says

    Oh how I wishe there was an option E ‘All of the Above’ as there’s not I supposeI’d have to say A I’m a cake girl – that is cake in all of its incarnations.

  16. says

    I used to be a cake girl, since I have been baking more cupcakes. I could a be cake-cupcake girl. Thank you louise for throw in your copy of the book.

  17. Ainee says

    I am a small part of each type. I was more involved in the cookies business but have recently returned to doing cakes again. However,if I have to choose just one, I am more of a cake girl. Thanks for offering the books to us.Very generous of you.

  18. vicky says

    I am a cookie girl by profession, but dream of cakes both big and small, I am just trying to find time for them. I guess this is not a clear answer but I am in love with all things pretty and edible!

  19. says

    Well, well, well… you SHOULD guess by my name and you then must know the
    game…COOOOOOOKIIIIIEEESSSSS..of course….. so my reply is D….but cuppy cakes run a close second…and cakes are tied with that also….I guess you can say all 4 are my love..but I still remain with D…cookies it shall be !!!! LOVE YOUR SITE BYE THE WAY

  20. Cathie says

    Currently I’m a cupcake girl. I end up making more cookies than the rest of the categories, but I’m currently on a mission to find a great cupcake and icing combo that looks as good as it tastes.

  21. Ayana says

    I am a whatever the client wants they get type of gal…cakes, cupcakes, mini-cakes or cookies; they name it I create it and adore doing so!!!

  22. Susan says

    My first love is “A” cakes, but there’s nothing quite like a warm & gooey, freshly baked, homemade chocolate chip cookie!!!

  23. Toni says

    Hi Louise! Total CAKE girl but from that well of baking joy, has sprung those other forms of baking indulgences!! Blessings!

  24. kathy trudeau says

    A. cake girl all the way. This book looks like lots of great inspiration. Love your site too. Keep up the great work!

  25. nicole says

    Since I’m all about the cake I would have to pick a: cake girl. All I want to do is make cake, the rest is just details. I love checking your blog, it is inspiring. Thanks!

  26. mariana says

    Hi, from Argentina! Im a cake girl, starting to bake some cup cakes, we are just receibing cup cakes products here! ItΒ΄s a boom in bakers stores!
    hope iΒ΄ll be lucky! Love your blog

  27. Karen says

    How could I possibly choose one, it does depend on the occassion. However an regular afternoon treat are cookies and tea πŸ™‚

  28. Katherine says

    I’m a “cake girl”.Love to bake and try out different recipes.This is an awesome blog,Louise.Thanks for sharing your baking tips.

  29. Rina says

    How fuuuun πŸ™‚

    I just cant choose….so i will have to state, that i am all of those girls…..I LOVE everything cake πŸ™‚

  30. Mariela says

    Hola, soy de Costa Rica , en mi Pais soy instructora de cakes , asi que me encantaria poder obtener este hermoso libro lleno de nuevas tecnicas para compartirlas con mis alumnas.

  31. says

    This competition is only open for females I suppose πŸ˜‰ Lucky me then – IΒ΄m a cake girl, definitely πŸ™‚ The book looks great btw, and so is your web page – as always!

  32. says

    I’m definitely a cake girl (although, occasionally a cupcake girl as well). But really, let’s face it, I’m an everything-girl – I just love to bake! And you can be creative at just about the same levels with everything you bake! πŸ˜€

  33. May May Szeto says

    I am definitely a cake girl!!…
    love the look of a beautiful cake, I used to prefer cupcakes but I love decorating so a cake would have enough area for me to satisfy me creative needs!!^-^

  34. Andrea says

    Oh my! How does one choose when they all describe oneself? Hmmm….If I have to choose just one, I’d say I’m an “A: Cake Girl”. But, B, C & D fit, too! πŸ˜‰

  35. Lauren S says

    cake girl! someday i want to open a bakery strictly for traditional wedding cakes. (and maybe cookies…and petits fours…and brownies… oh th possibilities are endless!)

  36. Arnhems Meisje 2008 says

    IΒ΄m a real dutch CCgirl living in the Netherlands, trying to combine the dutch and the international flavours and decorating together in my CCΒ΄s!

  37. Mimi says

    I am absolutely a B: Mini Cake Girl! But I love cakes, cupcakes, and cookies too! Love your blog…thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Denise says

    I’m a “wanna be chef” and I loooove cake decorating. It became my passion and I think of cake all the time. I love your web site and everything about it. I salute all my baking pals.

