Are you a DIY kind of person who has been thinking about how to make a cake stand? Traditional store bought cake stands can be a bore and can also be expensive. 
It may also be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for if you’re going with a specific color, pattern or theme.
Here we will explore things you’ll want and/or need, instructions on how to make a cake stand and some other cheap and creative ideas on how to make a cake stand.

What You’ll Need

What you need when considering how to make a cake stand really depends on you and your vision. You could even go into the project without a vision and create something remarkable. Some items you could use as the building structure are wood, plate, glass, bowls, plastic, clay pots, canisters, concrete, wire, cardboard, and marble.

You’ll need an adhesive to attach your cake stand and any decorations you choose. Some other items you could use are beads and pearls, glitter, primer, various colors of acrylic paint or spray paint and various colors of ribbon.

Where to Purchase Your Pieces

You may have some materials lying around your house at this very moment. A lot of unique pieces can be purchased at antique shops, thrift stores, dollar stores, flea markets, and garage sales.

You can even buy your pieces from any sort of department or craft store depending on the look you’re going for. You will find the best selection of glue and decoration options at a craft store, but they can also sometimes be found at a department store.

What Are Cake Stands Good For?

Most people are probably thinking this is an easy answer; a cake of course!. However, they can be used for other ideas that a lot of people don’t think of! They can be a great way to serve appetizers for a fancier scene.

You could serve cheese and crackers nicely arranged on a cake stand. You could even lay a bed of greens and methodically place shrimp around the outside with a cocktail sauce in the middle.

Cake stands can also add a level of sophistication or fun to a pizza party. Cake stands are a fantastic way to present those cake pops that are made to be placed with the stickup or lying flat.

When you learn how to make a cake stand, you can think about changing the shape of the top piece into a bowl so you would be able to serve things like salads.

Whether it’s fruit salad, potato salad, fruit salad, or a dessert-type salad, it would all look nicer in a homemade cake stand. Not only is it whimsical, but it’s also easy to transport.

How to Make a Cake Stand

Here we will finally go through the steps of how to make a cake stand. There’s really no right or wrong way as long as it’s functional and stable.

Step One

Here is where you will choose your pieces. Whichever pieces you decide to use, it’s imperative that one piece rests completely flat on the other.

For example, if you were to attach a plate to an upside-down bowl, you would need to make sure the bowl was completely flat without feet or ridges. Otherwise, you won’t be able to achieve a stronghold during the gluing and setting steps.

Step Two

Measure. Say you find your two perfect pieces and you’re ready to get your cake stand together. Then you stick the pieces together to find that they are lopsided.

While it could be a happy accident and turn out looking chic, it could also come out looking unprofessional. If your want a piece in a particular spot, it’s important to measure it first.

Step Three

Choose the right adhesive. This is a very important step depending on the use of the cake stand. If you want it to be a permanent item, you’ll want to use glue that’s both permanent and waterproof.

In this case, you will easily be able to hand wash your cake stand, however, it’s suggested that you do not soak or submerge in water or it could break the bond and your cake stand can fall apart.

On the other hand, you may want to make a temporary cake stand that’s only needed for one occasion, and then you could repurpose those pieces at a later time. In this case, poster putty would be a good choice.

When you’re done with the stand, you can then try to attempt to chisel the pieces apart. In some cases, this works and in others, you may end up breaking, cracking, or chipping something.

Step Four

You have your pieces; you have measured exactly where those pieces need to go; you have the proper adhesive. Finally, it’s time to stick it all together!

Different adhesives suggest waiting different amounts of time before use, however many people suggest letting your creation sit overnight for best results. Now you know how to make a cake stand.

Other Cheap and Creative Ideas for Cake Stands

blueberry cheesecake on a cake stand
Image source: Pixabay

Bowl/Mug with Plate

This is the easiest most simple, yet effective, cake stand you could make. You simply put a bowl with a flat bottom upside down and adhere a plate to the top.

You may already have the perfect bowl and plate somewhere in your kitchen. This can be done with a mug in place of a bow, which is just as easy but a little more whimsical.


Find a large, heavy-duty wine glass and a small or light glass plate. Place the wine glass upside down and adhere it to the plate. You can leave it how it is or even paint it to match a particular theme. You could also try heavy-duty martini glass or any other sturdy glass items you like.


You can buy cake boards or trace and cut out a circle of cardboard on your own. Then you can purchase any kind of bulletin board poster trim and use a glue gun to attach the border around the cardboard circle.

To get the cake stand high enough so the border isn’t touching the table, you can hot glue styrofoam circles to the center of the cardboard circle. Bulletin board poster trim comes in all kinds of designs to maximize customization.

Terra-Cotta Pots

You’ll want to look for a small, thin pot for the bottom piece and arrange it upside down. Then look for a large saucer shape for the top. If you wish to change the color, use a primer and any color spray paint you’d like for the best results.


You can choose any type of wood piece or plaques to stick together to make a rustic yet beautiful look. If you like the shape of the wood, but not the color, you can paint it in any way you’d like.


Simple plastic cups and plates from the dollar store, or ones in the back of your cupboard you haven’t used in years, can make a really quick and fun cake stand.


A metal canister from coffee or soup paired with a nice plate might be prettier than you can imagine. Especially if you spray paint the can a nice metallic color. You could even add some glitter if you’re feeling spunky.


Choose your base and then find a plate that is designed with holes around the edge. This makes a perfect opportunity to use some thin metal wire to string all kinds of different beads.

Colorful or sparkly glass beads can shine in the sunlight at a picnic or barbeque. You can also use ribbons to occupy those holes. You can even mix beads and ribbons! The possibilities are endless.


We all have bowls, but if you turn your bowl into a cake stand bowl, you’ll be the talk of the party. Choose a base, and, instead of adhering to a plate, adhere to a properly fitting bowl. This gives a cake stand a whole new twist.


Marble has a sleek, unique look. You can add a square of marble onto a sturdy base for something heavy-duty and fancy.


This one may sound a bit strange; however, by pouring concrete and letting it dry in things like cups, plates, and bowls, you can arrange things exactly how you want for a custom rustic look.

How Will You Make Your Cake Stand?

After learning how to make a cake stand, you can see that a simple DIY cake stand is relatively easy and can be fun. If you’re already a crafty person and want to get more elaborate, you can do that too.

DIY cake stands can be created by anyone, from beginners all the way to experts. You can choose so many pieces, materials, and decorations, which makes the fun and possibilities endless. Best of luck on your cake stand journeys!

Image source: Pixabay