Horseshoe vanilla sugar cookies

Horseshoe cookie
My sweet daughter is turning 10 tomorrow (I can’t believe how times fly) So, we made some vanilla sugar cookies in the shape as a horseshoe, for her to pass out, after her riding lesson yesterday. We went with non decorated cookies this time. A freshly baked, crisp cookie, hardly need more decoration, other than to be eaten.

Tomorrow I am continuing with the non decorated treats. Because I will be making blueberry and rhubarb tarts for the brunch that we are having.

Happy Caking!



  1. That is a simple but very nice tasty cookies. But just make sure not too much sugar on it. My daughter loves cookies so much but I am afraid that she will have diabetes if too much sugar was put in.

  2. Sometimes less is more! I love the way you’ve packaged and shot the cookies – really admire your work. I’ll have to try your sugar cookie recipe, sounds yummy.

  3. Happy birthday wishes from oz.Im sure the cookies will wellcome.Yes the time flies,one day their babies and the next heading towards being all grown up .Im nearly sixty-eight now and you dont realise how old your getting until you look at how fast your children and grandchildren have grown.Thanks for your website.and have a happy celebration with your daughter

  4. I often send my daughters to school with a couple of my undecorated sugar cookies, and my husband loves my chocolate sugar cookie recipe freshly baked just on it’s own. By working in the horse them and wrapping them so prettily you have made them just as special.


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