  39. Denise V. Moses says

    I’m a cake & cookie girl, myself. Love decorating and seeing the look on everyone face. I also would love a copy of this book. Thanks!!!

  40. says

    I am a cake girl. I feel a new challenge each time I am contacted to make a new cake. I have evolved myself and my business from the simply sheet cake to the fun and vibrant colored cakes. The simple yet elegant cakes and I continue to wow myself right out of my comfort zone on a regular basis.

  41. Carrie says

    I am definitely more of a cookie girl…my hubby can’t get enough cookies! I would love to win a copy of the book to give to my cousin who is a hugely talented cake girl!

  42. Lisa Thorson says

    Without a doubt I am a cupcake girl! Love my own little piece of the cake for sure. Cupcakes are a blast to decorate and give as little heartfelt gifts.

  43. Delphina says

    I’m definitely a mini cake kind of girl. Everything in miniature looks so cute, and you can taste more of them without feeling guilty!

  44. Lyn says

    I too am an “All in One Girl” I love decorating cakes and cookies of any kind. And the look on people’s faces makes it all worth it. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win this book. Lyn

  45. Jaclyn says

    It’s so hard to choose just one! But I’d have to say I’m mostly a cake girl who dabbles in the other forms. πŸ™‚

  46. Gerry Marrs says

    I am a cake girl. When I get one of your emails I just cannot wait to open it. You have so many informative and just great things.

  47. Nausicaa says

    Hi Louise! I love your website!Your tutorials are wonderful, thanks a lot for your ideas and help! …well, I could be all 4…. but I think I’m mostly a CUPCAKE GIRL.
    Greetings from Hamburg, Germany

  48. Sharlene says

    Louise – definitely a ‘cupcake girl’ anything in miniature appeals to me. yum, yum, yum with a cherry on the top.

  49. says

    Definitely a Mexican cake girl !
    Please recive a great hugh and a lovely seasons greetings from MΓ©xico to all the bakers in the world and to all the people in your great blog.

  50. Gary says

    I not a girl physically but a cupcake girl definately! I’d rather spend the time making and decorating cupcakes than worrying about making an evening meal!

  51. momsib says

    A year ago, I would have said I’m a cupcake girl, but now, definitely mini – and I don’t eat them, just bake them. Cake, cookies, cupcakes, minis – they’re ALL fun to make.

  52. claudia says

    i love your page. since this is the first time I participate in your contest i hope to get lucky πŸ™‚
    ahh.i’m A. cake girl!!

  53. Melanie says

    Hi Louise,
    I am definitely: a CAKE girl but I love to jump from all the categories. Would love to have one of her books. thank you so much for your generosity. Your website is wonderful. Look forward to my emails.

  54. Chris says

    I am most definitely a cake girl, love to decorate them, and a cupcake girl and a mini cake girl at Christmas, haven’t done too many cookies tho. So I guess I am an all rounder.

  55. says

    Ooh,I love it all! But I would have to say that I’m a cake girl, since a love for making cakes has brought me into making cupcakes, cookies and mini cakes. πŸ™‚

  56. Mrsstix says

    A cake girl!! I have the first book and LOVE it, and I love the treats section, so I could be bordering on a minicake girl πŸ™‚

  57. Fey says

    There really needs to be an E – all of the above, but if I have to choose to have a chance to win I’ll go with B Mini Cake Girl.

  58. Charlotte Hessey says

    I am all these girls!!! I love doing cakes, finding a love for cupcakes, cookies, and am dabbling now into mini cakes! I absolutely LUV LUV LUV this site…THanks so much Louise!!

  59. says

    Due to my blogname I will have to say that I am a cupcake girl … however, I love making cakes and cookies as well. I love the look of mini cakes but so far have not really made some … But would love to try!

  60. Georgina Darnell says


    I’m a cupcake cake girl through and through, but I can’t resist cake, mabe I’m just greedy lol.
    Here in London cupcakes are all the rage right now.
    Kind regards

  61. Carine says

    Hi Louise!

    I have been reading your blog for a little while now and absolutely love it. Can’t believe you also had a how to make a cupcake stand tutorial, will try to make my own stand very soon! That leads me to the answer, I am def a C – Cupcake girl! Sold my first 12 cupcakes last Sunday and am hoping for a lot more when I get my business cards and website ready! πŸ™‚

    Greetings from Norway/Greece

  62. Alpa Patel says

    I am a full time baker, mother, worker who just loves to bake cupcakes till 3.00 in the morning…so i guess i am a cupcake girl all the way….love your site.

