The Cupcake Courier

Cupcake Courier

Do you know who is cupcakes best friend? It is the Cupcake Courier. A wonderful and stylish little helper that allows you to carry 36….. yes 36 cupcakes all in one go. It have three stack and removeable cupcake trays. It will keep your cupcakes safe and preventing the frosting and decoration from getting squashed under transport. It is invented, designed and developed by Jennifer Gunn. A mother of two who needed a safely way to transport cupcakes to her children’s parties and school gatherings.


This is a must have for everyone who loves to bake cupcakes!

So last week I went on a Cupcake Courier hunt and my first stop online was at the Cupcake Courier distributor in Australia. I found mine from Squires Kitchen…….Yeahh!! My search was over and I went straight on to their site and ordered a Cupcake Courier. European readers can find it here and here

So today my very own Cupcake Courier in petal pink arrived on my doorstep 🙂 and ohh it is soo beautiful. I know that I will cherish this forever. Of course you have to have in mind how tall your decorated cupcakes is so that you wont have any trouble with your decorations 😉 The green cupcakes with the blue Hydrangea is a bit to high to store in the lower trays. But the blue cupcake with the pink Petunia could just be there without getting smashed. I cant wait to try it with 36 cupcakes!


Happy Caking!



  1. sharon says

    I wanted to purchase several of these to transport 12 doz cupcakes 4 hours for a friend’s wedding. However I wanted them to stack easily to stach in my small car. The curved top wasn’t going to work. I opted for Martha Stewart carriers I found at Macy’s Department store. They each carried two dozen cupcakes perfectly. and the containers stacked nicely in the car. Everything made it safe and sound to the wedding reception!  My containers were slighly pricey, but worth every penny!!!! 

  2. Helenthecakelady says

    I have one of these cupcake carriers, had to bid for it on ebay as Squires dont sell them anymore, they are brill though I am sometimes concerned that the clasps on the bottom may unclip  and there would be squished icing and cakes all over the kerb!

  3. kylie says

    Hi Louise,
    Can I ask if you worked with a London company on these cupcakes & picture? Of course I doubt if you did but thought I better check first as they’re claiming they made the cupcakes & took the picture to sell this product….thanks.

  4. Pauline says

    I’am just wondering, do you happen to know any site that can ship this pretty cupcake courier here in Asia, I live in the Philippines I would love to have one of those. :)Thank you.

    • Bekascupcake says

      Dear Pauline, do visit us on facebook “Bekas Cupcake(Cupcake Courier) Malaysia”. We can send order to Philipine. -maria-

  5. Kristi says

    Please HELP! I just bought one of these from Costco in Canada. I have removed the packaging and stickes so I have nothing left, if there ever were any instructions for it. It seems so simple, put on the lid and snap it closed. Um, not for me!! I feel so foolish, not to mention frustrated that I can’t get the darn thing to latch! I have tried adding tiers, removing them, turning upside down(without cupcakes of course!), trying to stretch the lid over the base. But nothing will work! If I close the latches and lift the lid it comes up in my and and the base and cupcakes are on the counter. NOT good! Please, if anyone has any advice I would GREATLY appreciate it! And it’s ok to laugh at me, I realise how silly this is!! UGH!!!

  6. Rachel says

    Having struggled in to the office today with 2 huge corrugated boxes of 24 cupcakes, I need to get one of these! It’s the first time i’d ever made bc swirls and I would’ve died if they’d been squashed!

    I’m quite new to baking and I have to know how you get such amazing dome shaped tops? Even if mine rise, they sink as soon as they’re out of the oven! I tried filling the cases more but they spread and spilled instead of rising. Any helpful tips would be amazing!

  7. Yean Goh says

    Hi, I been looking for this carrier, I am from Malaysia, can any one let me know where to get it. If in Australia, which part of australia pls? pls provide me the shop detail and web pls. Tx

  8. says

    I just bought 3 from Costco yesterday for $16.99! Woohoo! I got one of each color. Considering getting a couple more for any weddings bigger than the one this weekend!

  9. Louise says

    Tracy: BC=buttercream 😉 I ad a small amount of bc on the cupcake and with an angled spatular I spread/build it into a dome. Then I put them in the fridge for a few sec. while I roll out the fondant and cut out with a circle cutter.

  10. Tracey says

    Hi Louise,

    I have the silicon mat for the fondant for the decorations. Could you tell me how you domed the cupcakes? Do you have a good reciped for these. I need to make 200 🙁 for our fete. You wrote spread the bc on in answer 20 could you please tell me what bc means. Thankyou!

  11. Marian says

    I love these couriers! I have one torquoise blue and one pink. I found them in the clearance section at Target (U.S.) one day and at a bargain price of $10 each, I had to have both. Even though I already had carriers at at home, none of them carried 36 cupcakes nor were they as cute as these. Thanks for the idea of putting paper strips to prevent damage to the frosting when removing cupcakes from the carrier.

