{Winner Announced!} Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter Review and Giveaway (MSRP $638.95)

Pazzles Inspiration Disclosure: Pazzles sent me a demo Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter along with a Pastry Kit and a two month subscription to the Pazzles Craft Room for my review. However, all opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

This giveaway has ended. Congratulations to Jessica M. from Portland Oregon!

Today I want to share an amazing cake decorating tool with you and the awesome opportunity to enter to win one of your own!! Keep reading…

Several weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to review a Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter. To say I was excited about this opportunity would be an understatement.

After having a look at the Pazzles website and everything the Inspiration could do to help me with cake decorating – I could hardly wait to try it out!  First up – do you know what a Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter is?  Here’s the description from the website:

The Inspiration Creative Cutter® connects to your computer, similar to a printer, but instead of printing the Inspiration uses a small blade to die cut your designs. Imagine cutting any shape, font, or design in an amazing variety of sizes with the click of a button. The Inspiration is capable of cutting much more than just paper and cardstock! From light plastics to chipboard, fabric to rubber stamp material, thin metal to fun foam, the Inspiration offers amazing flexibility and power.

As you can see…  it’s a very versatile machine – you can cut any shape, letter, font, or design that you can get your hands on!  You can even make your own graphic design on your computer and the machine will cut it!

How does this apply to cake decorating? Well, along with the machine, the nice people over at Pazzles also sent me a Pastry Kit and membership to the Pazzles Craft Room. The kit included a Pastry tool and blade for cutting edible materials. It can be used for cutting gum paste, cutting fondant, cutting sugar sheets, cutting modeling chocolate and so much more!

Let me show you how I used the machine for cake decorating needs and for fancying up my cookies!

Gold Embossed Monogram Wedding Cake

For my first project (while still learning about the machine) I wanted to do a monogram for the front of a wedding cake. Since the bride had sent me a picture of a very delicate and elegant font, I set out to find a font to match as closely as I could.

After deciding on one,  it was time to learn about the Pazzles Inspiration Cutter and put it to work!

One really cool feature is that the software operates on my computer. I don’t have to manipulate or do my designs on the machine itself – but rather directly from my laptop! I was able to open up the software, type in the letters of the monogram, then manipulate them into the size I needed using the rulers right there on the screen.

The software shows the mat size and I was also able to overlay them and move them around until I got them looking exactly like they needed to for the cake!


Honestly, I could never have  cut such an intricate and original monogram by hand and had it look as clean and nice as it did using the Inspiration. It also cut the design all in one piece – so I didn’t have to cut 3 individual letters and then try to place them correctly on the side of the cake. Having a single piece to center was much easier than three pieces.

To be honest here… there was a steeper learning curve for the software than I imagined.   I’m not a terribly “techy” person, so I had some difficulty getting the hang of it. I had to keep referring back and forth to the manual, watching some included “help” videos and asking my 16 year old for help.

Yes, my very smart 16 year old son figured it out much faster than I did … so I guess it depends on your level of experience with graphic design type software.  I did eventually figure it out, although I think I could play with it for months before learning all of the features.


For my next project, I used the Inspiration to cut a “A”‘s for monogram cookies. I did a practice run – cutting the letters in black. I was really thrilled with how clean and sharp the letters were.

I did have one problem with the machine not cutting all the way through and skipping over some of the places it should have been cutting, but after a few emails back and forth with the Pazzles Support team, I was able to change a setting that I had wrong and I didn’t have any more trouble after that!

The customer support people were really nice and responded quickly to help me.


A few weeks later I made 50 of these “A” cookies in a mint color. I used a mix of modeling chocolate and fondant for these and it worked beautifully. I was able to cut all of these letters in just a few minutes and it saved me hours and hours of work.

Cake Monogram

I have one more experience to share with you about cake decorating with the Pazzles Inspiration. I used the Pazzles to cut the decorations for the side and top of this cake.

For the design, I chose a font that I found in another program. I was able to upload the letters, resize them with the Pazzles Inspiration software and actually look at them in real-life size and cut them out! The Big 30 Topper

Then there was this “the big 30” for the top! I wanted all of the letters and the  numbers connected in one design (I originally planned to have it stand up but that didn’t work out). I was able to import the letters into the software separately, then manipulate them to connect to each other and get them sized the way I wanted.

I only wish I had realized before I took pictures that I forgot to cut cut out the little hole between the “3” and the “0”. That was totally an oversight on my part!

Overall I can tell you that I love this machine and the possibilities it offers! It offers so many possibilities for cake decorating that I’d never be able to accomplish “by hand”.

I was able to successfully cut gum paste, modeling chocolate and fondant for the different designs I’ve done.

The only real downside for me was the difficulty in learning how to use the software.  However, I think with some practice it would be easy to master and become an indispensable tool for a busy cake decorator.   I will absolutely be using it in the future and I already have ideas for more projects where I can use this machine to save me lots of time and work!

Note:  The Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter retails for $599, however, if you’re interested in purchasing but the price is an obstacle, there is another option for getting the machine that many people find very attractive.  This is called the Inspiration with a subscription commitment plan.  You can see the 1 year options here  and the 2 year options here.   With these options, you could get started with the Inspiration and Pastry Starter Kit for as little as $145.95.  