  63. says

    I recently discovered your site. I love to bake.

    I’m a cross between a cupcake and cookie girl. I am still working on perfecting cupcakes which I love!! But I can bake a mean cookie. I’ve got a few amazing baking books that are definitely my bibles, and am always looking for new creative desserts.

  64. Loren says

    I have been a cake girl for so long..but have slowly discovered the fun in mini- and cupcakes! The more personalities the better! Keep up the great site!

  65. Danielle says

    Hi Louise,
    What a fabulous book! We can get in early and start using this before Valentines day hits next year! You all know the holiday season comes and goes like lightning!
    I’d say, although I make cakes most often, I’m a mini cake girl. They take more time sometimes, but theyre worth the dropped jaw, squeals, and hugs from the recipient.

  66. Ivona says

    Cupcake & cookie girl, but working on those mini cakes as well :)thanky ou for this wonderful blog, it’s an inspiration

  67. Kathy says

    I am a frilly cupcake girl, that wants a surprise for a flavor under the icing. I would love to win the book. I really enjoy cake journal.

  68. says

    I am a cake girl, now giving birth to being a cupcake and cookie girl also. πŸ˜‰

    Just finished putting a batch of cupcakes in the oven for a 3yr old birthday.
    I love your site and think your tips and advice is wonderful. Would love a chance to win that book. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Thank you

  69. Jeanette says

    I can’t believe I’m doing this…I am definately a “Cake Girl” cause I love was born ‘sweet’ (smile). I just love your site, so much valuable information I want at my finger tips…the reason I subscribe to your feed. Keep up the good work.

  70. Jenn says

    Hi Louise! I just purchased Clee-Cadman’s first book a few days ago and spend pretty much each waking staring at her cakes! Haha! I am DEFINITELY a “Cake Girl”! I love the pictures of your work, too!

  71. debbie brill says

    I would first like to say i am so glad to have found your site i am always waiting for your next ideas to hit the web.And thanks for adding your copy of the book so that another person can win . I am a cake lady and would love to win the book .

  72. Loopy Laura says

    I’m definitley a cupcake girl at heart but love anything that is pretty and always willing to challenge myself πŸ˜‰

  73. CakeDoctor says

    Working at present in the wildest of wilderness… Away from my pans,oven and cutters… so baking-abstinent! Only thing that helps me is my daily look at

    I miss baking my cakes… such a : A cake girl

  74. Ayisha says

    Hi Louise,
    I would have to be C, cupcake girl! Love them, especially when they’re made with an extra little bit of Love with my Daughter helping me πŸ™‚

    x x x

  75. Pamela Kear says

    Hi Louise,

    So fun to read all the comments! Like so many others, very hard to choose, but opt for A. a cake girl! Many thanks. Pamela

  76. kim says

    I’m a cookie girl (I make the most often), but I LOVE browsing the web for adorable cake pictures! So in my heart I’m a cake girl:) sweeties by kim

  77. Isabell Poeschl says

    Well i have to say eventhough i started with cupcakes i am definitely a cake girl… A
    making a chocolate cake for the birthday of my friend right now cant wait for it to be done jummy

  78. Fiona says

    Wish I could put down ALL 4…… but as I have to choose just 1,it would have to be cookie girl-D Make a mess in the kitchen with the kids,and have something lovely at the end Yummy xx

  79. Mari says

    No doubt about it a Cake Girl, I have always loved cakes, especially looking at your website and buying books, they are just stunning!

    Although now I am turning to be a Cupcake and a Cookie Girl too, it’s slightly more affordable for the everyday project πŸ™‚

    Love your website!

  80. hanni says

    oh! im definitely a cookie girl. a sugar, spice and everything nice cookie girl! *grin*

    btw, im looking forward for the next part of cupcake decorating tutorial. πŸ™‚

  81. says

    If I’m eating then I’m a cookie girl but if I’m baking then I’m a cupcake girl! Keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked for that lovely book! X

  82. Tabbytaps says

    Hi Louise
    Great Idea!! I just can’t make up my mind I am either a cake girl or a cupcake girl. But at the moment I’m settling on being an A. cake kinda gal!!!

  83. Lucy says

    Hi Louise,
    I am very much a CAKE girl and I’d love to add this book to my collection.
    Love anything to do with CAKE, especially your site!!

  84. Zahida Omarji says

    Oh exciting….I have to say ..i am deffinately a mini cake girl….good things come in small packages!!!!

