Cupcake apron

I love aprons and this vintage-inspired cupcake apron is just the sweetest. It is from Carolyn’s Kitchen who makes fantastic retro style aprons. Carolyn have been so kind to donate this pink cupcake apron for a give away.
So if you would like a chance to win it, then please leave me a comment in this post and remember to tell me if aprons are HOT or NOT!

I will use integer generator to pick out the lucky number and the deadline will be Friday, Febuary 26. 2010 at 8.00 p.m GMT+1 This give away has ended.

The lucky winner is #236

Congratulation to Wanda!


NOTE: the giveaway competion can only be entered by leaving a comment. Any emails send directly to me will not be considered!


Happy Caking!



  1. Hi,

    I love your site. I love the pictures of the cakes. Do you have a store? I want to eat everything on your site!!


  2. Well,my Mom when i was a child, always use to wear a apron made by her, and it looked just like this one( not the cupcakes design), and so the colors,kitchen smells of childwood returned to me, just by seeing it . For me this means, a very HOT heart, thank you for showing your work.
    I hope it makes a sucess.


  3. “I love APRONS and this one is so pretty. Also would like to mention that I enjoy viewing your website, thanks for sharing all those beautiful tips, photos and more.”

  4. I actually read this post around 6:30 AM on Thursday, but I didn’t think it would be a good idea to be first so here I am! HOT – I absolutely adore aprons. Not only are they extremely functional (save me from a good number of splatters and such), but they are also incredibly adorable.

    Plus, I feel like aprons can say a lot about who you are – for example, my dad has a black BBQ apron, my mom a red Betty Crocker-like apron, and my little sister a pink frilly one with white lace. And personally LOVE the cupcake one above – the sleeves are my favorite!

    Thanks so much for everything!

    ([email protected])

  5. I LOVE IT !!!! It is so pretty, and eho doesn’t want to feel pretty, huh ????
    Thank you. Sorry…. I forgot to say hot !!!!


  6. This is so adorable! All aprons are adorable but ones with cupcakes are especially sweet!! I want to go out and make one now………

  7. I hope I’m not too late! Yes, definitely HOT! I have mini collection of aprons and always on the lookout for more, and that one is definitely one of the cutest I’ve seen!

  8. GOSH!!!cupcakes + apron = LOVE. I love the apron, it’s so hot. this would really looks good on me (hehehe),and it will also boost up my baking addiction.

  9. Very sweet πŸ™‚

    And I think you should take a look at your twitter account. Something weird is going on there. The last post does not look like something you have posted :/

  10. Love this Apron, very interested in selling and being the distributor of these in Australia, please pass on my details to the relevant person if they are interested. Thanks

  11. I love this retro apron. It is sooo cool. I love cupcakes too. What a great combination. I think I would look great in this apron. Won’t u pick me? Pretty please? With a cherry on top…

  12. Aprons are totally hot! I’ve been looking for a cute one like this for awhile because I want something retro-ish and cute so that I can keep myself clean in the kitchen because I am super messy in there!

  13. I LOVE aprons. I have a collection ranging from an antique to modern BBQ styles. This is soo very cute.. here’s hoping with my fingers crossed!

  14. I love your site! I have been doing cakes for some time and just recently have become addicted to doing cupcakes. Yes, I also love cute aprons and this one is adorable!

  15. I think aprons are hot. They can make any baker look good and boost their self esteem. If you wear an apron then you know you are a pro baker and none of your creations could go wrong.


  16. I can remember aprons that my mother wore every day of the week and especially on Sundays when she made dinner. I have always wanted to own an apron of my own since my mother’s aprons were all burned up in our house fire when I was 16. Yes!!!!! they’re HOT

  17. A cover up that is cute and functional?!? Aprons are HOT! I just bought a pattern with the hopes of making one because everytime I come out of the kitchen with flour, or powdered sugar or butter on my shirts!

  18. THis is unrea! I was looking at the price of this apron today in a catalog because I adored it! To top ot off, I am selling cupcakes in a local cafe.

  19. OMG! I luv this, even if I don’t win the cupcake apron , I’m sooo gonna buy one from that website, the miss liberty apron is awesome! thanks for sharing your finds with us πŸ™‚

  20. Wow I love this apron I found some material just like it to make something with I would love to have this part of my collection and use my material to make something matching to go with it! The guy who makes this material has some awesome designs! I think its HOT HOT HOT!!!

    i feel so incomplete with an apron with m bakin..its like m naked…opssss sorry but yeah thats true.. apron is part of baking/ cake decoratin abd eating them secretly too heheh

  22. I wore a Christmas/Gingerbread apron in my business for the holidays and ALL The MEN (including the 70 year olds and plus)complemented me. So, I would have to say, Men think it’s hot! Nothing like the good old days.