Here’s the really great news!!  Now you can enter to win your very own Pazzles Inspiration Creative Cutter, a Pastry Kit and a flyer for 6 months free to Pazzles Craft Room.    MSRP: $638.95!!  WoW!  Get your entries in below!  Click on “a Rafflecopter giveaway” if the widget doesn’t load for you or if you’re reading from an email or feed reader.

Entries will remain open until Wednesday, September 25 at 11:59pm CST.  One winner will be randomly chosen by Random.org.  US addresses only please.  The winner will be emailed and will have 48 hours to respond. If there is no response, a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. I would love this for the lettering that it could do. I tried to make a kitkat cake for my fiance a few months ago and the letters created so much stress, this machine would have made a huge difference!

  2. I have made a number of cakes that require special font writing, including a Kentucky Derby cake, a 50th anniversary cake for MIT’s Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity (class of 1962), and a cake to celebrate the officer installation at The Harvard Lodge. In order to get the writing/fonts correct, I create the lettering in MS Word, print it and cut out a paper image, and trace it on fondant using an Exacto knife. As you can imagine, this takes tremendous time and effort. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE a tool that can do this for me in a fraction of the time!

  3. I would love to have one of these!! I just started my own bakery and this would be HUGE asset to my design process! Plus, if I won it, I would be able to use the money for other goods and services. 🙂

  4. I would die to have this. I have been eye it for a super long time just for paper crafts and now that is has a pastry option – the possibilities would be endless. Sigh.

  5. This sounds amazing! Sounds so much better than the Cricut cake – that I have and now basically sits in it’s box! Hope I get the change to try it!

  6. I am terrible at making numbers and letters so this would help me with all kinds of things! I am especially looking forward to using the sharp, classy looking letters for more formal-looking baked goods for events.

  7. Very cool tool, would love to win to decorate a cake and cookies for my uncle’s 93rd birthday!!
    Here’s to Uncle Tunney… hope I win!! — Aprile

  8. I would love to win this. I have a lot of trouble with letters, numbers, templates, mmmmmm just about everything to do with cake decorating so I need all the help I can. Haha

  9. This is so cool and much better than having to buy a million cartridges! Hope I win so I can make the more detailed and intricate cookies!

  10. I have just started to get more creative with my cake decorating and the number of molds for borders, decorations, etc is intimidating (and costly!). This looks like it could do almost anything! Letters, numbers, vines, birds, flowers, the possibilities are endless!

  11. I would really enjoy doing neat and precise lettering with the cutter! And I am currently majoring in Computer Science so I would love to do all types of nerdy and geometric designs with this!

  12. I’m having trouble commenting, hope this works! Don’t have a particular cake in mind yet, but I bet I could get into all kinds of trouble!

  13. This would be so amazing to have in my kitchen. I love making cakes and this would give me so much more freedom to creating so many fun cakes! Birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, weddings and those are just a few that I could enjoy doing! Thank you so much for your write up on this fantastic product and for the opportunity to winning one!

  14. My cake and cupcake company is all about doing the “unique” and this would help so much with my out-of-the-ordinary ideas, for which there is usually never an existing cutter or mold!

  15. This is amazing. It would enhance my cake making so much. I make cakes for my family and friends and this would take them to a whole new level. The first cakes I would make are for my nieces who share the same birthday.

  16. This machine would make putting my nephews and nieces names on their birthday cakes so much easier and allow me to spend more o f my time on the other parts of the cake.. no more cookie cutters sticking to my fondant!!

  17. I have looked for a machine like this for ages and came accross the pazzles but its abit steep for me to buy right now…id love to win one!

  18. This would be such a blessing to have! Love the way you did the monogram and I’m sure it will make wonderful borders. I can think of so many ways this would save time and enable to cut out intricate designs that would otherwise be impractical.

  19. Would love to be able to create my own fondant cut outs – lettering, damask, silhouette figures, flowers, lace…….. (the list could be endless!)

  20. This is awesome! This would be a tremendously blessing in my business. it would really help to making letter and numbers for my cakes.

  21. I would totally do crazy fun birthday cakes for my kids and probably try my hand at a wedding cake for my sister-in-law. Thanks for the chance to win!

  22. GOOD LORD. I NEED THIS!!! I’ve been looking for such a machine, and this sounds really similar to the Silhouette I’ve been looking at. I would TOTALLY love to win this!

  23. Would love to win this, I am in South Africa and even in I could afford it, it will probably only be in our shops in 5 or 6 years! Imagine how far my cake business will be by then if I had this!

  24. Would love to win this for my daughter who hopes to one day become an culinary and pastry artist. She loves baking and decorating cakes and this would just open up her world even more. The possibles would be almost endless with all the different types of media she could use on her cakes. Thank you for a chance to win.

  25. I could use this on most every cake I make. The lettering is always a challenge. And all the patterns would come out cleaner. What a timesaver!

  26. What a great giveaway – I may have a little trouble with the software as well and might need to borrow your son to give me a lesson!

    • Yes, it’s a similar machine. But having worked with both, I have to say that the ability to manipulate my designs on my computer vs. only on the machine (which is how my Cricut works), I like the computer option better!


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