  85. says

    Imust say, that iΒ΄m a cake girl….. But I really love cupcakes also, and cookies and….actually I love anything that reminds of cakes….

    Great looking book….
    And wonderfull blog

  86. Cat says

    I am a mini anything girl! From mini cookies to cakes, that’s what I think is cute. Mini cupcakes make me smile. πŸ™‚

  87. Teri says

    This is fun!! I love your site! I’m a cake-girl. I enjoy mini’s, cupcakes and cookies … but I really get into cakes!

  88. Crystel says

    I’m a cake girl! I’m hoping to go to pastry school in a couple of years and become a professional cake decorator!
    (p.s I love your website =D)

  89. Andreea says

    I am sooo a cake girl but do love the rest too…maybe I’m just a “sweet sugar” girl…but really would love this book…it’s the same colors as my logo. Besides, we don’t have it yet in the states.

  90. Melissa AB says

    I love to make these beautiful flower cupcakes. But i love all cake..this such a hard choice. i’m going to but them in order by my fav to least fav. CABD…

  91. Kristina says

    I’m definitely a baking girl, in all forms, but if I had to pick one, I would have to say a cupcake girl, there’s something about the look of a little cup of cake topped with a mound of sugar that makes me smile!

  92. andrea saunders says

    I would say a cake girl, but I love cookies and cupcakes too. I am actually teaching a class at my church on romantic cookies in february so this book would be perfect. If I don’t win I will have to find one.

  93. Melody says

    I am a Cake Girl, hands down! πŸ™‚ Would love to have my own copy of Cakes for Romantic Occasions! Thanks for offering πŸ™‚

  94. Anna Maria says

    A. I am a Cake Girl, the book Cakes for Romantic occasions will really inspire me to do better with my cakes, have a good day and thank you.

  95. Lisa says

    hmmm, cake or cupcake? Hard decision. At the moment, probably a cupcake girl as I seem to be collecting an awful lot of cupcake books!

  96. Brenda Shepard says

    I am definitely a cake girl. I am “in my zone” sitting in front of balls of fondant/gumpaste making flowers!


  97. says

    Hi Louise, I’m a cake and cupcake girl all the way. Thank you for being so thoughtful and kind and for having such a fantastic website. Hope that you are feeling better and can’t wait to see your next masterpiece! You are my inspiration, many hugs and have a great weekend. Happy Holidays from California!


  98. Dorthe says

    I’m definite a cake girl, but I also like cupcakes – they are so sweet. Love your site and your ideas – I get so inspired by you.

  99. says

    I love them all but if I had to pick I would consider myself more of a cake girl.

    (sorry if this is a double post, had trouble with the first one).

  100. Marcel says

    I am a Cake boy.. yes.. a boy.. not a girl πŸ™‚ I like to make cakes in my spare time and make my colleagues happy by taking them into work. I am always looking to extend my knowledge and skills and I would LOVE to receive a book.. so please Cake Journal.. Pimp my Cakes!! :-))

  101. Terri Graham says

    I love any and all kinds of sweets! I have no will power to deny any of them! I think I am more of a cake girl because I love all the ways you can decorate them. πŸ™‚

  102. Bonbonbun says

    Not a cake girl just yet, I’m slightly intimidated by big cakes. Definitely a mini cake girl right now, maybe I’ll grow out of it soon!

  103. Lauri P. says

    I am a cake girl!! “Let them eat cake” is my favorite line! Thank you for all of your giveways, you are very generous!

    Happy Holidays!

  104. Vicky says

    I love making all of them from family, sports, Army, and work!! I think sugar absorbs through my skin and I bleed buttercreme. Would love to have the Romantic Cakes book as I have the other two and love those!
    Thank you.

  105. M.Franquinet says

    Hello Loise,
    To tell you the truth I love to bring joy to the people by making cakes rather than eating them.I love cake books!
    I give my vote for A: A cake girl.

    Greetings from Denmark

  106. Martha says

    I am about 75% a cake girl, but cupcakes have definitely gained a spot in my profile! This book looks amazing and I will definitely be finding a copy. Thanks for telling us about it! πŸ™‚ ~Martha

  107. Dot says

    I am a cake girl. Love to bake and decorate beautiful cakes for the family and friends. Love to eat them also!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win a great book.


  108. sheeza says

    Ohhh such a hard decision to make.
    i love all 4 but if i had to pick then im a mini cake girl. i just love love love those dainty lil things :D.