  12. Cathy says

    Hi Louise,

    I did email cupcake courier but have not received any responses. I even tried the store i bought the courier from and she’s helping me contact the distributor as well. I guess I’ll just have to wait.. or try emailing again.

  13. Paula Pacheco says

    I loved to see sites of cupcakes…in Brasil people are discovering this fantanstic and creative sweet cake…at my site I post some links of cupcakes…congratulations…everything here seems very nice :))

  14. CanadianChick says

    I’ve got one of these too – just bought it 10 days ago and used it on Friday – and several of my coworkers were eyeing it with envy!

    I got mine from, who is in Richmond, BC Canada (she also prints edible images for you to use on your cakes, cupcakes or cookies – very cool!)

  15. Cathy says

    i LOVE my cupcake courier. i too have the pink one!!! recently i lent it to a friend and they broke one of the four latches. i was wondering if anyone know where i can get a replacement latch?

  16. gabrielle says

    Hey Gini,

    Try placing some long strips of paper in the holes before you put in the cupcakes. Then you should be able to use the paper to pull out the cupcakes far enough to be able to grab the cupcake by its paper wrapper and not the icing. I’ve seen the trick used by chefs such as Bill Grainger when they use muffin tins for making individual frittata and dauphinoise potatos.

  17. Gini says

    I have this one! I LOOOOVE it! I use to work at Dillards and once I saw it there I went banannas! I waitef for it to go on sale and it never did. So before I quit I bought one with my employee discount 🙂
    The only thing I dont like about it is that sometimes I have a hard time getting them individually out without messing the frosting :/ But it holds great and I’ve used it many times. I love making cupcakes!

  18. Louise says

    Seems like a lot of you are very happy with your CC couriers 🙂 Great with the tips on how you use it besides carring it with cupcakes.

    gabrielle: Well I think that I will leave them a little note, because I really like what you’ve come up with. Please scroll up to my comment #12 there are more info about the flowers (the pink ones) Thank you!

  19. Pat says

    Let’s hope they get them in stock soon!!! Got all psyched and then all are listed as out of stock!!! I have no patience when it comes to cakey toys! LOL!

  20. gabrielle says

    Louise, I hope the inventor is looking at this site and reads our comments. The other thing I would like them to bring out is a larger version for the professional cake decorators, and enthusiasts. One that is both higher and wider. The current one won’t take a cake with a baseboard wider than about 9 or 10 inches. I’ve had to trim cake boards to fit, if I wasn’t serving the cake on the courier’s tray.

    I reckon if there was one made that was about 5 inches higher and 5 inches wider, it would accommodate the majority of cakes produced.

    I absolutely love your site Louise. How did you do the flowers on the cupcakes?

  21. Ross Sveback says

    I own four of these and not only use them for cupcakes, but I use the flat plastic liners for decorated cookies. I can buy them wholesale if anyone is interested.

  22. Jonay says

    I found mine at Williams Sonoma. I just love it, but the cost of $40.00 is keeping me from getting a second one!

  23. Louise says

    Pookey: The butterfly stam/embosser is from Patchworks Cutters. It comes with many different butterflies, bees ect.

  24. says

    Aahhh, yes, I have one of these in blue, and I love it! But it took me a lot of patinece and a hunt of my own, before I could finally own it. I indeed had the same problem of not having the ditributors shipping it to my country….Which annoyed me a lot! But patience payed off, and about a year ago, I could finally buy one of these beauties 🙂

  25. Pooky says

    Sounds like a fantastic idea – can you also give me an idea of where I can buy the stamp (I assume?) you used to make the beautiful butterfly cupcakes? I’m in London…

    happy caking!

  26. Louise says

    gabrielle: Ohh thats right what great it would be if we could buy some extra cupcake trays for mini cupcakes. Maybe we should write and ask?

  27. gabrielle says

    I have one of these, but have only just started using it for carrying cupcakes. I started off with two of the rectangular Wilton ones but found they were not high enough for a standard single tier decorated cake. I brought a cupcake courier took out the inserts and have been using it to cart cakes around. I’ve driven long distances with a two tier cake inside with no non-slip mat – not a problem.

    My only complaint now I’m finally using it for its intended purpose, it needs some inserts to convert the large cupcake holes, to a smaller size to carry small cupcakes.

  28. lyzzie says

    Hi ,those adorables the cupcakes, I have the cupcake couirer is wonderful
    medium transporting , your work is adorable.

  29. Amy says

    I love the pink colour. I have been looking around for carriers too but always but off buying hoping to see something nicer looking. I’ve just found my cupcakes transport! 🙂

  30. says

    Love it! I have two already and have contemplated a third. One tip – if you store fondant covered cuppies in it you will want to leave them uncovered until it is time to take them. The cuppies generate moisture and heat and can wilt those precious decorations when confined.

  31. Louise says

    Helle: it is the butterfly & bees set by Patchwork Cutters 😉 many of their cutters work much better like embossing sticks.