  23. Hi Louise, I just love this apron. It is the cutest apron I have ever seen. Would love to own this apron.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  24. Pick me! Pick me! I would love to add that smoking apron to cheer up my kitchen!! I think the 50s era aprons are the epitome of hot ness and grace!!

  25. Aprons are HOT! I love them. I make a new one every time I get new/cute cupcake fabric from Joann’s. Would love this retro one. Its AWESOME!!!!

  26. Love it! Would love for my customers see me in that when they pick up their orders,instead of the functional ugly cobbler aprons I wear–They would probably rather see it too. Peggy

  27. This is the most delicious, precious apron I have ever feasted my eyes upon! Too cute to wear, but I would just have to show it off and hope my hubby would be tempted to nibble!

  28. Hi Louise. I love your website and find so much inspiration from you. Thank you. I’m just like you big fan of aprons. So with me it is hot hot hot.
    Sincerely, Anette.

  29. I appreciate aprons the older I get. They are defintely a fashion statement, which is good since I end up wearing one most of the day!

  30. not only do I think they are HOT… my husband does too!!! I am a cupcake machine and would proudly display this apron with chic high heels!!!!!

  31. My grandma used to make me aprons, and this reminds me of one she made for me. It fell apart after she died. This one is so cute and HOT!

  32. I think apron’s are hot! Love this one! I collect anything with cupcakes and this would be a great item to have! Thanks for all you do!!!!

  33. Oh most definitely HOT! Hotter than the sweetness were pulling out of the ovens! My boyfriend thinks its sexy too..LOVES when i bake him cupcakes in my apron. This one is too cute! LOVE IT!

  34. So cute! Very hot! Wouldn’t that be fun to be making cupcakes while you are wearing cupcakes? LOL Lucky winner needs to send pictures to all!!! haha!

  35. Love aprons, this one especially. They are HOT. Have to tell you how helpful you have been and your instructions are so easy and clear to understand. Thank you for sharing Louise.

  36. apron ar so hot! reminds me of polly von, do you remember?? “she’d her apron wrapped about her and he took her for a swan”
    peter paul and mary

  37. I love it!!I’m never lucky, but, i have to try!! Aprons are really hot, and if you only wear the apron, whitout clothes, are hottest thing!! jajaja!!(sorry for my english)

  38. Aprons are only hot if they’re as cute as this one!! We are so lucky to have this opportunity available to us~after seeing Carolyn’s site,I could become addicted to any of her aprons!! My daughters and I might have to start a new tradition! Pick me pleeease!

  39. I love it! Aprons are HOT HOT HOT!!!
    I wish I knew how to sew so that I could make this for myself and girlfriends.
    We love to have baking fests and bring our newest aprons/baking accesories. I would be the hit of the month! (probably even the year!)

  40. From 50’s to now, aprons are fenomenal!!i love to go to my kitchen and then prepare cakes and sweets and if i can wear apron HOT like this it’s a lovely treat!!!Happy caking :o)

  41. Hot. I have the all the materials to make two cute retro aprons, but I keep baking instead of sewing. Shame on me for getting frustrated when I am covered in flour and cocoa powder:)

  42. Soooooooo HOT!!!!!!! I LOVE vintage styled aprons!!! And I wear them every chance I get!! I hope to have a whole collection to choose from one of these days! and the one is CUTE! πŸ™‚

  43. Hi Louise!! Aprons are most definitely HOT!! Cakes and pastries just don’t taste good unless the chef/baker is wearing one. Aprons give that whole June Cleaver–you’re gonna swoon over this–ooh la la–deelish presentation!Sweet hugs!

  44. Awesome HOT Apron, I can think of so many opportunities to wear this!I love your journal, you have helped me so many times- you didn’t even know you were helping someone in CO.

  45. Aprons are hot! Whether I am cooking or baking I always have an apron on, from early morning to late at night! Aprons help me out with my sore back too! This one is HOT and Sweet too, no punn intended πŸ™‚

  46. My wife sent me this and told me to enter for her. I didn’t give it a second thought! That apron is sexy HOT! I loved to see my wife in that apron.

  47. Apron’s are the hottest! This one is particularly the hottest because it is covered in cupcakes!My daughter’s nickname is Cupcake and we NEED this in our collection!

  48. That has to be the nicest, cutest, coolest apron ever! I love to wear nice aprons anyway, but this one is definately HOT..! I would love to give this apron a home!