  109. Jill says

    Hi Louise! I am a cupcake and cookie girl!!! I am new to cake icing and find it really difficult to buy magazines or books about cake icing in South Africa. They are really expensive as they all have to be imported from the U.K. or America!
    Thanks once again for a fantastic helpful site!

  110. Patricia says

    I’m a cake girl! I like all cakes, specially European inclined. I love to sit and go through pages of beautiful designs to give me inspirations. Thank you sooo much for giving us the opportunity to win such a beautiful book. Hello from Ontario, Canada!

  111. Johanna says

    Tough choice, I am all four of those. Right now, I am in a cookie phase and winning would kind of take me to the next phase of cakes (at least I hope so).
    Thank you for the great giveaway!

  112. Anita says

    Hmmm, I am a Cake and Cookie girl.
    Every lovely cake must have lots of cookiefriends!
    evrey party needs cakes and cookies.
    And I do love the colours of the cake on the cover of your book. So sweet!

  113. Pam Carlisle Dream Cakes by Pam says

    I have her first book and absolutly love it. I’m a cake girl but also in love with cookies. I love reading your blog but have never commented before. Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Pam

  114. says

    Hi Louise! My name is Sarah and I am most definitly a Cake girl! Pink and brown are my favorite color combination, especially on cakes! I hope to get this book so I can make a cake like the one on the cover of this book! Thanks for being so kind to raffle these off for us! πŸ™‚

  115. Jenny says

    Oooh….I wish I could answer “all of the above”, but I guess I am a former cookie monster turning into a cake girl.

  116. Tonya Hayden says

    I’m a cake girl!! I enjoy doing kids cake. So a book like this would be great for me to expand my cake talents.

    I love your website.

  117. Nancy McGlynn says

    I am definitely a cake girl, not that there is anything wrong with the others. But for me it’s cake all the way. πŸ™‚

  118. says

    OOh, that book looks awesome–I am a mini cakes kind of girl–but am not that fussy-would take any cake, cupcake, goody, etc. lol. thanks for the chance to win an amazing looking book–hugs and happy cakeing!! Love your blog!

  119. says

    I am definitely a cake girl. I am so excited about my newfound hobby. It seems like I can’t learn fast enough. I find cake decorating so therapeutic. Just seeing what you can sculp a cake into is so amazing. The best part of it all is seeing the finished product and the joy of family and friends. Cake, a great way to bring people together it is the focal point of all occasions.

  120. Janet Kiesler says

    I’m definately an (A)- Cake Girl. I can’t get enough of cake and cake decorating. I love it. I have been decorating for two years now and many of my customers are 1-7 years old. I love doing there cakes and sometimes I even get invited to the parties. I would love to have this new book, I purchase books all the time anywhere I can get my hands on them. Thanks and love your website.

  121. Robynn says

    I am for sure A. A cake girl. I like the challege! Cookies and cupcakes are just too easy most times and mini cake are too small!

  122. Susana says

    If I can choose just one, I think I’ll be D: A cookie girl.
    By the way, really nice page and beautiful creations! ^_^

  123. says

    B: A mini cake girl !!!!!!!
    hope I can participate even if I’m writing from Italy…
    Thanks and compliments for this site, I always follow you and really enjoy it!!

  124. Anonymous says

    I am a (A) cake girl, but I am also a (B)mini cake girl, then there is the other side that is more (C) a cupcake girl, but I lean more towards eating them than having three hundred to ice.


  125. Jacque says

    The book looks awesome and I know it will be a hit. I already have the first and and I love it.
    I would have to say that I’m a cake girl first but I totally am a part of mini cake, cupcake and cookie girls all rolled into one!! I love baking and trying out new recipes so not a day goes by that I’m baking something in my kitchen.
    Thank you for your wonderful site!!

  126. Veron says

    I’m definitely a Mini Cake girl . Just reading the review of the book has made me wonder what else is in that book ! Cutters of all sorts can be used ! Great!
    Thanks Louisa for sharing it with us

  127. antoinette says

    It is in the name (antoinette), I am a cake ggirrrrllll. Love your site and since i am a beginner baker it is very inspiring.

  128. Jill says

    I guess I am a cake girl. Although I am a fan of cakes, minis, cuppys and cookies I am best at decorating cakes. That is one beautiful cake on the cover of that book!

  129. Midori says

    I must say I am a Cake Girl although I enjoy making cupcakes and cookies. I’ve made a cake with pink and brown color combination and I just love those colors together.

  130. Paulette says

    Hi Louise,

    It’s quite difficult to decide but I think that all in all I’m a cake girl.

    The book looks lovely I have her first one and I love it.



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