Cupcake tins
These sweet cupcake decorated tin boxes are my latest addition in my kitchen. I love tin boxes and when they have cupcakes on them, I love them even more. Great for storage and pretty to look at, at the same time.

Disposable tableware with cupcake print
I also found a set of disposable tableware: 8 cups, 8 dinner and 8 dessert dishes. All with the same sweet cupcake print as the tin boxes.

Do you know what’s even greater??? I bought 1 extra set of all of the above mentioned sweet things! That means that 1 lucky reader could win the extra set that I bought for this sweet cupcake giveaway!

2 tin boxes
Disposable tableware 8 cups
Disposable tableware 8 dinner and 8 dessert dishes

Who know, there may be a little extra surprise thrown in the bag, for the lucky winner. But I will not reveal it here!!!


Congratulations to Meghan!

Thank you to all of you, who participated in this giveaway.

Happy Caking!