  49. This apron is absolutely so cute, adorable and HOT!!! I love the retro vibe and the little ruffle at the bottom. So cute! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win one! πŸ™‚

  50. My granny always wore an apron in the kitchen so I figure if I wear one, I will also be a good cook/baker! This one is just soooooooo pretty!

  51. TRES CHIC !! That’s what this Apron is!
    It’s a conversation piece that shows the cupcake baker wearing it is a sassy baker! I’d love to wear it! xoxoxo

  52. I LOVE this site, I have learned so many things, it amazes me even now. I’m a new cake decorator and I try to wear an apron. Looking at the one for giveaway, its so cute. Thank you for providing us with what you know, especially for the new ones. πŸ™‚

  53. Wearing the apron would be just like sitting in my Grandma’s kitchen again watching her decorate wedding cakes. Thanks for the memory.
    Yes, it’s the hottest.

  54. I love aprons! I specially love the cute ones, not the plain ones… Hey I gotta look cute while I’m baking so I that’s why I love cute aprons! hehe…

    Yes, aprons are HOT!

  55. Aprons are HAWT!!! Love this cupcake apron! I am in need of a couple new ones and this one is so adorable I could wear it out to dinner!! πŸ™‚ Loves it!

  56. Aprons are definitely hot! They’re feminine, girly, and so functional. This one in particular is so adorable – I even based my freelance logo on a cupcake!

  57. This apron is HOT like FIYAH!! I could imagine all the sexy looks i’ll get from my kitchen appliances in this!! ooog random integer selector, PLEASE pick me!!

  58. Aprons have never gone out of style if you bake. In pastry art school,aprons were part of the uniform.I have a seamstress making aprons for me to sell in my business.I have a collection of aprons from way back to the 60’s.Aprons are hot!!

  59. This apron is so adorable! It looks like it came straight of the 1950s. I would love to wear it in my new cake shop I will be opening soon!

  60. Aprons are HOT but this one’s HAUTE COUTURE! Any gal would be lucky to don this one while baking her pastries and cupcakes. Hope I’m the one!

  61. This is the sweetest cupcake apron ever,I would sure love to wear it when taking my HOT cupcakes out of the oven ,wouldn’t I look Hot in this Hot apron,thanks to Carolyn’s Kitchen for donating this HOT apron.
    Thank you

  62. Sizzzzzlin HOT Apron! I absolutely love aprons, practically live in one. This would be a perfect addition to my collection!
    BTW, Love your site! I’ve learned so much from your tutorials.

  63. owh! louiseeee!

    I’m dying to have one like this. this is super duper hot and cute and lovely.
    I never seen one in Malaysia….
    I really wish it will be mine!

  64. Im a cupcakeaholic! jejeje And there are soooooo hhhooott but specially sweet and cute when I’m with my son (5 years old) doin it!

  65. I love this apron. I really can’t afford one so I was meaning to sew one myself ( I don’t sew). It would be even better to win one. Aprons are so hot.

  66. This apron is adorable! I just finished a chocolate class with Mike McCarey and I would have loved to have been wearing this in the pictures! πŸ™‚

  67. So hot! I don’t have one though, so I spend most of my time drooling over them. You’d think that I would just get off my lazy bum and make one, but no. *sigh*

  68. Hot πŸ™‚ Hot use to be when your in the kitchen baking up a batch of cookies or cupcakes, now it’s wearing this apron and looking hot!

  69. I just love this Carolyn apron. It reminds me of my grandmother. My grandmother always wore an apron when she cooked. She passed on several of her apron’s to me and winning this Carolyn apron would bring such happy memories to me. Her favorite color was pink. So, I think this apron is HOT. πŸ™‚

  70. Aprons are very hot and very much needed!!! I tend to make such a mess when baking and decorating cakes.
    Thanks for the chance to win one!!

  71. I use to think they were not. But now that I’m a stay at home mom, and love everything retro. I think aprons are hot! Specially with cupcakes!

  72. Absolutely loving this apron!! I want one… is so cute and would look even cuter on me in my kitchen whilst baking cupcakes!!! πŸ™‚

  73. The apron is simply ADORABLE!!! I don’t own an apron yet, but this would be a cherished, highly valued first. Hint, hint! πŸ™‚

  74. I think it is super cute. The apron is vintage and it looks like a dress. Very feminine. I think it is very feminie and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE CUPCAKES

  75. I love it! I am a nurse at Cancer center where I live and we have a Relay for Life team called- Sarah’s Sweeties…we sale cupcakes to raise money for cancer research. It reminds me of all the hundreds of cupcakes we made and will make this year!

