Sweet cupcake giveaway

Cupcake tins
These sweet cupcake decorated tin boxes are my latest addition in my kitchen. I love tin boxes and when they have cupcakes on them, I love them even more. Great for storage and pretty to look at, at the same time.

Disposable tableware with cupcake print
I also found a set of disposable tableware: 8 cups, 8 dinner and 8 dessert dishes. All with the same sweet cupcake print as the tin boxes.

Do you know what’s even greater??? I bought 1 extra set of all of the above mentioned sweet things! That means that 1 lucky reader could win the extra set that I bought for this sweet cupcake giveaway!

2 tin boxes
Disposable tableware 8 cups
Disposable tableware 8 dinner and 8 dessert dishes

Who know, there may be a little extra surprise thrown in the bag, for the lucky winner. But I will not reveal it here!!!


Congratulations to Meghan!

Thank you to all of you, who participated in this giveaway.

Happy Caking!



  1. I dont know why my comment didnt show, posted the first day! So cute, love this promo, I said Tiramisu for the adults and smores for the kids!

  2. mmmm.. so many good cupcakes… My favorite are the Red Velvet with White Choco frosting (but my husband would want Vanilla with vanilla buttercream frosting)…. (thanks for letting me know about this Mandy!! Awesome.

  3. I must confess anything with chocolate would be wonderful. One of my favourties is a simple chocolate cupcake with a choc cream frosting – I am easy pleased.
    Lovely tins x

  4. I would bring just about any kind of cupcake to at picnic. Any kind of cake is a good kind of cake 😉 But having to choose, I would pick a banana and blueberry cupcake with cinnomon. Yum!

  5. definitely vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting!!! oh and sprinkles, can’t forget those! It’s nice and simple and it’s not too overbearing.

  6. lemon meringue cupcakes! My favourite and most often to pop out of my oven on baking days!

    The perfect sweet treat for a picnic

  7. I’m a chocoholic so for me it would be chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing…although the chocolate peanut butter cup cupcakes I just saw on Our Best Bites keep tempting me.

  8. I would bring swiss chocolate mini cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and chocolate jimmies on top! Delish 🙂

    I’ve also tweeted (@nateandmandy), facebooked under “Mandy Lawrence-Hill” and have blogged at http://www.mandyhill.ca!!


  9. Hi Louise, those tins are adorable!  If I were to go on a picnic I would bring wholemeal carrot cupcakes with a bit of mascarpone cream cheese frosting and garnished with chopped walnuts…ah, yum-oh!!  xo

  10. Lately I have been thinking (dreaming) about rich chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. That would be my choice for a picnic right now!

  11. …and OBTW, I would bring a butter cupcake with Chocolate Swiss Meringue Buttercream icing all swirled around.  Maybe I’d even top it with a pink buttercream rosebud….maybe :0   AND I posted a link on my blog.  Love the tins and dinnerware !!!

  12. My favorite cupcake for picnics is fresh blackberry cuppies, from blackberries we picked the day before. These cupcakes add so much to the enjoyment of an outside summer meal.

  13. My favorite cupcake for picnics is fresh blackberry cuppies, from blackberries we picked the day before. These cupcakes add so much to the enjoyment of an outside summer meal.

  14. Chocolate cupcake with any kind of frosting are my all-time fave but considering the summer, I would go for something sponge with fresh fruits and vanilla! yum! x


  15. My favorite cupcake is a cherry vanilla cake with rich chocolate ganache filling and buttercream frosting.  And for a picnic I would pipe a little ant on top of each cupcake.  LOL

    • The tin cans are just the cutest…….love to have them…..love the site…
      Enjoy each & every day to it’s fullest…so enjoy today !!!!!
      Kat  ;-)~


  17. Cupcakes are my favorite. If I was to bring a cupcake to a picnic it would be chocolate cupcakes decorated with strawberries, berries or raspberries fruit and brushed with a little bit of jam on top…yummy =)

  18. ohh….a picnic deserves something rich, filling and ohh so sweet, so I am taking a red velvet cuppy filled with cream cheese filling and dolloped with cream cheese icing with a huge swirl on top!!!

  19. Cream cheese and cherry cupcakes, I would love to give that a try for a summer picnic, yummy! And the design of the tins and plates is so lovely. I love the pretty pastel violet colour.

  20. This is a lovely giveaway!  so many to choose from but for summer I’d bring a vanilla cupcake iced with Mango flavored swiss meringue and a sliver of mango to decorate…mmm

  21. Hello Louise, I usually prefer to bring devil`s food cupcakes because most of my family and friends love to eat chocolate and a carrot-pecans cupcake too for people that loves to eat another kind. I also  bring fondant decorated cupcakes for birthdays, I ♥ cupcakes. Beautiful boxes and disposables dishware you got, enjoy them, so cute.

  22. I love to make mini lemon cupcakes with lemon frosting. In summer I top them off with a fresh raspberry or blueberry. Just the perfect little summer treat!

  23. Strawberry cupcakes with strawberry icing topped with a fresh strawberry would be my choice for a picnic, as the grandsugars love strawberries.

  24. Those really are cute, love them. Ehhmm, will you fill the tins with your gorgeaous homemade stuff as well? My favourite cupcake would be lemonsourcream topped with a light lemoncurd/whipped cream

    Regards Uschi

  25. I would take a strawberry shortcake cupcake on my picnic (= Or chocolate cupcakes, you can never go wrong with chocolate (=

  26. i really want to win here is the link i posted on my tumblr under awesome giveaway all you have to do is click on the link and it sends you here  http://bigvoice.tumblr.com/

  27. Me encanta, me fascinan los cupcakes. Cuando hacemos los cumpleanos fuera de la casa, en piscina o parques es la mejor forma de distribuirlos y a mis nietos
    y amiguitos les encanta. Se los hago de chocolate, vainilla y zanahoria.

  28. The cupcake I would take on a picnic would be a banana split cupcake.  You couldn’t take a real banana split on a picnic, but this would be the next best thing.  Yum!

  29. I must say that I think a banana split cupcake is perfect for a summer picnic!!! Thanks for such a great giveaway and, of course, all the excellent posts… Jen M.

  30. The perfect cupcake for a picnic would be French Vanilla topped with just the right amount of fudge buttercream icing and decorated with pink sprinkles! The PERFECT ending the to the perfect picnic!

  31. Hola Louse  me encanta todo lo que haces tus tutoriales son fascinantes ya que
    he aprendido muchas cosas que nisiquiera imagina que haria ,estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado tu blog, soy seguidora tuya casi desde tu inicio y me encanto la menera en que explicas paso a paso sin perder un detalle aunque  aveces solamente cheque los mails  que envias te estoy muy  agradecida por todo lo que nos eneseñas, sin despedirme  de ti  muchos abrazos y besos de tu amiga que te quiere LYZZIE


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