  32. helle says

    I really love the texture of the butterfly – did you do that with an embrossing stick or a texture rolling pin – I have surfed every site tonight to find something similar. Without luck.
    It is so simple but so beautiful together with the other cupcakes.

  33. Louise says

    Lindsey: I know just what I also did, but not anymore with this one. Im making cupcakes for my brothers wedding reception and I almost got sick by the thought of transporting all those cupcakes in cardboard boxes. So this will be so handy to take along.

  34. Lindsey says

    I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. I usually just use cardboard boxes or tupperware, and the cupcakes slide all over the place :(.

  35. Mary says

    Hi, I LOVE my cupcake courier!!!! And with the snaps that are on it, I no longer have to walk with one hand underneath it ….. like all of my other containers. I am from the U.S. and I found them online at a bunch of different places and in store at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I wish I could travel everywhere and drop them off to everybody. They really are WONDRFULL !!!
    …… And your cupcakes look awesome!!!!!!

  36. madelaine says

    yes! this is cupcakes best friend! i bought one a few months ago. without the cupcake trays it can also hold a small round cake or a 13×9 cake 🙂

  37. Sharlene says

    36 cupcake caddy is wonderful. For those living in Australia, periodically Coles sells a 24 cupcake caddy so very reasonably priced at only $19.95. Keep an eye out of these. Very sturdy yet looks quite nice as well. The base of this cupcake caddy is a 12 cup muffin tray so it serves two purposes.

  38. Louise says

    Elma: I’ve seen the “cup a cake” looks smart

    Kelly: To get that shape on the cc, you just spread the bc on in a small domed shape and then on with a fondant disc. My cc are most of the times very flat. So no magic recipe is used. 🙂 I will see if I can put together some photos on how i do it.

    Mel: I hope that you will get it one day 🙂

    Julia: I had some of the cc left in the carrier and the fondant and flowers did get a little soft. I think that the only way to prevent this is not leave any decoration on overnight.

  39. says

    I just want to ask…does anyone else have trouble with fondant flowers (or even gumpaste) wilting if left in the carrier overnight? I have started to have to put flowers on at the desitination because they wilt in my carriers (I have 4)…..

  40. Mel says

    I am in love with the cupcake courier from afar. I live in New Zealand and there is no distributor here. The closest we have is Keren in Australia, but unfortunately shipping is disastrous!


  41. Kelly says

    These are great, the pink cupcake carrier is definatly a girls best friend:)
    Please tell me how you have managed to get those cupcakes such a beautiful shape…They are soo well risen. Do you have a spare cupcdake receipe??
    I am such a fan!

  42. elma says

    hi, it’s really a must have. i’ll be purchasing this cupcake courier. what i recently bought is the cup-a-cake, its a cupcake holder for lunchboxes for kids or adults to bring along.

  43. says

    I don;t know what I would do without my cupcake courier (bought in the UK and brought to me in Paris by a kind stranger on the Eurostar!). Not only is it the failproof way to deliver cupcakes, but I store my unfrosted cupcakes in them overnight – they always stay fresh and moist for perfect eating the next day…or day after that!

  44. Louise says

    Didi: well to tell you the truth I already got waaaay to much baking stuff everywhere. And im not sure where to store this one!

    Chris: The pink flower is made with a petunia cutter and a silicone petal veiner. Pls read these two links

    Keren: Thanks again :o)

    Vashti: Maybe Squires ship to SA?

    Devorah: These cc are covered with rolled fondant 🙂

  45. Devorah says

    They look lovely! Much better than the Sterilite ones that I use that only carry 13 at a time! Quick questions on the cuppies – are they covered with poured fondant or rolled fondant?

  46. says

    I love these but you cant get them in South Africa! My mum has the same one as you, my sister got it for her from her birthday, I cant remember where but it was from the internet. What an awesome invention!

  47. Penelope says

    I have one (which I absolutely LOVE) and it is coveted by a lot of friends. I love the fact that it holds 36 cupcakes because I never make anything less than that! Now you can find it at Target!

    If you bake cupcakes, this is definite MUST!

  48. says

    Oh Louise I’m so excited that you got your hands on one! They are just the bestest.

    I’m loving your little cuppies, they are adorable.

    Keren :o)

  49. says

    I have one and I adore it! I also use it as an extra tall cake caddy if I’m making a cake with absurdly high layers. I’m so jealous of your petal pink color! I only found it in clear.

  50. says

    I have yet to try this nifty carrier out yet. But after seeing how nice your cupcakes look in it. Now I know I must get one. I usually buy separate boxes that only carry 12 and let me tell you. Arriving to a party with 10 boxes isnt any fun. Thanks for all you do! Take Care

  51. says

    Hi Louise – I love this cupcake carrier but I have too many already and don’t have the space for it 🙁 I’ve got the wilson carrier that holds 1/4 sheet cake or 12 cupcakes or 24 mini-cupcakes and I’ve got the snapware 2-level carrier that holds 2 1/4 sheet cakes or 24 cupcakes. When I move to a house with a giant pantry – I will get me one of these 🙂

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