  76. I love it!! It’s like combining the future and the the past..cupcakes are the hot thing but the look reminds me of my grandma…such a hot idea.

  77. An apron is a musthave when your baking, and why not bake with style?! You would do so with an apron like this, and this apron is very HOT!
    I hope I’ll win it ;O)

  78. Omg so amazing looking! Looks like the aprons my grandma used to wear, I deffinetly wouldnt make a mess on my clothes!! Sexy in the kitchen what else can you do!

    Amazing give away by the way!

  79. I work in a bakery and we all wear aprons, but I wish that they where as beautiful as the cupcake apron. I also wear aprons at home. I always feel inspired and creative when wearing a beautiful apron.

  80. I love Aprons!!! And this one is definately HOT!! Even better than the one my grandma made me using her own “vintage” pattern a couple years ago which I wear all the time. Would love to add this one to my collection.

  81. I love love love this apron. I am a vintage nut plus vintage aprons put me over the top. I am planning on giving vintage aprons for Christmas gifts next year. This would be an awesome gift I would always treasure. Aprons are HOT.

  82. The style and colours.. it’s so cute and lovely, the sight of it made me smile πŸ™‚ PS: oh yes, it is definitely smoking HOT! πŸ™‚

  83. I love this apron. Definitely hot!!! I have started collecting aprons from around the world, family go traveling they bring me back an apron.

  84. Aprons are 100% totally hott. I can’t get enough of them. Sometimes I wish it wasn’t weird to wear them out of the house! This one would be a fabulous addition to my collection!

  85. I love this apron and any apron for that matter! but i do not have any vintage style so i would love to win this one!! Thanks Tina!

  86. This apron is very hot. I love the vintage look like. Im hoping to redo my kitchen with vintage appliances! It is super cute! I would love to have one for my little girl, she would love it!

  87. I love this apron. I have some that were my grandmothers (on display as they are fairly old and i do not want anthing to happen to them). It would be terrrific to have this Apron as it has cupcakes like the one I gave my granddaughter (i bought her an apron for Christmas–she thought it was fabulous that she gets to wear an apron like her Grandmom).

  88. Oh WOW!!!! That is totally HOT!!! Now wouldnt we all be “HOT TO TROT” our cakes and cup cakes in this awesome creation!! Love it!!!
    Wish they would make them here in South Africa

  89. Normally I’m not one for aprons, but I love the cut of this one. I might go hunting for one of the same cut here so I only have one item of clothing to wash after baking instead of EVERYTHING that I was wearing!

  90. I think aprons are in and hot….I just actually had my mom make me a “cupcake” apron for Christmas with some cute cupcake fabric I found. Not as stylish as this one, but ok for the few $ spent on the fabric!

  91. Aprons are hot especially this one. Yes please enter me in the competition.

    Thank you for all your efforts sharing your ideas, learned a lot from your number 1 site

  92. The ultimate accessory! I have actually had people compliment my top not realizing that I am wearing an apron..LOL!!! This one is great!

  93. I just love this apron! It’s so pretty with the ruffles and cupcakes. I could totally feel cute in this even with fondant in my hair and icing dried to my cheek. Don’t laugh; it’s happened!LOL!
    Oh, I forgot to add, apron is HOT!

  94. Aprins are HOT!!
    I have the cupcake p.j.’s, the cupcake mug for my tea…
    so I can do with a cupcake apron when baking my cupcakes.

  95. Oh my goodness Hot Hot Hot I think I’m in love!!! Will have to send my hubby the link, maybe I’ll get it for mothers day?

  96. For quite awhile I did not use aprons then I received a pattern to make an apron out of cloth tea towels and embroidered it for Thanksgiving. Have been wearing them ever since. Now when I see one I really like I will make it. I love them, I have several at home and in our RV.

  97. Well, when aprons look like that they are certainly HOT. I’d love one and would certainly feel like a yummy mummy cake maker in it. Those sleeves and neckline are simply delightful. It makes me want to do some baking now. Domestic goddess certainly springs to mind.

  98. Oh this is so fabulous. My friend says that since my wedding, four months ago, I have become a 50’s housewife as baking and party planning are my chief hobbies!

  99. I love this! Funny thing was that I bought that same pattern to make myself one but my machine is on the fritz:( It would be so nice to win one! Beautiful!!!

  100. Aprons? Well, like clothes some are hot and some are not! But this one by Carolyn’s Kitchen is totally steaming hot! I would so love wearing that while baking my cupcakes πŸ™‚ Lets hope I win! πŸ˜€


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